PUBG New State MOD APK Download Latest Version (Unlimited UC Hack) 2023

PUBG New State

The Preamble to PUBG New State MOD APK: Are you an Android or iOS gamer? Yeah, I’m talking about those technological smartphones? If the answer is Yes, prosecute me if you don’t know about the very new launch in India, PUBG New State. PUBG is a world-class gaming series, as they’ve designed the most incredible Android and iOS games based on our most favorite Battle Royale module. 

We all love implementing our most of the time with this virtual friend known PUBG Mobile. However, the Indian government banned Tencent Group in India, which traumatized most of the Indians. Fortunately, the Krafton helped us get out of that trauma by offering the BGMI, Battle Ground Mobile India. Moreover, recently, Krafton also has launched PUBG New State, the futuristic Battle Royale game in India.

PUBG New State Poster

Sometimes, Battle Royale gaming modes annoy us with the very same maps and in-game add-ons. But you won’t need to worry about that from now onwards, thanks to the PUBG New State. Yeah, PUBG New State is the game offering us the newest in-game Troi 2051 map. The game is exceptionally designed with the view of the future 2051 year in mind, including the same privileges and weapons.

PUBG New State latest version image

Apart from this future city, you would also observe the same Erangel map in PUBG New State, but luckily with the UHD graphics and a few more advancements. You can now witness your weapon’s info within all that magazine adjustments and remaining bullets while opening the ADS and shooting enemies. It would make both shooting and strategizing the game simple. Let’s now understand more about all the additional privileges offered by our favorite PUBG New State – 

Features of PUBG New State

After getting the entire understanding about this new Krafton game, PUBG New State, we can now get ahead to know about all the features delivered by this pioneering game – 

New weapons

Colossal PUBG gamers were dreaming hardly for a new bolt-action sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile, apart from Kar98k, M24, and the AWM. So finally, PUBG has responded to that desire with a brand new sniper rifle inside the PUBG New State named DRS-I. 

New Flare Gun in PUBG New State

Yeah, DRS-I is the only new weapon from the PUBG New State battle royale version. Additionally, there is a mint green flare gun inside the PUBG New State, which will help you revive the player who died at the game’s starting and spectating the match.

New maps  

Except for the modern weapons, DRS-I, and the green flare, PUBG New State also offers us new gaming maps. There is one exclusive map developed for the future seekers inside the PUBG New State. The new map here is Troi 2051, designed to commemorate the future zones. It contains sections, like Trailer Park, Mall, City Hall, Luxury House, Laboratory and Exhibition Hall. Time to loot all these areas and find that green flare!

Tythonic Industries

Avant-garde gaming mechanisms  

The future of battle-royale gaming is here inside the PUBG New State. Yeah, that’s true, coz you can see all the innovative gaming mechanisms developed by the PUBG New State. Just take a simple example of a drone; you can loot a drone from the city and employ it to fly in the air and locate the enemies hiding on the next side of the wall. 

PUBG initial view

There is much more technical stuff, like this drone, and it’s your space to explore more amazing things. Just hit the below download button to download PUBG New State MOD APK, i.e., the privileged version of your favorite battle-royale game.

Coolest graphics

I sense the base amount of exclusiveness on the floor. Why won’t we add info about some more advanced features? So here we have got the next innovative element added inside the PUBG New State by Krafton, i.e., the smooth UHD graphics. 

PUBG Mobile VS PUBG New State Graphics

FHD was the old realm, and now is the time to explore the same world with advanced graphics, the heaven-made UHD! Download PUBG New State MOD APK from the below link and explore the future of gaming in the Ultra HD display of your phone. 

Adjustable controls

One of the main reasons most people switch from games like Free-Fire to PUBG is the entirely adjustable controls. Countless gamers love playing their favorite shooting games with more than just two thumbs. 

Control Settings

However, the games like Free-Fire don’t allow gamers to fix the map’s location, and consequently, you can’t fix any other button there. Fortuitously, the PUBG New State comes with entirely adjustable controls, where you can change the location of any key without any annoyance.

New command voices

Do you still remember those days when some streamers started the trend of new voice commands? Yeah, those Japanese kids and Korean girls’ voices that we heard colossal times in our games. However, the process was a little complex to fix that language to voice commands.

Good news! PUBG New State delivers over ten distinct voice command languages or voices. You can enjoy the Korean voice, Japanese voice, Indian English voice, and US English voice here. So stop playing BGMI with a single voice command sound, and try this new innovative version once.

Advanced looks

The next trait you’re going to discern inside this future PUBG version is the advanced Avatar looks. PUBG New State has worked exceptionally on the Avatars and created some most astonishing looks, with the new hairstyles and fantastic physique. Unlike those old Avatars with the same six hairstyles, you can go for over ten different hairstyles and body colors to get your desired one.

Contemporary vehicles

Vehicles are the most modish part you would perceive within this new copy, PUBG New State. You would have all the old vehicles, like UAZ, Buggy, Motorbike, and Boat, but within some future vehicles. The game includes electric vehicles like The Volta, EV-AX, Lightning, and The Nova. These electric vehicles can get charged with batteries and will need you to take some extra batteries that you can find from homes.

