Best ThopTV Alternatives: For Free Live TV Streaming on Android

LiveTV Streaming has been gaining popularity over the internet, and there are loads and loads of LiveTV Streaming applications flooding over the web, we have been covering many such apps which include ThopTV, Area51 IPTV and more. These apps have gained huge popularity in recent times, and there has been public demand to cover such multiple apps on our website. Our team went on researching for such apps that were free of dangerous files and here we stand before you presenting the best and feature-rich Top 5 Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android!. In this article, we will guide you on choosing the best ThopTV Alternative and answer all your questions regarding it. 

Top 5 Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android:

  • MobdroTV APK:

When it comes to Live Streaming applications other than ThopTV, our first choice will be the MobdroTV APK which has some mind-blowing features which no other apps in this segment offer, such as the ability to download Live TV Shows, Ability to watch movies online and more. The users can set sleep timers, cast the shows via Chromecast, watch Live TV Shows which a minute delay, and more. 

The app is clean and simple to use, has the least number of ads, doesn’t cost even a penny and has the best developer support from the backend, due to all these features and excellent stability, Mobodro has been ranked at No.1 in our list of the Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android.


  1. Excellent UI
  2. Ability to Download Live TV Streams
  3. Well Categorized
  4. Completely free to use
  5. Excellent Backdoor
  6. Compatible with Kodi, Windows, Android, Linux and much more

Download MobdroTV APK for Android

  • LiveNet TV APK:

Ranked at No.2 in our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives, it should have something special and unique. LiveNet TV APK is one of its kind, and it has some features which no other application offers currently such as the ability to create custom favorite channel list which comes in handy in multiple ways, support for more than 800+ Live TV Channels over the globe, doesn’t require an account and more. A dedicated guide on the LiveNet TV APK is under progress and will be live soon.

It also has the usual features which include, ability to stream movies, play content in HD quality, low delay and more, due to its unique functionalities and performance we have ranked this at No.2 in our list of Best ThopTV Alternatives.


  1. Support for Media Players such as MX Player, VLC and more
  2. Well Updated
  3. Play Content in HD Quality
  4. Fewer Ads

Download LiveNet TV APK for Android

  • RedBox TV APK:

 RedBox TV is a yet another free live streaming application that provides the users to ability to stream live TV Shows, games, sports and multiple more categories of channels in various definitions (qualities) for completely free, the main reason its on our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives is its consistent performance upgrades, and backend developers support, it doesn’t have any subscription-based plans nor asks any money for registration.

Like any other app, it also comes with the usual basic features such as low streaming delay, ability to stream content in HD. These features make it rank at No.3 in our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives.


  • Completely free
  • Stream in HD and FHD
  • Good Developer Support

Download RedBox TV APK for Android

  • UkTVNow APK:

There isn’t much left to say about this app, as it also comes with all the features which the other apps in this lists offers, this app is a good option as an alternative when some apps in the upper order are down for maintenance or any other issue, some unique features of this app include, high-speed video buffering speeds, ability to schedule videos to watch later, ability to use any custom video player and more. Ranked at No.4 in our list UkTVNow APK is a good option when considered as an alternative or if any other apps do not work on your device. This app is also available for download on Android, iOS, Kodi, and Linux.


  • Good Alternative
  • Fast Video Buffering Speeds
  • Custom Video Player Support

Download UKTvNow APK for Android

  • USTVNow APK:

One of the most popular and well-known streaming services in the USA, USTVNow offers an amazing experience, in case you don’t live in the U.S and wanna watch the live TV Shows or podcasts from the country, USTVNow is the best option dated yet. A clean UI, user-friendly navigation system makes the experience even better with the minute touches. The application also has a premium version which the users can purchase in the case to enjoy a number of TV Shows.

All over, USTVNow is also a good alternative to the other apps in this list as well as to ThopTV, and this is the main cause why it is ranked at No.5 in our list of the Best ThopTV Alternatives.


  • Best for U.S TV Shows
  • Premium Version is Available
  • Clean and Smooth UI.

USTVNow Website

We hope that you have found your perfect solution for the Best ThopTV Alternatives, if you think we have missed any other app that could have been on this list, please comment down below, we will look into it. Please share this with our friends and family members and stay tuned to TheLeaker for such amazing content.

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