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How to Anonymously Watch and Download Instagram Stories

Shivam Devgan



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Probably the most popular social media platform among the teens right now is Instagram, and on Instagram, the story sharing feature is on the rise for quite some time. More and more people create Instagram stories every day in order to share interesting moments with their friends.

Every time you watch someone else’s story, they are able to see that you watched their content. Also, this type of content is removed automatically after 24hrs from the moment it has been published. But, you can now save Instagram Stories or watch them ANONYMOUSLY on any device using the link given below.

Namely, we will provide some steps now to show you how to save Instagram stories on your mobile device or any other device. The important thing to remember is that you can do this only with the Public profiles, not the private ones.

1) You need to copy the Instagram account Username

Now, in order to download the Instagram story, you need to copy the Username of the Instagram account. You can do that in lots of ways. The easiest way to do this is to go to the Instagram profile and select the Username and then copy it. One thing you need to keep in mind here, you can only copy the PUBLIC usernames in order to download IG stories.

2)Type in your address bar ‘’’’

Next step is to go to the website. Possibly the only way to do this step is to open your internet browser and type in the website name in the address bar. You will be brought to the correct website, and you will be ready to go to the next step.

3) Paste the Username that you copied

The third step is actually pretty easy to do. The Instagram story download process requires you to paste the copied Username into the search box on the website. Now, the search box is located in the middle of the screen on your mobile device. You can’t miss it.

4) Click on the ‘’Download Instagram Stories’’ button

After you successfully copied the Username in the search box, it is now time to click on the button next to the search box. This button is named ‘’Download Instagram Stories,’’ and it will bring you to the last step.

5) Click on  the download button beneath each image story or  the download button in the right corner of each video

The final step can be done in two different ways depending on what story you want to download. In case you want to download Instagram story photo then you need to click on the ‘’download’’ button right below the image. If you perhaps want to download the Instagram story video, you will need to hit the ‘’download’’ button that is located in the bottom right corner of the video

Save Instagram Stories

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