Download Xender for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1: Simplest Method

It’s been almost two decades since we are using computers and laptops. They have acquired lots of data, which sometimes needs to share with others. Sharing files is always a headache for all of us because it takes a lot of time to exchange files between computers. As a result, we have to use an external drive. But, what if I say you can share it in a very fast manner. Yes, a software called Xender is helping out all the users to share their different size of the file in a very fast manner. Xender is a very Popular Application across mobile phones, which is helping users to share files and saving lots of time. As a result, the user wants Xender for PC too. So, if you are the one who wanted to know, How to download Xender for PC and Install it on your Windows computer? You are at the right place.

Also, we will cover Features of Xender Windows PC version, and a tutorial to use it on your PC. Xender Supports almost every kind of file types, like movies, videos, wallpapers, GIFs, etc. Further, it is capable to run on Windows, Android, and iOS. So coming back to the topic, let’s start with the tutorial of Installation of Xender for PC download.

Xender For PC

How to download Xender for PC

  1. First of all, Go to the Microsoft Store to download Xender on your Windows computer and start downloading the Xender Windows App.
  2. Once the Download Process is done, Double Click on the file to start Installation.
  3. Then a Pop Button will appear, Click on Run.
  4. Then, Agree to the agreements, and Proceed to normal Installation Process.
  5. After that, Your Installation is Done. You are good to go

Xender Windows App Features

Xender will allow you to Connect Two computers over the wireless network to share files between them. Also, Xender for Windows can connect to your Android/iOS mobile to exchange files between your computers.  So, Now you can share files between your computer without any USB cable, just connect your mobile with Xender on PC and exchanges files. The Transfer speed of Xender is quite high in comparison to Bluetooth and LAN Connection.

Requirements for Xender for PC

Xender is a completely Free to use Software; it does not need any high configuration to run, All the basic PC or Laptops can run Xender very Easily. The software supports Windows 7/8.1/8/10.

How to Use Xender on PC

Xender for PC is coming with very simple User Interface, using Xender on PC follow our Tutorial.

  • First Launch the Xender on your Windows 10/8/7 computer.
  • Once the Xender opens, it will automatically start searching for Available connections.
  • To connect Xender PC to your Smartphone. Open Xender Application on your Mobile phone.
  • Then select Send or Receive button on your Mobile, Now it will start searching for available connections as well.
  • So, Pair both the device once the connection shows the availability and each other devices.
  • Now, you are all set to exchange files between your computer and mobile phone.

So, that’s it for this tutorial for downloading Xender for PC. In case of any questions, comment down below.

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