How Technology is Shaping the Future of Video Games

According to the latest trends in technology, video games are becoming increasingly advanced. From AR, VR, and AI that recognize your facial expressions or voice commands for more realistic gameplay, to social media integration so you can share clips of yourself playing on Twitch while simultaneously getting feedback from other viewers. These developments have shifted how we interact with and experience video games.

There have also been massive amounts of innovation when it comes to controller design. Look at the Xbox One controller�s Kinect sensor, for example, which allows players to take control by waving their hands about as if conducting an orchestra.�

What is the future of video games?

Future technology in games is shaping up to be more interactive, immersive, and engaging than ever before. Games incorporate virtual reality into their design, allowing greater in-game immersion by creating three-dimensional spaces that can feel just like real life, or even better!�

Incorporating Artificial intelligence (AI) into some gaming genres is a great idea. Here, computers decide how things unfold on-screen, tackling those problematic tasks such as combatting enemies during action sequences. AI is the way forward, but it has an even more influential futuristic partner in AR.

A great example of augmented reality (AR) is Pok�mon Go. The game was a huge success, with millions upon millions of people playing it. For a time, at least. Finally, the gameplay was not engaging enough to keep the high numbers.

Niantic took over where Pokmon Go left off, showing us how unconnected people, no matter if they�re into games or not, can come together in unexpected ways for a video game.

You can take it a step further too, from augmented reality to virtual. The last few years have seen the return of VR with a vengeance. This time, VR is on even footing between Oculus Rift (which has been doing very well) and Sony Playstation 4�s version. The PS4 is ahead because it can provide accessibility for many people who don�t want or can�t afford, expensive games, ultra high-priced headsets, and kits.

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The impact of VR on video games

The impact of VR on video games for both developers and players is going to be huge. It�s already had an effect, in that it allows us to play our favorite games anywhere we want, and with these new gadgets coming out soon, there are even more opportunities than before.

The influence of mobile gaming on the industry

A recent study on mobile gaming has shown that it is the most popular form of entertainment. But how will this affect gamers in the future? It�s a question we all need to answer sooner rather than later because, as you well know by now, games are not going anywhere!

Preset games are another aspect of on-the-go gaming in recent years. Developers and gaming app designers are teaming up with mobile phone suppliers and phone software designers to ensure games are already installed and available to those upgrading or buying new phones. In some cases, customers will choose one phone over another based on the quality of the preset games.

Traditionally, people played games on consoles or computers and not on phones! But now, there are apps for everything, so if you don�t have anything better at home � like an Xbox 360 � your phone and the gaming apps on it can still double as one thanks to �smart devices.�

The influence of technology is being seen all over society; businesses are beginning to realize that if you don�t have an app, your business and, in this case, your game, will not survive.

Indie game developers have always been ahead of the curve.

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Trends in indie games on apps

The process of choosing indie game trends is always tricky. We try to avoid listings for smaller devices and instead select mobile-designed games or ones that play best on the phone, so you can enjoy them without struggling with bad graphics.�

The best indie games for on-the-go gaming range from Among Us and Lake, to beautifully unique narrative experiences like Coffee Pot Tactics or The Elder Scrolls: Blades. It�s tough not to find something that catches your fancy!�

To stay ahead of the competition, indie mobile phone app developers have gone one step further. They have actively promoted virtual reality (VR) goggles and controllers that have been made specifically for use with smartphones.�

Cross-play functionality is essential so your games can work across all platforms, including PC/console versions and VR systems like Playstation VR, Oculus Rift CV1. By doing this, developers have connected the dots between gaming at home and gaming on the move.

Then there are Interactive video ads where viewers get actively involved, by voting on what ad they want to be shown next to or controlling how much air time each candidate gets during campaign commercials. As always, there will likely be an additional focus put into increasing user retention rates, an ongoing problem that tech will help to figure out.

Social media�s impact on game design and development

Social Media has had an immense impact on the world of game design and development. The main reason for this impact is that it allows people from all over the world access to like-minded people, which means you no longer need money or connections to be successful at creating your games!�

Another benefit of social media�s popularity among gamers is that most online communities feature forums where members can debate strategies and talk about new releases.�

We could carry on as there is a lot more to say on this subject, but we�ll summarise by saying that there are more opportunities than ever before for anyone who wants to get involved in the world of gaming.

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