Hunk TV APK MOD Download Latest Version 3.5 Free [NO Ads]

The preamble to Hunk TV APK MOD NO Ads: These days, it becomes self-evident that the conventional television viewing era is switching sharply to those internet websites providing the prompt entrance all those Television Shows. No matter how cheap or costly the Internet is comparable to the cable operators, it’s constantly beating these cable services by providing thousands of exclusive privileges.

Hunk TV


We all know that Internet has become the most important stuff these days, and we can’t simply survive without having a working internet plan subscribed on our Android smartphones. So Today, We’ve found an incredible protocol or Android application for all our binge streamers that’ll help you with hundreds of premium privileges freely – Hunk TV APK.

Hunk TV APK Homepage

Hunk TV is a pretty Android OTT application, including content from over five different paid OTT platforms. Maybe You’ve got annoyed with having 10+ online streaming apps on your Smartphone and paying for the premium plans of all these programs, equivalently costing over hundreds of dollars every month. But now, You can download a single application in place of all these streaming platforms, named Hunk TV APK!

Hunk TV APK Features

Hunk TV is something we can call a futuristic solution for all our current and upcoming streaming obstacles. Moreover, It can also be called a mixture app, developed with mixing the OTT platform features and the Live TV Streaming privileges. So let’s not waste a single more minute and instantly get on the below-listed components based on Hunk TV APK –

Free live TV streaming

The first and the most crucial privilege you’ll observe inside the Hunk TV APK is the Online Live TV Streaming compatibility. We have got brain wired these days about the official servers and the costly cable operators, but the thing is that we can cut out the charges for these features. Yeah, You heard right! We can elsewhere download Hunk TV APK from the below link and start streaming the free live TV Shows from over ten countries without any server lag. It’s time to get switched!

Hunk TV MOD APK library of content

Thousands of hours of entertainment

After having all our most beloved Live TV Channels from distinct countries, we still need something crispy in life, OTT Content! Hunk TV APK developers overexerted the app development and designed it in a way that you can conveniently switch your streaming between Live TV and Online OTT Content. It simply means that You’re also going to get entertained with lots of movies, web series, and TV Shows without paying any Netflix or Amazon Prime charges. Enjoy!

Hunk TV App

Favorite List add-on

Favorite List add-on is a simplistic feature of the Hunk TV APK, which everyone finds inside the streaming apps. Basically, there are thousands of Android streaming applications developed till today, and most of them still lack a Favorite feature. Anyone can use the favorite List to make your streaming most simplistic, as here you can add all the content you desire to watch and start streaming them one by one. So Get on the Hunk TV APK ASAP and start collecting all your preferred movies and TV Channels in a single space. 


Well-Categorized content

Recently, I used an unofficial OTT Platform, and it was awesomely interfaced, but the only drawback I observed there was the lack of categorized content. The Hunk TV APK will never want you to experience such annoyance, and consequently, they are offering you a free well-categorized range. In Simple words, there are separate folders for all the different genre content, including Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Entertainment, and Thriller. 

Hunk TV No Ads APK home

Country-based TV Streaming

Again as a unique Live-TV feature, The Hunk TV APK is delivering you the content from 10+ countries. These countries will include India, Pakistan, the US, UK, Brazil, Indonesia, and Japan. It contains almost all the working TV Channels from all these countries with the fastest servers to help you watch the global content without a single lag. Moreover, You won’t need to get connected to the VPN servers to enjoy this global content, as the app has worked exceptionally and contains all the servers on its own!

In-built media player with brightness and volume controls

Media Player is the following vital requirement to stream the live TV channels as well as those OTT files, including movies and web series. Media Player plays the most crucial role, and as a consequence, Hunk TV APK offers you an in-built media player within the application. Additionally, This powerful media player will provide you with many additional privileges that you can enable from the Settings menu and start the 100% convenient streaming.

Push Notifications 

Push Notifications will help you update all the newly updated content on the Hunk TV APK. Primarily, This Android OTT app updates most of the new content inside the app weekly, but for a few binge streaming programs or the most famous programs like Dark and Money Heist, they launch within the official launching. But You won’t need to worry here since you can enable the push notifications from the Settings section and get free updates about all the recently updated stuff!

Push Notification

Create your Hunk TV Account

Like all other handy Online Streaming official platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney+, the Hunk TV APK also offers you cloud storage with a Hunk account. Yeah, You thought proper! You can now create your Hunk TV Account and save the List of your favorite content and all the playlists you made earlier to enjoy them on each other’s devices. All You’ll require here is to click the below link, download Hunk TV APK on your Smartphone, and install it ASAP. Afterward, You can create the account handily!