PUBG New State Vehicles

Moreover, some incredible gasoline vehicles are also affixed inside the PUBG New State game, including Vulture – The Bike and Vrion – The Jeep. You can now open doors of the cars to take good covers while fighting and have a trunk to store most of your stuff in cars. Sounds futuristic, right?


Finally, we’ve got the moment to talk about the central stuff we want you to download for getting more from PUBG New State. We all have seen and gone through almost all the features available within the PUBG New State Android and iOS game. However, some of the paid stuff is too inside the game, including mighty skins, guns, and many more. 


PUBG New State MOD APK is the one delivering you all the benefits you desire. You can go through most paid stuff freely while having this modified version installed on your Smartphone. Except that it’s a reliable version including all the same things with almost no bugs and viruses. Moreover, there are numerous more features available with our PUBG New State MOD APK that we’ve listed below with the complete details.

PUBG New State Mod APK Features & Hack

Free Paid UC with VPN

The only privilege which made us develop the modified version of PUBG New State is the paid stuff. We all need the paid skins, emotes, and Royale Pass to enjoy the game more exceptionally, and PUBG New State MOD APK makes this dream successful without any real money investment. 

All you need to do here is to use any VPN service (Express VPN or PureVPN would be our first recommendation) with the United States server and so that you’ll get access to that paid stuff without paying real money.

PUBG New State Mod APK Download Latest Version

Have you got astonished by reading about the above feature and feeling enthusiastic about using this modified version of PUBG New State, i.e., PUBG New State MOD APK? If the answer is YES, it’s time to download the latest modified version on your Android Smartphone.

Publisher KRAFTON, Inc.
Version v0.9.19.133
Size 1.4 GB
Get it On Google Play
Updated January 2, 2022
MOD Features Unlimited UC, Aimbot, ESP

We’re listing below the 100% working download link of the PUBG New State MOD APK that’ll provide you direct access to paid features and all your desired stuff. We’ve listed them below file as two separate files, where one would be the APK file, and the other would be the OBB file. If you don’t know the process of sideloading the OBB file, you can go through the below section, which is entirely based on the installation process. You can also download our best-in-class Among US MOD APK.

PUBG New State MOD APK+OBB (Modded APK with unlimited UC, Aimbot Hack) – Download

PUBG New State APK+OBB (Original APK+OBB) – Download

Minimum Requirements
CPU: 64-bit (ABI arm64 or higher)
RAM: 2GB or higher
OS: Android 6.0 or higher
Open GL 3.1 or higher / Vulkan 1.1 or higher

How to install PUBG New State Mod APK Hack

Likewise, the downloading process, the installation process of PUBG New State MOD APK would also be the most simplistic ones. Just mimic the below procedure carefully and get access to the incredible benefits –

Step 1 – First of all, download both those files listed above, the APK and OBB files.

Step 2 – Afterward, Go to the home screen and Open the Settings app on your Android Smartphone.

Step 3 – Search for the Security Settings or simple Security tab and Open it!

Step 4 – Locate the toggle named Unknown Sources and click the toggle next to it.

Step 5 – Click the Enable tab on the following notification prompt.

Step 6 – Finally, You’ve enabled the third-party installation and are now required to install the app.

Step 7 – Now, firstly, install the PUBG New State MOD APK file on your Android phone. (Only install, don’t open it!)

Step 8 – Now, Download a ZIP extractor for your Android Smartphone. Our recommendation will be for the RAR!

Step 8 – Open that RAR app and open the folder where you’ve downloaded the above files.

Step 9 – Now, extract the OBB folder to described location – /local/Android/obb/

Step 10 – Finally, open the app drawer and launch the PUBG New State game to enjoy all the above-listed benefits.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve completed gathering the complete details about the PUBG New State Modded APK’s latest version and are ready to close up this article. Hope you’ve successfully downloaded this hacked version of the futuristic PUBG New State and enjoying all the vigorous benefits provided by it. Additionally, You can comment below if getting any queries about the downloading and installation process of PUBG New State Hack APK. Until that, Happy Gaming!!



  1. How to download PUBG New State MOD APK?

    You can download the Pubg new state hack apk by hitting the above download link. The app is separated into two parts, APK and OBB, so you would have to download both.

  2. Is PUBG New State MOD APK safe?

    Yeah, PUBG New State MOD APK is the safest modification of the PUBG New State and contains the exact feature you need inside the PUBG New State MOD APK. You can download it without worrying about anything, as we have already undertaken this app on almost all Android versions.

  3. Can I download PUBG New State MOD APK on my iPhone?

    Absolutely Not! You can download PUBG New State MOD APK on your iOS device but can't install it, as it's an APK file developed only for the Android Smartphone. However, we will upload the IPA file on the same page whenever the developer creates it in the future.

  4. How to get unlimited UCs on PUBG New State Game?

    If you're playing PUBG New State on Android smartphones and want the unlimited paid stuff freely on the game, go for PUBG New State MOD APK. It's the modified version, which you can download from the link on this page and enjoy your free UCs.

  5. How to install PUBG New State MOD APK on Android smartphones?

    It's a simplistic process to install the PUBG New State MOD APK on Android Smartphones, and all it takes is the above few steps to proceed carefully. That's it!

  6. Where to download PUBG New State MOD APK latest version?

    You can download Pubg New State hack apk right here, on the same website, by clicking the link and searching for the download link on the page. Apart from that, you would also get the installation steps for the app within the weblink.

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