The Best Instagram Viewer for anonymous viewing stories and IG videos

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram story is a feature that was added and implemented by Instagram in 2016. It is a way of sharing photos and videos that last only 24 hours on your profile. With this feature, you can post things that you do not want to stay permanently on your profile. They display to viewers in a slideshow manner, like many social media applications these days.

The way Instagram is originally designed doesn�t allow one to view other people�s Instagram stories anonymously. That is why it is important to share methods with which one can view Instagram stories anonymously. Technology has made it possible for people have come up with different websites and methods to view stories

There are various reasons one would want to view Instagram stories anonymously. For safety purposes, privacy, watching out for what your business competitors are doing, checking the new trends, watching out for scammers and dubious people, or knowing what your children or younger ones are up to on the internet. Whatever the reasons are, this article lets you in on how to do it.

Efficient Ways to View Instagram Stories Anonymously.

There are various ways to view Instagram stories without the owners knowing that their stories have been viewed. As a parent if you suspect that your underaged child is up to something funny on the internet or interacting with creepy people, these methods are here to help you;

Utilize your phone in Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a mode on your mobile devices that when it is put on, your device does not receive or transmit any wireless signals. It can be turned on by going to your control panel and looking for the symbol of an airplane. To use it to view Instagram stories anonymously, you have to allow Instagram to load the stories first and this can be done by opening the person�s account and waiting for a few minutes. Then you put your phone in airplane mode before viewing the already-loaded stories. This method works all the time for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

Make Use of Fake Accounts

Fake Accounts are quite rampant these days. They have recently been called different things like burner accounts, finstas, etc. These are accounts people create with fake names or nicknames to use for different purposes that they do not want to do with their original accounts. Most of the time, people don�t post any pictures on these accounts because it is not meant for other people to be able to identify them. When you create a fake account, you head on to the search bar and type in the username of the account you want to view and search. When the account pops up, you can then view the stories and posts that have been posted by the person. They can see that an account has viewed their post but they have no idea who the person is.

Best Instagram Story Viewer for PC, Android, and iOS

Instagram posts that are made on the account don�t tell you the people that have viewed your posts, they only tell you those that have liked them but Instagram stories do. They show the owner of the page the accounts that have viewed their stories. That is why Instagram story viewers are important. They are apps and websites that help you to view Instagram stories without informing the owner of the page.

  1. � � �The bestanonymous Instagram viewer for PC is Instagram stories and highlights can be viewed on easily. It is the best for PC because it doesn�t require you to log in or sign up which keeps your personal information safe.� It also allows you to download stories, videos, and even IGTV or Live videos from any account in the world. You can also use it in your browser, so there is no need to download any application.

To use this website, open your browser and type in After that, click on the first website that appears. Now you are on the website, you will see a bar that says �Enter Username� in this bar, you can enter the username of the account and it will take you directly to the account. Now in the account, you can click on the stories and view them. If you want to download them, there will be a download button at the bottom of the page, click on it and it downloads it. It�s very simple.

  1. � � The best Instagram Story Viewer for Android and iOS is This website is very good for Android and iOS mobile devices because of the design. When you watch videos on this website on your mobile phone, it has a very bright picture quality and aspect ratio. It aids in the anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and can download videos and pictures to your phone.


To use this website, open your phone browser and go to It leads you straight to the website, and then you enter the username into the search bar on the screen. If you have good internet access, it takes you there quickly. You can view the account�s videos and pictures and to download, tap on the download button on the bottom left corner of the screen.

  1. � � This website is also great for downloads on your android phones. It is great as it allows you to download without limits. It is also great for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories and it is not restrictive.

To use, visit the website and input the username of the account. You can copy the link of the account name and also paste it onto the website. It will take you to the website and you can view the stories of the account.

  1. � � This website has an amazing design that endears you as the user. It makes it possible for you to download and share videos from an Instagram account.

Visit the URL, it will take you to the website. Enter the username in the search bar that says �Enter Instagram username� it will take you to the account and you can successfully view stories.

Ways to download Stories, Photos, and Videos from Instagram Profiles in Incognito Mode

GB Instagram (GB Insta)

In incognito mode, you can only download all data from your profile but below are some ways to download videos from Instagram to your devices successfully;

  1. � � One of the Best Instagram downloaders is This website helps you to download videos anonymously. Unlike other websites, this one doesn�t require your login details. So, you are sure that your account information is safe. Click the URL and it will take you directly to the app. Input the username of the account and everything is easy from there.
  2. � � Another good Instagram Downloader is� This website makes it simple to download Instagram stories and highlights. It is the finest for PC because it doesn’t ask you to sign up or log in, protecting your personal data. You can download movies, stories, and even IGTV or Live videos from any account worldwide. There is no need to download any software because you may use it on your browser as well.
  3. � � A great Instagram Downloader is : On this website, You can easily download Instagram content either videos, pictures, or Live sessions from different accounts. It also has no ads like many websites. The downloaded videos can also be shared with other family and friends as the website has no restrictions for that.

For whatever reason you need to view people�s stories anonymously, there are various ways to do it. This article has taken the time to show them to you. The best websites for these purposes that won�t give you any problems and are compatible with many devices are instastories and

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