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Best Manga App For Android (Download Links)

Akshay Mhatre



Best Manga Reader apps for Android

Manga is a big part of the Japanese Culture, it simply means comics created in Japan for the Japanese language but due to growing popularity within non-Japanese speakers; the manga comics are now also being made available in English.

For the best experience of Manga it is vital to get a proper Manga reader rather than your regular e-book reader, and in this post, you will find some of the best Manga readers available right now on the Google Play Store.

Manga readers will appreciate these readers as you will get the ultimate reading experience. For those who aren’t aware of the reading part, the manga is always read from right to left.

Manga Rock

Manga Rock

Image Courtesy: playstore. com

This is a free Manga reader and offers a lot of features from the ground up such as a huge library of Manga’s from every genre with high-resolution images to feast your eyes. It is also very flexible as it provides a good level of customization options such as the ability to set whether you want to read from left to right or in the traditional right to left style.

Manga rock also comes with offline mode, so when you don’t have data, you are still able to view the content on the go.



This one is an open source manga reader which has a huge collection similar to the one mentioned above, and it is also advert free and contains all the essential settings that you need for a better manga reading experience. It is available on GitHub repository, and if you’re a developer, you can also contribute towards its development. The interface is quite simple and minimalistic and lite weight like stock android.

Other features include Light and dark themes; you can also create backups on your device itself or any cloud service you prefer, it also doesn’t have any in-app purchases as well.

Get TachiYomi Manga Open Source Reader



MangaZone is updated daily with new content flowing in, and it’s all free to download, comes with all the primary features as well as reading customization necessities needed to be the best Manga reader. You can also discuss your favorite Manga with other users using this app.

Developer: WSV
Price: Free

Viz Media Manga

Viz Media Manga

This is not an ordinary manga app, they are a Manga publisher, and so you expect a lot of new and exclusive content that they have, and they are stuff as well. It also has an app dedicated to Naruto specific content, which is excellent news for Naruto lovers.

However, some content in here might not be free, and you have to buy so do check before you plan to binge download a certain series, using the Viz Media Manga app.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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