Saints Row 5: All the Rumors, Leaks, and Release date till now

Saints Row, an open-world paradise, was first launched in 2006, and it’s been many, many years since the last saint’s row was released. And now the world begs the question of where is the next chapter of this gangsta thriller? Where’s Saints Row 5? And in this post, we’ll try to find out what happened to the upcoming legendary title and it will happen or not? What made it gain tremendous success for what it was and how the studio might bring it back, or is it already among us?

Update: The company has now confirmed that the Saints Row 5 game is currently in development.

The game has always been criticized for being a cheap Grand Theft Auto knock-off, and this may hold for a while for the first title, but after the first game, Volition, who’s behind the development of Saints Row franchises, made its sequel in 2008. And this time, it was even bigger and better.

The game had a vast open-world free roamed to explore and had far more interesting activities in the world than its rival, which was none other than GTA IV. The game faced fierce competition at the beginning. Still, later gamers understood that even though the story wasn’t that great, the Open world experience was a little superior compared to its rivals. And now it went a huge success, the studio then also decided to launch it on more platforms. The first one was an X-box exclusive, while the later releases were also supported on PC.

Saints Row
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The Studio was on par with RockStar with their game development and made Saints Row the 3rd in 2011; it had all the legacy of its predecessors and introduced a better storyline and much-polished graphics. It didn’t have any funny looking character movements, which made everyone call it a cheap copy. This was an original Saints Row. However, it wasn’t going very well for the studios, they went bankrupt, and the game publishing rights were bought by another firm named Deep Silver.

Despite such pitfalls, the studio managed to deliver Saint’s Row 4, and its primary rival was none other than GTA 5, Rockstar’s best yet. The 4th installment took just two years, and this time Volition went all wild with this one and added all the quirky elements you can think of in a fantasy open-world shooter. The game had mutants, aliens, and whatnot. Despite its gangster roots, the game had superpowers for the characters to control their will’s open-world objects.

Agents of mayhem
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However, it changed its path with the release of Saints Row 4, and now it’s been more than five years we haven’t seen anything about saints row 5, or have we? Volition has released a game named Agents of Mayhem, which has similar ties and some graphics themes similar to Saints Row, and on top of that, it exists in the same universe as Saints Row.

A similar third-person shooter from Volition, same funny cheese dialogues, along with an eccentric squad of characters along your journey in the same universe as the Saints Row was. So, everyone always begs why, isn’t this game called Saints Row 5, it has all the recipe of that matches its prequel. However, even though the original saint’s row 5 is in development, we haven’t seen anything in their Job listings that could point out that, yes, things are rolling for its development. Volition will surprise everyone as they did with the 4th installment.

Because, Saints Row series can’t handle another push back when Rock Star launches Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6), and also the open-world wild western sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, it will be a tough battle for Saints Row 5 to stand out even if the graphics are realistic, but if it lacks its original soul, which by that time should be remembered and won’t get lost.

So, the answer to the question of Where’s Saints Row 5, for now, is Agents of Mayhem is your Saints Row 5. The game has many similarities, cuts down on Gangsters and silly dialogues, and is based on its original storyline. Nothing here feels like a copy of grand theft auto, which finally set’s it free to have its own identity. It’s been also said that Volition and deep silver isn’t just naming the game like Saints Row 5.

Saints Row 5
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It takes place after the Saints Row: Gat out of Hell and has all the expected over-the-top gameplay in a huge open-world environment. So, what if the Saints Row 5 happens after the Agents of Mayhem series goes by and the developers in the meantime perfecting the 5th sequel in this long going Saints Row series.

Super Powers are Saints Row Unique flare. However, it looks like most fans are now leaning towards dropping the idea of any superpowers being in the game. However, such unique abilities in the game are a thing of Saints Row, and for this, a great solution would be to use them, if and only if the user toggles them, much like cheats in Grand Theft Auto. How about that?

Here’re some of the things that are expected from Saints Row 5:

  • Going back to its Gangster Roots, that’s their unique Genre.
  • Bringing back the resemblances to Saints Row 2
  • A wide range of Weapons and New Super Powers, maybe?
  • Ability to Customize Cars, Super Powers for each Character and Character body parts type
    -> Customizable Angel Wings
    -> Customizable head/masks
    -> Customizable Powers to each body part, this will thus give us more in-depth control over characters
  • AI-powered enemies and Boss
  • A Complete new large city or as many fans want a combo of Steelport and Stilwater
  • Broad-Casting other player’s Chaos in the city, on a giant screen near News Offices in the city
  • Collapsable City buildings, where your powers damage them
  • Time Travel could also be a thing in the next sequel
  • Environmental change as per the mission’s nature
  • Photo Mode, to Capture your Epic moments within the Game and share with the Online community
  • With Multi-Player games such as PUBG and ROS, Saints Row could also get into this Online Multiplayer arena with a Saints Row 5: Online

