How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone X, XS, XR, and more (Camera)

With the introduction of the iPhone 11 Series, Apple introduced multiple new changes to the camera department, including bringing up a new Night Mode. Still, the sad thing is that Apple has no plans to introduce the same Night Mode on older devices with an update. But if you are eager to try out the new Night Mode on older Apple devices we have a solution for you as well, so you don’t have to buy a new iPhone to try that out, so this article will be dedicated to how to enable Dark Mode on older iPhones.

Just to be clear, you actually cannot get the full Night Mode experience on older iPhones, as it is not the same Night Mode which is shipped with the latest iPhones instead we will be using a new camera application named as Neural Cam which can be used on even older devices and still captures some great low light shots and is much better than not having any kind of a night mode, and this app not only works on the iPhones but can also be running on iPads above iOS 12.

How does Neural Cam Work?

The app captures multiple photos and makes use of the advanced and new A.I algorithms to combine the images and eventually produce brighter and cleaner looking images. It takes some time to capture the images like about 5-6 seconds to capture multiple frames, and about 1-2 seconds to process it, does note that you’ll need to keep the phone stable to capture better-looking images. The app is not available for free on the App Store, and it costs $4.99, and it seems a reasonable price for the output it produces.

Download and Install Neural Cam on iOS:

Step 1: Download Neural Cam App:

Head over to the App Store and search for Neural Cam, and click on Install, pay the price, and log in with your Apple ID, and you are ready to go. It costs $4.99, and you can pay via your Card.

Step 2: Captures Images:

Open the app, and point on the subject and hold the phone steady and let the app capture the photo, and wait for it to capture and process the image and you’ll be ready to post on social media.

Although it is not as good as the one provided by Apple, it is better to have something than not to completely not have. So if you liked this post, please share this on your social handles. Stay tuned to TheLeaker for more posts.

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