Hunk TV Account

Convenient Search bar

As with all the above-listed privileges, the Convenient Search bar is also one of the most critical requirements inside an Android application containing diverse media content. As we need a search option in the online music streaming services and YouTube, we also need it on the OTT services. Fortunately, Hunk RV APK has made your struggles simplistic with all the exclusive in-app privileges. So Now, You can enjoy free searching and collect all your desired content to the Favorites list simply!

Search Bar

Firestick and PC Support

Again as an incredible feature offered by our Hunk TV APK, got a feature for all the binge streamers dreaming of streaming their favorite content directly on the more giant screens. We mean those Firestick, Chromecast, and Android TVs on the name of the big screen. Consequently, The Hunk TV APK is offering you the FireStick and PC support within the application. You can either enjoy all your favorite content directly on these big consoles by installing them or can also cast directly from your Android Smartphone. Sounds cool, right?

FireTVStick 4K

Convenient App interface

The Online Streaming industry is damn massive, and most of the protocols here are well designed, but still, there are numerous having an annoying app interface. As we told you above, the App Interface plays the most crucial role in every media and OTT application, so Hunk TV APK accordingly renders the handiest app interface within all the streaming privileges. You can enjoy here all the well-categorized, well-organized, and well-designed content without paying a single cent!

Hunk TV interface

Fastest Servers

Do You know that all the content you’re streaming nowadays on those biggest platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime is saved on their servers? Moreover, These platforms offer different subscription plans with separate charges having different cap speeds, different countries, and quality ratios. Now, If It’s the trouble about countries, The Hunk TV APK offers you all those country servers directly on the app interface. In simple words, You can stream the global content at the fastest pace and top-notch quality without even using a VPN service. 

Hunk TV MOD APK (No Ads) Version

In this most adorable generation, We can make all the impossible stuff possible with technology. There are millions of applications developed for Android Smartphones to gather the entire world at your fingertips. Hunk TV MOD APK(No Ads) is also such a version gifted by the technology. Putting the advertisements is the main motive of all these developers designing the Streaming applications since they only have that single option to monetize the app. 

Hunk TV MOD APK Download

But Under the same field, the binge streamers get annoyed with these interrupting advertisements. There is literally no option inside the official version of Hunk TV APK to remove ads, not even after payment. Thus, We’ve modified this app with an ad-blocker patch and named it the Hunk TV APK No Ads version. If You’re going below, there is a link to download Hunk TV APK(No Ads) version, and also, it’s a genuine app with all the literal servers and programs. 

So Stop using that old Hunk TV APK to stream Live TV Channels and OTT Content and get switched to Hunk TV APK(No Ads) Version!

Hunk TV MOD APK Download on Android Phone, Android TV, Smart TV, and Android Box

After converging all the freedoms offered by Hunk TV APK (No Ads) Version, You can simply download it by going through the below download link. We’ve listed below the web link to download the latest version of the Hunk TV MOD APK.

Hunk TV MOD APK Download Latest Version Here (DMCA Removed the linked content).

It contains all the newly published content by innovative streaming protocols like Netflix and Amazon Prime, including live TV Streaming servers from 10+ distinct countries. These servers will allow you to watch 1000+ free TV Channels, including Sports, News, Kids, Entertainment and Movie. So stop struggling on premium apps, and download the latest version, Hunk TV APK (No Ads), ASAP!

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How to install Hunk TV MOD APK on Android devices

Hunk TV APK is one of my favorite streaming applications as it offers all that free content on a handy app interface. Furthermore, The installation steps for Hunk TV APK MOD are also simplistic, as you can observe them below – 

Step 1 – Click the above download link and download Hunk TV APK.

Step 2 – As the downloading process got completed, Now Open the Settings app ASAP.

Step 3 – Search for the Security tab inside Settings and Tap it!

Step 4 – Inside the Security tab, You’ll find a toggle named Unknown Resources or Third Party Installation. Enable it!

Step 5 – Now, Open the File Manager app, either system or third-party!

Step 6 – Search for the recently downloaded Hunk TV APK, or open the appropriate download folder.

Step 7 – Now Click the Hunk TV APK, which will hastily mount a notification tab.

Step 8 – Click the Install button and wait for 2-5 minutes until the completion of the process.

Step 9 – As the Installation is completed, Open the Hunk TV MOD APK and allow for the needed permissions like Internet and Storage for Offline Download and Streaming.