Just like for Saints Row 4, the company made a surprising announcement, and there will come a day when the same might happen with the release of Saints Row 5. We might see the first trailer considering the game entered development in 2015 or late 2016. The trailer should arrive anywhere in mid-2018 or early 2019. With the increasing Open world concepts moving in, such as Watch Dogs 2 and Mafia 3, Saints Row has its bizarre flavor and take on the Open World genre, and this will never die. The Saints will undoubtedly return with the fifth sequel in 2018 or 2019. You can also upgrade the Saints Row game series’s sound quality involvement by choosing a good budget gaming headsetďż˝(A great guide by 2K reviews).

Some latest reports now reveal that the Saints Row 5 will also have in-game microtransactions apart from the much-requested multiplayer mode. The game will get a decent boost regarding Customizations; you will customize the players better now. However, multiple reports from the Media are suggesting that the game might not become a reality.

Saints Row has always been centered around single-player Gameplay, and adding a multiplayer mode to it will be an interesting twist. It will also garner more interest from gamers in the franchise. We also hope, if this one comes out, then it won’t be a Console Exclusive, a PC version is much needed and should not be neglected or delayed, but then again, it’s business for Studios.

Akshay Mhatre is a Tech Journalist who likes to keep up with the latest from the tech world. He has worked at many popular news portals like BGR and TechRadar before joining TheLeaker as a News writer and journalist. A writer by day and a VFX artist by night. In his free time, he also likes to make motion graphics and concept art. You can find him on Instagram @akshayrazr_95 and contact him on akshaymhatre[@]

29 thoughts on “Saints Row 5: All the Rumors, Leaks, and Release date till now”

  1. I think Saints Row 1 was the best in the series for its time, and it’s still my favorite. I play it on Xbox One. They should set Saints Row 5 before the events of Saints Row 1. They could make it about Julius and Benjamin King back when they were on the same side. They should cut all the superpowers from the game and improve the shooting and driving.

  2. I prefer down to earth comedy over “over the top” absurdity. I loved the first two saints row games. If they can get back to that style, I will be a happy dude. Please, for the love of God, no superpowers or time travel.

  3. I no care what peope think abouth saints row. All series was very good and have they unique stile. In me opinion is beter that any GTA games( except for Gta San Andreas.( this game is a legend is beter even that gta 4-5).)
    I hope for a saint row 5 with continue story for get back earth bexuase waa destoryed. I will be happy saint row 5 will be last game from series 1-2-3 and 4 becuse 5 will conclude ending from saint row 4.
    In saint row you can create your own caracter ans this make game more beter becuase i have female boss also etc. Combat sistem is way beter that any gta. I no care abouth super powers. All mater is story mode more long complex detalied, combat sistem, creatw your own caracter gender female or male.
    Im not fan any game but for fun and enjoy gaming is saint row.
    Truth i played all gta series and beter is gta san andreas even no i play that now is more worth that any gta games. Story is well made.

  4. Saints Row 1 will always be the best no matter all it’s flaw, at least bring gangs back and not all this futuristic powers bullshit! ^BA^

  5. Well, I love saints row 4 because of the superpowers, exaggeration and over the top plot and action. If you want to play something similar to GTA… Then play GTA. Saints Row 5 most be as silly and over the top as the 4, Is like his thing now.

    • Quite right! The greatness of Saint Raw is precisely in its exaggeration, in its megalomania, in its humor, in its go every time ever farther away from all points of view. I have always loved these aspects, which make it unique compared to titles like GTA and Mafia. It is no coincidence that the fourth chapter, which is where there was more freedom, customization and variety, was the best ever.

      When you create later you always have to go further, do not go back. And even when we talk about reboot, the latter works ONLY if you are doing with substantial improvements compared to the original. For example, the reboot of Tomb Raider was an improved version from all points of view of the original saga. In fact, a “sequel” where only the plot has been reset, but only to redo it in a better way.

      • Couldn’t disagree more. Saints Row 2 was the best this series offered since it balanced the silliness and the seriousness. Its what the series was originally about. It was quite unique in its presentation.

        Plus Saints Row 2 offered far more in its content from freedom, customisation, variety, open world and etc.

    • Saints row will always be better than GTA. Saints row has a way better story, way better characters, better gangs, and the story doesn’t just end after one game.

