Moto 360 3 or Moto 360 2017 specs, price and release date

As we know Motorola has given us Spectacular devices and the next is Motorola Moto 360 3 or Moto 360 2017 edition. It’s a successor to Moto 360 2nd Gen, an Android smartwatch. Moto 360 was the first Smartwatch launched by Motorola in 2014. It was one of the best-selling smartwatches until now. However, Motorola also launched an upgraded version of the watch called Moto 360 2nd gen or Moto 360 2015 edition.

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The Moto 360 will run�Android Wear�2.0, Google’s Android-based platform designed explicitly for Smartwatches and wearable devices. The 360 currently runs Android 5.0 Lollipop and pairs with any phone running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher. Its software displays notifications from paired phones.

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image moto 360 and moto 360 2nd gen
Motorola Moto 360 and Moto 360 2nd Gen

However, the market is crowded, and other tech giants, including Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Apple have launched their Smartwatches too. The current generation of smartwatches has better specifications and features than Moto 360, and Motorola wants to fill the gap.

That’s why they are planning to launch a new smartwatch called Moto 360 3rd gen or Moto 360 2017�edition. The only reason behind the delay of Moto 360 3rd gen launch is Android Wear 2.0 launch delay.

As you know, some OEM’s are offering a�lot of things in their smartwatches, Which attracts�people to buy the product. So you can expect feature packed smartwatch from Motorola this time.

Moto 360 3 Features

There is No official release date has been revealed by Moto yet. However, it may sport a 1.40″ inch screen which might be at 420�360 pixels. The display protection Might come with Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which is advanced more than its previous version.�It may consist of 1GB of DDR3 RAM and 4GB of ROM, which is enough for Android Wear. And It Might have a chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100.

There is also a rumor that says the next Moto 360 smartwatch may come with 3G and LTE capabilities which mean that the smartwatch will be able to make phone calls without smartphone support.

The chipset consumes 25% less power and has some advanced features like low energy profile of tethered�Bluetooth and wifi. As usual, Possibly it won’t have a Camera.

moto 360 3 images

Talking about its sensors, We’ve got Accelerometer, gyro, and a Precise heart rate monitoring, thermometer, and other Sensors. The battery might be of 630 mAh this time, which is good for a smartwatch. It will last for 60 hours on mixed usage. And there will be wireless charging for this. So these are the most likely features of Moto 360 2017 edition. And apparently, these features look promising for a Smartwatch.


Moto 360 3 Specification

SOC-�Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100


Quad ARM Cortex A7 up to 800-1.2 GHz optimized for wearable devices


Qualcomm Adreno 304 GPU

OpenGL ES 3.0


Integrated modem DSP shared for modem, GNSS, sensor processing, keyword detection, and audio


1.40″ 420�360 pixel


1.84� 1.84� 0.44 Inches


Motorola Clear Audio technology

Fluence� noise cancellation technology

Snapdragon Voice Activation

Snapdragon Voice+

Touch – Multi-touch

Protection- Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Internal- 4 GB (Not Expandable)

GPS –�Yes

Radio- No

USB – No

Sensors – Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, Temp-sensor, humidity�meter and, magnetometer

Battery – 630 mAh (up to 60 hours)

Expected Colours – Black Leather, Black Metal, Rose Gold/Blush Leather, Silver/Cognac Leather



Global Mode

  • LTE FDD and TDD
  • EV-DO and CDMA 1x


802.11n (2.4 GHz)


Qualcomm� SecureMSM� hardware and software foundation

Power Management

Audio codec integrated into power management IC


eMMC 4.5


1 GB LPDDR3 400 MHz

Processing Technology



Qualcomm� IZat� Gen8C


Supported (integrated NFC through NXP/Qualcomm collaboration)


Bluetooth 4.1 Low Energy

Other Features-

SMS, Email, Active Noise Cancellation, Photo Viewer, Mp3, Voice Dialer Command

Moto 360 �3rd Gen Look and Design

moto 360 3rd gen images

There are high chances that this might come in Gold, Black Leather, Black Metal, Rose Gold/Blush Leather, Silver/Cognac Leather colors. However, these colors look beautiful premium On a Watch. The Watch totally will be on Stainless Steel, which will add the premium feeling and durability. Look and feel is the last thing to worry about the Moto 360 3 smartwatch.


Moto 360 2017 Price and Release�Date

Most likely, the price of Moto 360 3(2017) will be around $379 in the United States or INR21999 in India, because of the heavy hardware and Display. But, as told earlier The release date is not confirmed yet, but you can assume the release will be in the First week of March 2017 or most likely 6 March 2017.

Update:�Lenovo ditched the plan to launch Moto 360 3rd Gen currently but the CEO said that they might consider starting a new watch in future.


If you need a Smartwatch for daily usage under a budget of 380$-400$, Moto 360 3 is the one for you. It will be a good buy. Cause the Moto never fails to satisfy. It will also have the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, which is a feature-rich SOC. It consumes less power and also gives the ability of LTE.

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  2. For those who glanced over the page and missed the notice, I’m pasting it here (you can see if in bold print above).

    “Update: Lenovo ditched the plan to launch Moto 360 3rd Gen currently but the CEO said that they might consider starting a new watch in future.”

    B I G disappointment! (July 26, 2017)

  3. Waiting and Waiting.. when will it be release? Is there even any tentative date for this or shall we consider buying apple watch?

  4. What?! Was waiting so excitedly getting the Moto 360 3rd gen, and now the say “Lenovo ditched the plan to launch Moto 360 3rd Gen currently”…

    Are there technical troubles or what’s responsible for this unwanted delay? Too sad, have to leave Motorola and to switch to another brand in this case… 🙁

  5. So, Its almost March 6th. But android ware 2.0 is allready out. But I read another article that says Motorola may “skip” the android ware 2.0 as a reason to build/release a 3rd gen and simply incorporate android ware 2.0 into their current Gen 2 hardware platform. Is this really true, or is Motorola just trying to generate a bit of drama and playing a super cool hand of poker but secretly weilding a new OLED or drop the flat tyre?

  6. Actually the specs you are projecting are a real disappointment. The two most requested features for smartwatches (certainly my big two) are internal GPS and waterproofing- or at least water resistance). Both the new Apple watch 2 and the New Samsung Gear 3 offer that. Having said that, the Apple watch still suffers from abysmal battery life, the Gear 3 is a little bit better but doesn’t integrate with my Apple phone.
    I think that the Moto 360 is absolutely the most attractive watch out there but my primary use is or fitness. I would willingly pay more for those features and if the tiny Apple watch has room for them then the Moto certainly does as well.


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