You’re all good now with the Hunk TV APK, and the app is now ready to help you enjoy all your favorite Live TV Channels like Disney, Warner Bros, Star Plus, and CNN News within lots of OTT Content!

How to install Hunk TV APK on FireTVStick or Chromecast

After enjoying all those happiest moments on your Android Smartphone, You must be thinking to stream all those content on your Android Smart TV, Chromecast, or FireStick. Well, It’s 100% possible to download and install Hunk TV APK directly on the FireStick, and it’s a simple process as followed below –  

Step 1 – First of all, Turn On your FireStick TV and Tap the Settings Icon!

Step 2 – Inside the Settings app, Tap the My FireTV Icon and navigate to the Developer Options.

Step 3 – Open the Developer Options and Enable the prompt saying Unknown Sources to enable third-party installation inside your FireTV 

Step 4 – Now, You’re good to go! Open the Homepage and Navigate to the Amazon App Store from there.

Step 5 – Inside the Amazon App Store, You’re required to search Downloader term, which will list a Downloader app like the below picture!

Downloader app for FireTV 

Step 6 – Open the Downloader app page, Click Get Button, and Install the Downloader app on your FireStick.

Step 7 – Open the Downloader app, and allow all the permissions like Storage and Internet for downloading Hunk TV APK.

Step 8 – Now inscribe the below link on the ‘Enter an URL’ section, type “()” and Click on Get!

Step 9 – It’ll take a few minutes per your Internet Fluency, and you will download Hunk TV APK for you!

Step 10 – Click the Install button on the recently arisen tab for installing Hunk TV APK on your FireStick.

Step 11 – Wait for 2-5 minutes and Click on the Delete button to delete the app source file after the installation!

Ultimately, You’ve done all your part and are ready now to get started streaming the new world with enhanced technology. Go on and stream all your favorite OTT Content within the Live TV Streaming channels directly on your FireStick TV. Just get back to the homepage and open the app menu, and you’ll get there a new app listed named Hunk TV APK!

Final Verdict

Ultimately, It’s time to make all those dreams possible of streaming live TV channels on Android Smartphones. The most simplistic part here is that you can freely perform successful streaming with just an Android application, including all those premium privileges. Moreover, Here the Hunk TV MOD APK (No Ads) version is a 100% ad-free streaming version, where you’ll always feel free from all those interrupting advertisements and annoying banners. Just stream and enjoy all your favorite moments!


  1. What is Hunk TV MOD APK (No Ads) Version?

    Hunk TV APK(No Ads) is basically an ad-free version of the official Hunk TV official APK. It comprises all those privileges offered with the Hunk TV APK and delivers the ad-free app interface. It's a somewhat more innovative version of Hunk TV's official app.

  2. Is Hunk TV APK(No Ads) Version legit?

    Yeah, Hunk TV APK(No Ads) is a legit version of the app developed by all well-known developers. All the features available inside this app are legit, and the servers are 100% official, as the mother app.

  3. Can I watch free live TV Channels on Hunk TV APK?

    Hunk TV APK(No Ads) was principally developed to help binge streamers stream almost all their favorite TV Shows live without getting charged. It's a 100% free service, and they're offering all their channels and OTT content without those annoying ads.

  4. How to remove ads from Hunk TV?

    If you're annoyed using the official Hunk TV app and want to get rid of all those interrupting online advertisements, you're in real need of the Hunk TV MOD APK (No Ads) version. It's the exact version of the app, containing all the same privileges and content as the official one but with a 100% ad-free interface.

  5. How to stream OTT Content on the Hunk TV APK?

    If You want to stream the OTT Content on the Hunk TV App, except those Live TV Shows, You're required to open the app's menu. Fundamentally, You'll observe a menu icon located on the top left corner of the app interface. There You can either choose your favorite OTT genre or class to start streaming all the top-notch content.

  6. Can I get subtitles on the OTT Content offered by Hunk TV App?

    There isn't such an option for subtitles on the Hunk TV APK or Hunk TV MOD APK(No Ads version). However, Suppose You're unable to stream the different language content. In that case, you can choose different media players like MX Player to stream that content and download separate subtitles for other movies and web series on various websites.

  7. How to download and install Hunk TV on my Android Smartphone?

    It's damn easy to download and install the Hunk TV APK latest version on your Android Smartphone, and all it takes is to click the above-sectioned download button and all the above convenient steps. Afterward, You can go sharply towards the entire exceptional content preferred by Hunk TV APK.

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