How to use VPN to access blocked websites?

Some countries restrict access to certain websites. For instance, Google�services are banned in China. Earlier, there was no way to bypass this�restriction. Fortunately, VPNs were introduced that allow you to access any�website from anywhere. VPNs help to improve website metrics because�sites receive more traffic anonymously and increase their conversion rate.�VPNs (Virtual Private Network) not only provide access to blocked websites�but also keep you anonymous on the internet.��

Why Are Websites Blocked?�

Websites can be blocked at three levels:�

  • Computer level.�
  • Network-level.�
  • ISP/Government level.��

In most cases, it is the Government that blocks access to certain websites.�They use your IP address to detect your location and then restrict access to�certain websites. There are multiple reasons why the Government blocks�websites, such as to stop rumors from spreading and suppress uprisings. Also, certain websites, such as Netflix, use your IP address to detect your location to restrict access to certain content on the site. They do this�because every region has its own content restrictions.��However, a VPN lets you change your server location and provides access�to blocked websites and content.��

How Does a VPN Work?�

A VPN creates a secret tunnel from your device to the internet. It routes�your device�s internet connection through a different server (as chosen by�you), instead of your ISP.��A VPN encrypts your data and makes it look like it is coming from a�different location than yours. For example, if you�re in Australia and are using a VPN (with the server location as the U.S). When you visit a�website, it thinks you�re based out of the U.S and provides content�accordingly.��While every VPN has its own encryption process, the basics are still the�same. Here�s how it works:�

  • As soon as you connect to a VPN, your data goes through a secret tunnel where it is encoded. This means your data is converted into an unreadable code.
  • Your IP address is changed to one of your VPN�s server locations. This means your device�s location is altered virtually.
  • You gain access to any and every website on the internet.��

Apart from providing you access to blocked websites, a VPN hides your original IP address and protects your identity through encryption.��

Steps To Unlock A Website Using a VPN�

Here�s how you can use a VPN to access blocked websites.��

1 – Choose a VPN Service�

There are tons of VPN providers in the market. However, the perfect VPN�for you boils down to your needs. If you want to access the fullest library of movies, series, and TV shows from Netflix, then you would want to use the best VPN for Netflix. There are various VPNs as per regions as well.��Also, make sure the VPN you choose supports your browser and operating system.��

2 – Download and Install The VPN�

Now that you have picked a VPN of your choice, it�s time to download and install it. Every VPN provider offers detailed instructions on how to download the tool for every platform and device.��

Express VPN, for instance, has added a video on its website to help users install the software on their device.��

3 – Launch the VPN�

Double-click on the VPN icon to launch it. You can also launch it through the Start Menu. Search for the VPN on the Menu and click on it.��

4 – Choose a Server Location�

The next step is to choose the server location. If the website you want to access is blocked in your region, you can pick any server apart from your country.��

However, if you would like to access content from a specific country, such as China or the US, make sure you choose the right server. You can change the server any time you want.��

5 – Enjoy the Services�

Now you can browse through the internet without any restrictions. If, by any chance, you still can�t access a particular website, try changing the server location.��

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN�

While many VPNs are free to use, there are premium services as well. If you�re using a VPN occasionally, a free VPN would be sufficient for you.�Whereas, if you want to use it on a daily basis, a paid VPN will be an ideal choice.��

The primary reason to choose a paid VPN is enhanced security. While most VPNs claim to protect you from prying eyes on the internet, they themselves keep an eye on your browsing activity.��

Paid VPN offers better features, such as faster speed, and 24/7 customer support. Besides, free VPN offers limited servers while paid VPNs provide access to unlimited global servers.��

What�s Next?�

With more and more websites getting blocked in various countries, VPNs have become a necessity. Pick a good VPN service provider based on what sites you want to unblock, pick a plan, and you�re ready to unblock all the websites on the internet.

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