(APK) Samsung Internet Browser v6.2 now made officially to All Android devices

There are hundreds of Internet browsers available for Android and iOS platforms, but only a few are loved by the users, another category includes browsers which are brand specific as Xiaomi offer its browser, Samsung offers its browser and so on. In today�s article, we will talk about the browser from Samsung known as the Samsung Internet, the fact creating news is that soon it will be made available to all Android devices through Play Store.

Samsung internet browser
Image of the Samsung Internet browser.
Image courtesy: news.samsung .com

If you are in Tech for a while, then you might be knowing that the brand specific browsers can�t be installed on other devices, but this time Samsung is taking a new step by providing it to all Android devices. The browser version is the new v6.2 and is ready for the use; it offers great features like Night mode, Adblocker, etc. about which we will discuss later. The browser is based on the Chromium engine and works smooth.

It will work best on the Samsung devices as it is optimized for them. Samsung is taking care of its fans by providing Night mode and High contrast mode; Night mode aims to eliminate white light as it harms our eyes while high contrast mode highlights the page. The browser comes with the ability to sync bookmarks with the Chrome desktop version, and one can also sync bookmarks from Chrome to the Samsung Internet.

Samsung browser
Image of the Samsung Internet browser.
Image courtesy: news.samsung .com

A lot of Ad blockers, Tracker blockers can be used for this browser which will make your browsing experience more effective and easy. For more Tech related updates stay tuned to us. The downloading link for the browser has been provided below.

Download Samsung Internet browser

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