FaceApp Pro MOD APK Download 5.0.0 (All Unlocked) For Android

The preamble to FaceApp Pro MOD APK: The uses of technology in our daily lives increase by the day, and nowadays, we employ technology almost in our everyday tasks. It doesn’t depend, either if the responsibility is simple or complex, we always manipulate technology to save our time and complete all the tasks fluently. Right now, we’re living in the AI era, where everything can be done automatically with neural networks and deep learning.�

So today, we’re here with an Android application based on the AI interface. It’s primarily a photo-editing application that contains all the AI-based tools that you never heard of yet – FaceApp. FaceApp was developed recently, like 3-4 years ago, and has conquered over a hundred million downloads in this short time. It’s an impeccable app with the main motive of modifying your entire face, including age effects, beard styles, smile effects, hairstyles, hair color, Impression filters, and Creative Filters.

FaceApp Google Play Store llisting

Furthermore, you can also use this application for simplistic editing, as it contains the total control of Colour, Temperature, Brightness, Hue, and almost all the color modifiers. Here, you can employ the most fantastic set of AI filters, effects, and ultimate backgrounds to make your picture more impactful and engaging. Moreover, it’s a Single-Tap photo-editing application, which won’t need you to modify different levels. All you need here is to touch and create photorealistic edits. So if you’re an Instagrammer and love posting images with the eternal filters, Download FaceApp right now and use all the below tools merely.

Basic Tools

FaceApp is the real AI-based photo-editing tool, but it also offers all the elemental photo editing tweaks within the legend effects. It allows you to crop your image with your desired dimensions, and again, you can change the Colour-Brightness adjustments to make your photo look damn cool. Here you can modify the Brightness, Contrast, Shadows, Highlights, Saturation, Temperature, Sharpen, and Grain. Moreover, you can also employ the Vignette, and Lens Blur tool as a professional editor, with a single tap.

Age Modifying tool

As the first and the most effective AI photo-editing tool, FaceApp offers you the Age Modifying tool, having over five filtered ages. It changes the entire face style as per various age filters. You can start it right now and employ all the incredible styles, including the original, child, teen, Young, and Old-age looks. Must try the Cool Old filter at least once. It’ll amaze you!

FaceApp live demo of Lionel Messi and Ronaldo aging

Smile enhancing tool

Now we’ve modified our age and getting towards the Smile or Face impression modifier tool. It’s also one of the fascinating features of FaceApp here, and you can change the intact emotions on the face with a single tap. It grants you five different emotional styles, containing the Classic smile, Wide Smile, Tight Smile, Upset face, and the Pretty Teeth Smile. Try each of them, and post your first picture right now.

Hairstyle modifier

Hair is an attribute that influences the perception of attractiveness, and that’s why everyone is busy nowadays in trying each of the impeccable hairstyles. But practical hairstyle Changement can take your massive time, whereas you can use FaceApp, and use all the trendy hairstyles on your face virtually. It’s delivering 10 different hairstyles, including Haircut, Long, Bangs, Side Swept, Straight Bangs, Bald, Wavy, and Straight. Sounds fascinating, right?

FaceApp Pro MOD APK features

Beard alterant

Apart from the hairstyles, you can also modify your beard style with the futuristic photo-editing FaceApp. This incredible application fulfills you with a total of 9 beard styles like Hipster, Full Beard, Goatee, Mustache, Shaved, and Lion. Moreover, you can also transfer the beard from your favorite character’s picture to your face via FaceApp. Delightfulness is in the air!

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Beard feature

Gender Changing Tool

Gender is an important thing, and nowadays, everyone loves examining them in a separate generic face. FaceApp is here to fulfill all your wishes, as it’s also providing you with the Gender Changing tool having four different gender styles, two female and two male. So what’re you waiting for? Download this app right now and amaze all your friends with your modified image!

Gender change feature in Face App Pro MOD

FaceApp MOD APK [Pro Unlocked]

FaceApp Pro MOD APK is the modified version of the FaceApp developed with the main motto of offering you all the premium FaceApp features free of charge. Fundamentally, the FaceApp is a BOGOF application containing a Pro subscription. In other words, it’s comprised of two different interfaces for free and premium users. This Pro subscription costs 399.00 INR monthly or 1990.00 INR yearly, whereas you can download the FaceApp Pro MOD APK free of charge, embedded with the free Pro subscription.

