Will the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge get the Android Oreo update?

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 series devices are still starving for the stable version of Android Oreo 8.0, and after more than 5 Oreo beta updates, the stable update should be now on its way, soon. Moreover, it is the same case with the Galaxy Note 8. However, an Android Oreo beta was leaked for the device, days before its beta release. Now the only question remains is that what about the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge? When will these 2016 former flagships will get the much anticipated Android Oreo update?

Firstly, this question has one relaxing answer that yes, it will get the Android Oreo update, but the latter part that is When will the update arrive? Is a little difficult to answer at this point? Because we haven’t got the stable release for the Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus, which are the current generation Samsung Flagships, so with that in mind; the journey for Oreo on the Galaxy S7/S7 edge has still a long way to go.

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Image shows Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Image Courtesy: gsmarena .com

The new Galaxy flagships will come first then Samsung will proceed for the former ones. Now suppose if Samsung rolls out the update in mid-Feb 2018 and the update cycle around the globe might get finished around in early April.

Then Samsung might start working on the Galaxy S7/S7 Edge’s Oreo update, and the beta should appear around Early to mid-March, but if Samsung decides to directly roll out the Stable Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S7 Edge then expect it until mid of May 2018.

Lastly, if you’re on a Galaxy S7 Active variant which is a carrier exclusive phone in some regions, then it might even get extended till June or July. So, till the Galaxy S8/S8 plus Stable Oreo scenario doesn’t get sort out do no expect an Android Oreo update for the Galaxy S7 phones anytime soon.

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