InstaUltra APK Download 2.1 Latest Version [No-Root Android/Windows]

Instagram is one of the most used things in our life, and Instagram has some fantastic features, but it doesn’t allow us to copy text from Biographies, copy Captions, and more. We had a lot of demand from users stating that they needed some Instagram MOD as we have seen on Whatsapp such as GBWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, and much more, Hence on public demand, we had done a lot of research, and we are here with the perfect Instagram MOD for Android Devices. GBInstagram was one of the best Instagram MODs, but sadly the developer has stopped working on it due to some personal reasons. Here we present the latest and the best Instagram MOD, InstaUltra APK, which has some fantastic and useful features that the users want, but the official version of Instagram misses out.

What is InstaUltra:

InstaULTRA is a Modded version of the Official Instagram app with some fantastic features such as downloading pictures, videos, or even stories from Instagram. Users can even copy text from Biographies and comments. The app has come out recently, and we are expecting the developers to soon add more and more new features in the upcoming updates.

Features of InstaUltra App:

  • Download Images/Videos:

If you have ever been in a case where you like a photo on Instagram and would like to save it in your gallery, but you have t take a screenshot and crop it. Those days have gone. With the latest version of InstaUltra, users can download images and videos in high resolution directly with a single click of a button.

  • Download Stories:

Ever in a case where you would like to download one of your friend’s stories and blackmail him? Just joking; never do that; with InstaUltra, users can download stories of people they want to, and only with a single click of a button, does the story gets saved in the form of an image so that you can share it with anyone.

  • Copy Bio/Comments:

If you like your friend’s bio or comment and would like to keep the same but can’t do so because it is so big and you can copy it, we have a solution; by using InstaUltra, users can copy their friend’s biography or even comments, this makes it handy in some particular cases.

  • Audio Auto Play:

Have you ever got irritated as the video’s audio is never played automatically in the official Instagram app? You have to click on the video to make the audio play, but with InstaUltra, you can head over to InstaUltra settings and modify it to get auto-played when you start a video.

  • Links Support:

The most irritating feature to me, with official Instagram app users, can share links in video captions or even anywhere except the Bio Page. If someone posts a link, it appears as text, and we will have to rewrite the text in our browser, but with InstaUltra, users can open the links directly without any hassle.

  • Hide Read Ticks in DM:

Don’t want your friend to know that you have seen his/her message, using InstaUltra you can, so head to InstaUltra Settings and enable the option to do so. This is a pretty handy feature copied from modded versions of Whatsapp.

  • Anti-Ban:

As we know, Most of the GBWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp users have been getting banned in recent times, and we don’t want our Instagram accounts to get banned. Hence the developers at InstaUltra have been working very hard to enable Anti-Ban and its success.

  • Hide View Status:

Ever in a case when you want to watch your friend’s story, but you don’t want him/her to know that you have watched the story, you can do this with InstaUltra; yeah, with InstaUltra, you can hide your view status; this is amazing.

  • Zoom-in Profile Pictures:

One of the most irritating things on Instagram is that it doesn’t allow its users to zoom in on the profile pictures of any users, but if you wish to do so, InstaUltra has caught you up with InstaUltra you can zoom into the pictures any person.

  • No-Root:

Usually, some of the Modded versions require root access for the fantastic features, but this isn’t the case with InstaUltra, Users can use this app for free, and they do not even require root access on their device.

Download InstaUltra Latest APKs:

Download InstaUltra v2.1

Download InstaUltra APK

Changelog Insta Ultra Latest Version

  • [Fixed] Edit Highlight Crash
  • [Fixed] Unfollowing Tracker
  • [Fixed] Facebook Login bug
  • Added Dark Mod for better eye protection
  • Fix the Following Bug
  • New Base version update
  • Added reels support
  • Fix Bugs

InstaUltra APK v0.9.5.27 Changelog:

  • The base has been updated to
  • Added an option to hide View Live Video.
  • Hide Read Ticks, as seen on GBWhatsapp.
  • The action to open InstaUltra Settings has been changed.
  • New Languages such as Malayalam, Persian, and more have been added.
  • Added an option to Zoom profile pictures.

InstaUltra APK v0.9.4.20 Changelog:

? Now you can directly start playing Audio in a video.
? Added all new InstaUltra Settings Icon.
? Added new privacy options – Hide View Status.
? Added Support for Italian languages
? Fixed Bugs while Downloading Videos/Images in (private accounts)
? Fixed the bug which was causing the app to crash.

How to Install InstaUltra APK on Android:

InstaUltra APK Installation on Android

  1. Download the Latest Version of InstaUltra from the link above.
  2. Open the downloaded APK, and if you haven’t enabled unknown sources, it will ask you to enable so. To do so, click the settings icon in the pop-up and toggle Unknown Sources.
  3. Open the downloaded APK again and click on Install.
  4. Now open the app and log in with your id.

How to Install InstaUltra on Windows:

  1. Head over to the Bluestacks Website and click on the download button.
  2. Once downloaded, Open the Installer and click on Install; this will Install Bluestacks on your PC
  3. Set up Bluestacks as usual by providing permissions and sign-in with your Google Account.
  4. Head over to chrome and open up this page, the page you are reading this article.
  5. Download the latest version of InstaUltra and click on Install.
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  1. Hey Garv! Impressive initiative.
    I don’t use modded versions of mobile apps but several people have been suggesting to use such app at least for a once. Even, I didn’t know why such apps are developed, despite the fact that I don’t like using such apps, the features and specs mentioned here about InstaUltra made me think to download it. I liked some features such as Hide View Status and Copy Bio/Comments.
    Thank you for this. And good luck with this app.


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