  6. I personally didnt like having powers because it took away the need for having vehicles. And in games like these I loved stealing, collecting and modding cars and storing them in a garage. With powers there was never any reason to steal a car.

  7. Why not just pick up from the end of SR3. Bring back all of the characters, event Johnny Gat. And have both Steelport and Stillwater. As far as SR4, Gat out of Hell, and AOM, it was all a dream by the boss!!! However, let the dream be clues to manage Steelport, and recover/rekindle Stillwater. going back to gang mode may or may not be neccesary, but the superpowers, the aliens, the raunchy weapons, and the sex toys can be left out. Perhaps, make it to where the Saints have to protect the two cities from new gangs or Syndications

  8. Wow why do people hate the powers so much? I loved running up buildings and able to use Death Above or using Telekinesis. I say do it as an downloadable content thing, so make it optional for those who do like it and leave it out of the main storyline for those to don’t (Saints Row was never that serious, so not sure why it matters.). Or even better, put the powers in the cheats menu, that way everyone wins.
    Although I don’t know how they would keep going if it’s after 4 since the Earth exploded.

  9. Thank you for giving me hope of Saints Row 5 It’s still possible, I love Saints Row and I do not want the franchise to die. 🙂

  10. Well What If They Made This Time A Reboot Of Saints Row It Could Be Fresh Start For Saints Row On That All Problems Solved?

  11. I wouldn�t actually mind seeing a return to Stilwater, even if it�s just for a mission or two. But super powers are a no unless you�re wearing the Power Armour from SR4�s epilogue. And assuming that we continue with the same cast from the previous games, there are a few questions: Will the protagonist remain the POTUS or will they be impeached? Will Jane Austin make an apperence and will she fit into modern society? There�s just so many questions.

    • According to the developers, the Saints Row universe has been “reset” due to the events of SR4 and Gat Out of Hell. In the Saints Universe, nobody remembers the Saints even existed (except possibly the leader of Mayhem, but that’s because she’s… sorry, spoilers.)

      So the next Saints Row game will be a complete reboot. Maybe you play a new member of MAYHEM. Maybe you have to rebuild the Saints from scratch. Hopefully there won’t be superpowers or aliens, but I’m okay with a few futuristic touches (like crazy weapons & the “vehicle download” thing from Saints Row 4).
      I just hope they keep the over-the-top action, ridiculous weapons, and comedy from the previous games. That’s what made them unique, and why I play them instead of GTA or Mafia.

  12. Get rid of Johnny Gat… Dead! Gone! Never to be seen again! Erase him from history!

    Oh, and no more stupid super powers.

  13. EVERYONE WANTS MORE SUPERPOWER?! HA! No one wants that, you fucking high man? Such a bad article… You weren’t prepared at all for that!

  14. Bring the core back to SR2. Make it FEEL like a continuation of SR2. Strongholds are missions, instead of just bunches of gangers on and around a building you can’t even enter. If there is a property you can buy, then you should be able to enter it, maybe even have to defend it from rivals. More cars, and more customization… also, why can’t we customize helos and planes? No “special” gangers. No stupid skater girls with giant sythes, or giant dude, or bullshit like that… I did like the grenade gun, though, it should be made a special, instead of something that can’t be holstered. Keep the fighting system of SR3. Running up behind someone and bulldogging them is spectacular fun. Keep some of the new diversions, like Dr. Genki’s, and yes, most definitely, ditch the stupid superpowers, and reign back the silliness to SR2 levels. Serious, with a serious coloring of humor… Or, well, maybe it was humor with a coloring of seriousness, either way, THAT formula, instead of the stupid idiocy of SR3 and SR4.

    • Actually, I preferred the humour of SR3. Saints Row 2 felt like it was still taking itself too seriously.
      Give me something that feels like SR3 with the scope & variety of SR2, bringing back some of the old mission types (and/or adding some new ones). I like the silly weapons, the comedy, funny Pierce and even Kenzie. (Especially Kenzie, actually; I identify really well with that character.)
      I don’t want “GTA with a couple of jokes.” I want Saints Row to be its own thing. SR3 was fine aside from the small map, dropping activity types, and rehashing the old “3 gangs and a boss” formula. I do like the idea you have for strongholds & properties, though. Also, I hated that once you beat all the activities, there weren’t any more rival gangs around; the only enemies were the cops.
      As for combat, I miss being able to pick your fighting style like in SR2. I doubt they’ll add that into the character customisation menu, but I can dream.

  15. I’d rather just have a complete reboot or just pick up the story from 2 and pretend 3 and 4 never happened. Or be about a different gang and make it about gangs again and now flashy billionaires or super heroes.


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