Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 gets Android Pie 9.0 update Ported

Android Pie 9.0 is officially out now, even though most devices haven’t yet received Android Oreo 8.0. Nonetheless, new devices are getting a ported version of the newest flavor of Android, and this was possible because of Project treble and now the popular budget phone Asus Max Pro M1 has joined the list of these elite devices with Android Pie 9.0.

This successful port was created by a talented senior XDA developer Shivam Jha�who has managed this stable port for the Max Pro M1. The ports are pretty stable as most essential parts are working fine for now even though it labeled as an Alpha builds for now. However, there are some bugs you need consider before you jump on to get the newest flavor of Android on your Max Pro M1. Things such as audio during a call could be a little glitch, and NFC is not working, for now, however, it has also been reported that these issues are being fixed immediately as they are discovered.

Image Shows the Max pro M1 running Android Pie 9.0 Ported ROM

The Asus Max Pro M1 being a stock android phone along with trebel support has managed to secure this new port, and we expect most phones with treble support will also continue receiving�Android P 9.0 ROMs in the following months.

You can find all the relevant links such as downloading the port and everything related to the installation of this new custom port in the link given below.� And make sure you read all the pre-requirements before you start doing anything.

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