WA Tweaker WhatsApp MOD Download APK 1.5.7 (Official 2020)

Since WhatsApp has become very vigilant with its mods, users who want to modify their WhatsApp or change the functionality face difficulties doing it. Earlier users who were using modded versions of WhatsApp faced a ban from the service of WhatsApp. After the incident, the popular mod GB Whatsapp and Whatsapp Plus team stopped working on developing their own modded version of WhatsApp GB Whatsapp. Many power users are now left with no option other than using the standard WhatsApp messenger instead of any other available mod because of the fear of getting banned. But don’t worry! All the enthusiasts and power users, we got you covered! WA Tweaker is an app to tweak the official WhatsApp. There are no mods involved, hence no fear of any ban.

IF you are an android user, you have all the doors open for tweaking the official WhatsApp, but if you are an iOS user, sorry guys, this isn’t for you. Both rooted and non-rooted users can use this tool, but there is a significant difference in the app’s functionality on rooted devices compared to the non-rooted devices. Non-rooted devices have minimal features available.

WA Tweaker Features:

There are always some hidden unreleased beta features in some of the android applications which can be exposed. Fortunately, Alessandro Paluzzi’s aka Alex193a WA Tweaker is the only tool to expose those hidden beta features of WhatsApp. Along with that, users can also avail of some much-advanced privacy and appearance modifications as well. All you need is root access to use all the exciting features of this app.

WA Tweaker settings

Here are some of the unique features of the WA Tweaker, which can be used on any rooted android device:

  • Enable GIFs categories – Categories feature will organize the built-in GIF search engine for improved results.
  • Enable send a broadcast to noncontact – It allows you to send a broadcast message to the people who don’t save your number in their contact list.
  • Enable search sticker- Search stickers with the keywords (it has minimal functionality).
  • Enable Integrated add contacts – This feature allows you to check the number, whether it registered with WhatsApp or not, before adding to the contact list.
  • Fingerprint authentication – Now, this feature is available in the official beta version of WhatsApp.
  • Search images on google – This is a very different feature. It allows you to search images in google to know the origin of the image you have received.
  • Forward limit – When you enable this feature, you can forward anything to 20 people. Due to the instability, using this one is not recommended.
  • PiP mode – This feature allows you to watch shared videos floating in the chat window while chatting simultaneously. 
  • Hidden Features – It allows you to unlock the features which are not yet publically released.
  • Colour Customization – You can change the colors of the toolbar status bar, accent, background title, subtitle, info, navigation bar, time, and message counter.

WA Tweaker has some cool media nad privacy mods too like you can send photos in the highest quality, increase the maximum size of the compressed image, you can send status in full quality, you can also bypass the 30-sec video limit for status – this is not recommended at all at the present situation. You can also Increase document and media sharing size limits. As far as privacy goes, you can freeze your last seen, and you can always stay online, hide read receipt, hide delivery reports, you can enable Hindi typing, hide showing that you are recording audio, anti revoke. Also, you can allow the show to revoke alert.

Here are some other mods and features of WA Tweaker APK:

  • Increase the group description limit.
  • Disable rewriting preferences from the server.
  • Use the maximum value for the group name characters.
  • Toggle between GIPHY and TENOR.
  • Animated stickers.
  • Custom wallpaper.
  • Bypass expiry date.
  • Disable proximity sensor.
  • Show push name
  • and many more.

Keep in mind though the non-rooted users’ features are minimal compared to the rooted users. Here is the list of features non-rooted users can have access to:

  • WhatsApp Cleaner
  • Download status
  • Download Profile picture
  • Click to chat-Just enter a mobile number and chat with them without saving their number.
  • PSA Chat
  • Downgrade
  • Extract APK to the storage of your phone

WA Tweaker APK Download

Download WATweaker Latest Version Here
  • A smartphone with Android 4.0.3 or newer
  • Root permissions*
  • The Xposed Framework (only if you want to use privacy and customizations tweaks)**
  • The latest WhatsApp BETA from the Google Play Store***
  • Google Play Services
  • An internet connection

How to install WA Tweaker APK on Android

NOTE: You must have root access and Xposed installed to enjoy all the features of this app.

  1. Download the latest beta version of WhatsApp from the Playstore.
  2. Download WA Tweaker APK.
  3. Allow Unknown Sources and install the APK.
  4. Open the app and grant root and storage permissions.
  5. Activate the app in the Xposed Installer. (to do that, see the next steps).
  6. Open Xposed and go to the menu.
  7. Select modules and enable the WA Tweaker module.
  8. Reboot your phone.
  9. Open WA Tweaker and navigate to the Xposed section and then update the patch.

And that’s all! Use it and modify your WhatsApp the way you want. Let us know if you find this one useful. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and queries. Stay tuned for more cool tricks and hacks.

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