While there were expectations from Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017, the company surprised everyone by launching two tablets and we can say one thing for sure that we are not disappointed.

The Samsung Galaxy Book is the company’s answer to the Apple’s iPad Pro and the Surface Pro from Microsoft.

The Galaxy Book 10.6 and the Galaxy Book 12 carry top-notch specs and features which put them in the front when it comes to the windows market which is otherwise ruled by the Microsoft with their surface range of tablets.

Galaxy Book

Let’s now take a complete look at what these tablets will offer the users.

Here are the complete specifications of both the models.

Samsung Galaxy Book Specifications


Specification( 12″ Model and 10.6″ Model)


3.1 GHz Intel Kabylake-U Corei5-7200(12″)

2.6 GHz dual-core Intel 7th Gen m3 (10.6″)

Main Memory

 LPDDR3, Onboard, 4/8 GB(12″)

4GB (10.6″)

LCD Display

 12″ AMOLED, 2166X1440

10.6″ Full HD, 1920 x 1080

Graphic Controller

Intel HD Graphics


128/256GB SSD, M.2 SATA(12″)

64/128GB, M.2 SATA(10.6)




 Qualcomm QCA6174A-5, 802.11b/g/n/a/ac, BT4.1


 SOLUM, EP-TA300, 25W Quick Charger


 EB-BW720ABA, Li-ion, 39.04Wh(12″)

Li-ion, 30.04Wh(10.6″)


REAR: 13M CMOS, Front : 5M CMOS

Input Device

 Keyboard Cover, PS2 touchpad



2xUSB 3.1 Type-C Ports(12″)
1xUSB 3.1 Type-C Ports(10.6″)




Galaxy book 12Display

The most important part of a Tablet is its screen which can either make the whole experience just amazing or can simply destroy the whole user experience and luckily Samsung have launched these tablets with displays which are as crisp and sharp as they needed to be.

The bigger tablet has a super-thin 12″ AMOLED Display with a resolution of 2166X1440 which means that the whole user experience is simply amazing. To make the whole experience even better, the Tablets have Intel HD Graphics which are pretty amazing when it comes to work and multimedia. Intel HD Graphics are surely not for hardcore gaming but still can run many games smoothly.

The other model features a 10.6 inch full HD display which isn’t as good when compared with the AMOLED display of the 12inch model but still, things look pretty sharp on the 10.6-inch model as well.

Chipset & RAM

Galaxy book 10.2

After the Display, The most Important part of a Tablet is its Processor and RAM and the bigger model packs the 3.1 GHz Intel® Core™ i5-7200U Processor (Kaby lake) that aims to handle whatever content demands you can throw at it. As for the RAM, This Tablet will have only

The 10.6-inch model runs on a 2.6 GHz dual-core Intel 7th Gen m3 processor which is also blazing fast when it comes to handling the power hungry tasks.

As for the RAM, the 10.6-inch Tablet has only 4GB RAM option which surely seems low as now even the smartphones are starting to have 6GB RAM but that is totally overkilling. 4GB RAM is definitely enough to handle any task that you’ll be doing on this Tablet. The bigger model, however, has a  4GB RAM and an 8GB RAM variant. There really isn’t much to talk about the Processor and RAM. The configuration is perfect to handle any task that you will do on this tablet.


Camera of galaxy book

When we are talking about a 2-in-1 Tablet, We don’t really consider to look at the camera and its expected because we have our smartphones to take pictures and record videos but not everybody does that. There are people who want a good camera in a Tablet and for those people, the Galaxy Book tablets are a perfect choice as both the tablets feature a 13M rear camera and a 5M front camera which are as good as or better than the cameras on your smartphone.

This is extremely beneficial for those people who use video chatting a lot. You are a business man who needs to use video chatting to attend your foreign clients or you are a simple person who likes to video chat with your relatives and friends, You will be able to do it all with this Tablet. and plus a lot more with the 13MP rear camera as well.

OS & Connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and 10.2 Models

We all know about Windows and We love using it. It’s much more convenient and more suitable for a 2-in-1 Tablets.

Both the tablets run on Windows 10, the same operating system which powers the Microsoft Surface tablets, but Samsung offers tons of bundled features within the OS with these tablets which give them an edge over the Surface pro.

The system-wide S-pen integration is a thing which helps a lot in day to day usage, also the Galaxy Flow(Samsung text sync feature) is available with these tablets.

Both the Books aren’t disappointing when it comes to connectivity, both the tablets offer connectivity options such as USB 3.1( USB Type C) ports, LTE support, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1 support.


Storage and Ports


As far as storage is concerned,  the bigger Galaxy Book 12 have two storage models, the basic 128GB variant and the 256GB variant while the 10.6-inch model has 64/128GB storage options. Both the models offer enough storage space which is sufficient to store music, documents, and pictures. If you need more storage, you have a microSD card slot to expand the storage and store more data, the storage can be expanded up to 128GB.

The bigger model that is the 12-inch model offers two USB Type-C ports while the 10.6inch variant has a single USB Type-C port.


When we are talking about portability, the battery is also a concern most people have and the one major flaw of tablet batteries is that they take so long to charge.

But it looks like Samsung have taken care of this problem already as both the tablets have fast charging support.

Here are the battery details for both the models.

  • 30.4 Watts for the 10.6-inch model
  • 39.04 Watts for the 12-inch model

Note- The batteries usually have capacity mentioned in watts only but it is mentioned in mAh for smartphones as they have the same voltage. The mAh rating signifies the power holding capacity of the battery for a particular time period.

Price and Release Date

Galaxy Book price


There are no details about the expected price of the tablets from the company itself, but rumors suggest that the expected price may go from 1299$ to 1599$ depending on the storage models. Just like the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, The S-Pen stylus and keyboard cover will be included and that’s a great thing because it is one of the reasons behind the success of Galaxy TabPro S.

Both the models of the Galaxy Book were unveiled by Samsung at the MWC event last month, the tablets will be available to buy all across the globe shortly.

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