WhatsApp Plus APK Download Official 13.5 Update 2020 [Anti Ban]

WhatsApp Plus is an Android APK that can be used to modify the features of WhatsApp Messenger for Android. It comes along with different themes, hacks, and customization options. If there’s one application that can’t go missing on any smartphone globally, whether Android or iPhone, it definitely has to be WhatsApp.

In this modern era of smartphones, these handheld devices’ major advantage is staying connected with your loved ones conveniently. We have been used to messaging since the last decade. There have been tons of messaging apps around to stay connected to the world via texting in the latest smartphone revolution.

One such messaging app is WhatsApp; yes, you certainly know this app as it is most widely used worldwide with its simplicity & ever-growing user base; WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps.

Well, WhatsApp Plus APK is a WhatsApp MOD, along with tons of customizable options to tailor your needs. It is the most popular among the Android apps ecosystem. While some users of WhatsApp Plus are complaining about the app not working anymore because it is not available anymore, we are here to rescue & share a complete guide regarding WhatsApp Plus.

Whatsapp Vs Whatsapp Plus

This WhatsApp Plus APK mod developed by Omar is different from the previous WhatsApp Plus, developed by Ralfanse. This version will have all the functionalities as of the former WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus APK comes with the new functionality of hiding your last seen status along with many other tricks under its sleeves. Bored of the same old lame green WhatsApp UI, you can change the theme of WhatsApp & also have a fun shared with sharing the themes with your friends along with tons of other tricks. WhatsApp Plus comes with many functionalities & cool features that other WhatsApp mods lack. You can download WhatsApp Plus right away on your Android device to enjoy its cool features. You can download it from the procedure mentioned below.

New Version Info:

  • App NameWhatsApp Plus.
  • Version – 13.5
  • App Size – 44 MB.
  • Last Updated On – 1 November 2020.
  • Android version Supported – Android 4.1+
  • Package Name – com.WhatsApp2Plus.
  • Main Task – WhatsApp Features + Exclusive hidden features.

How to Download & Install WhatsApp Plus APK on your Android Smartphone:

Whatsapp Plus For Android Installation Guide

Step 1: Download the latest WhatsApp Plus APK file from below.

Step 2: Before going ahead, take a backup of your chats. To do that, open the previous version of WhatsApp Plus on your device & head over to Settings > Chats > Backup.

Step 3: When the backup gets completed, it’s time to uninstall the old version of WhatsApp Plus from your Android smartphone. To uninstall the app, head over to the Settings > Apps > WhatsApp Plus > Uninstall.

Step 4: After the APK file download from Step 1 is complete, time to install it on your Android device; before installing the WhatsApp Plus APK file, make sure you turn on the ’Install Unknown Apps’ option from the settings menu of your Android device.

Step 5: Now, time to Set-up the new version of the WhatsApp Plus app APK. Enter & verify your mobile phone no. If the app detects the backup, click on restore if you want to restore from the backup. Or else ignore it if you’re going to start fresh.

Step 6: Enter the other details like Name & you will be up & running with the latest version of WhatsApp Plus on your Android device.

WhatsApp Plus 2020 APK Download

Whatsapp Plus 2020 APK (v13.5 Latest)

Whatsapp+ 7.00 Download (APK) (Old Version)


  • This update only extends the validity of the version to 20/11/2020 until the new base update is completed.
  • Solve the problem of closing WhatsApp when opening a new conversation/chat.
  • Many minor bug fixes.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

Let’s check all the features of the WhatsApp Plus 2020 version. We advise you also to read out an in-depth comparison of the most popular Whatsapp mods GBWhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp Plus here.

Whatsapp Plus download and its permission

  • The latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK is based on the latest version of the official WhatsApp.
  • You can get notifications of the messages that are revoked.
  • Now, You can lock the voice recording message by swiping up.
  • Play videos with your preferred video player instead of the default video player.
  • UPI Payment feature is now enabled.
  • One can easily search the group’s members, admins & group settings.
  • Added an automatic reply feature to preset the automated replies to your contacts.
  • WhatsApp Plus comes with an ability to add the group description in WhatsApp.
  • DND option to disable incoming & outgoing messages.
  • One can increase the limit of the video in status from the default 30 seconds.
  • Group Info settings are now enabled.
  • You can hide the last seen status, blue ticks & also second ticks.
  • Specific messages can be filtered while using the clear chats option.
  • Anti-revoke messages mod, which restricts other users from deleting the sent texts to you.
  • You can now revoke multiple WhatsApp messages in one go.
  • Recall WhatsApp messages & scheduled messages.
  • Create links to group invites to share.
  • The functionality of the video call is now added.
  • Always online mod, option to disable voice calling now added.
  • Many Customisation features added in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus.
  • Update to the latest mod of WhatsApp and Send any file format like PDF, TXT, Docs, etc.
  • Simple to change themes with applications.
  • Ability to change the launcher icon of the WhatsApp Plus app.
  • In-built locking ability for WhatsApp Plus to lock the WhatsApp app without a third-party lock app.
  • The font style of the conversation text can be changed as per your liking.
  • Status clipboard to copy the status of anyone.
  • The status limit is increased to a maximum of 255 characters.
  • Now, you can be seen with an always ON online status, but this increases battery usage.
  • Functionality to save, load & share the themes with your contacts.
  • You can know the configuration of pixels of pics & their size as well.
  • A log to keep track of your contacts’ online status so you may know who was online at that time.
  • Can take a complete backup of your chats & history so you can skip the registration process the next time you install WhatsApp.
  • You can share the full resolution high-quality images in WhatsApp.

Well, just like any other app, WhatsApp Plus also asks for permission. The permissions are listed below.

List of Permissions for WhatsApp+ App:

  • Kill background tasks.
  • Internet access.
  • Access to Device Location.
  • Access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone, NFC.
  • Get Accounts.
  • Read Contacts.
  • Modify Audio settings.
  • Record Audio.
  • Send SMS.
  • Vibrate.
  • Write to your Contacts.
  • Write External storage.
  • Use Maps services.

Like any other user, you also might have some doubts regarding WhatsApp Plus; well, to aid wither away your confusion, here are some FAQ below. Check them out below.

The FAQ for WhatsApp+:

Q. Will my WhatsApp account be safe if I use WhatsApp Plus APK?

A. Yes, it will be safe.

Q. Is it better than the Official WhatsApp messenger app?

A. Yes, it is better than the official WhatsApp as it comes feature-packed.

Q. Is WhatsApp Plus available for the iPhone?

A. No, it is not available for iPhone but only for Android devices.

Q. Do I need to uninstall the official WhatsApp to use WhatsApp Plus?

A. Yes, you certainly need to uninstall the official WhatsApp before installing WhatsApp Plus 2020 APK on your Android smartphone.

Whatsapp Plus vs GB Whatsapp

Q. Out of WhatsApp Plus & GBWhatsApp, which one is better?

A. WhatsApp Plus, GBWhatsApp, OG Whatsapp, YoWhatsapp, and GBWhatsapp Plus all come with their standalone features. You can go for whichever you prefer.

Well, WhatsApp Plus app is a whole complete package with privacy features, changing themes, increasing status time, sharing full-size images & many more. It makes using WhatsApp a much cooler & fresh user experience. So, install & enjoy the tons of features that it provides. Until next time, Adios! Wink!

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