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Download

FaceApp Pro MOD APK will flourish all the paid features, including the premium filters, zero watermark interruptions, and the ad-free app interface. So you can conveniently modify your face using FaceApp, without wasting a single second. Moreover, FaceApp MOD APK can work in any Android smartphone operating on Android 4.0+, either if it’s rooted or not. Good things, never wait for a good time; stop waiting and download this exclusive app free of charge right now!

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Features

FaceApp Pro MOD APK is a feature-rich Android application exclusively developed for offering you all the premium traits and tools of the FaceApp official free of charge. Some of the most beneficial features of FaceApp MOD APK are listed below –

Unlocked Premium Filters

As the first premium tool, FaceApp Pro APK offers you all the premium filters and effects unlocked without costing a single cent. Yeah, you heard right, now you can use the entire Face Editing stuff available inside the FaceApp free of charge without even watching the 30-sec online advertisement. As per the premium filters, FaceApp MOD APK grants you 12 impressions, 9 beard styles, 5 emotion styles, 6 Face sizes, 10 hairstyles, 8 hair colors, 2 eyeglasses, and all the free filters. So download this app right now and enjoy the premium classic stuff free of charge!

Watermark Removing tool

Watermark is the most annoying obstacle of every Photo and Video Editing application, which strips the complete advancement, professionalism, and struggle of real editors. No one love posting the edited images and videos with the watermarks, but every editor app is embedded with the stuck Watermark. Keeping that in mind, FaceApp MOD APK offers you a Watermark remover tool, after which you can merely remove the Watermark while editing the professional images from FaceApp. Download it right now, and advertise yourself in place of the Photo-Editing tool!

Ad-free experience

FaceApp is an online application, and at the same time, it’s filled with tons of online advertisement sources. Sometimes it annoys lots of creators, and as a result, the uninstallation rate of FaceApp hikes. But don’t worry, since the FaceApp MOD APK is 100% free from advertisements, which won’t ever interrupt you with a single annoying ad. Moreover, you also won’t need to watch advertisements for unlocking the Pro filters inside FaceApp Pro APK, as it contains already unlocked filters and effects.

NO Ads

No Root Access Needed

There is a saying that all the modified applications need root access in smartphones to work suitably. But we developed the FaceApp MOD APK to offer you enhanced convenience. So you won’t need to root your smartphone to use any premium feature inside the FaceApp MOD APK. Everything is already unlocked and can get easily employed without gaining root access!

Free MakeUp Tool

Surprise for all the Girls! FaceApp Pro MOD APK is here with all the beauty and MakeUp tools. It means that you won’t need now to install two separate applications for beauty enhancement and MakeUp. Just download the FaceApp MOD APK and enjoy over 10 MakeUp filters, including Matte, Glossy, Dark, Bright, Dark Matte, Dark Glossy, Bright Matte, Bright Glossy 4+ auto MakeUp alterations. Enjoy the entirety!

Video Editing FaceTools

If you have already used FaceApp before, then you must know that it’s not only employable for photo-editing, but we can also use its face tools for editing videos. So simply, it’s a video+photo editor but provides only a few tools for editing videos, which are all locked. Just download the FaceApp Pro APK, enjoy all the unlocked tools inside the Video editing section, and merely export all your created videos.

Video Editing FaceTools

HD convenient Exporting

Are you a Social media influencer and bothered by the quality of created media files in the official FaceApp? If Yes, then download the FaceApp MOD APK, as the modified version will offer you Full HD export, either if it’s a video or photo. Moreover, you can also share all your exported videos directly from the exporting screen to any platform, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook. Sounds convenient, right?

1080P FullHD

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Download Latest Version

Download FaceApp MOD APK from the below-placed link and get astounded with all the above-listed features free of charge. It’s the recreation of the latest FaceApp, which contains all the recently updated filters and the most current tools. Moreover, you can download this application for any Android device operating on Android 4.0+. So start the professional AI photo+video editing right now; install this unusual app on your smartphone!

FaceApp Pro MOD APK Download:�Download the latest version from here.

NameFaceApp Pro
CategoryPhotos & Videos
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked, Modded, and Ads Free
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and above

How to install FaceApp Pro MOD APK on Android

Step 1 – At the first step, you need to download FaceApp MOD APK from the above link.

Step 2 – Afterwards, you need to enable the third-party app installation functionality of the smartphone. Open the Settings app.

Step 3 – Search for the Security tab and tap on it; that’ll manifest a massive list.

Step 4 – Locate the Third Party Installation or the Unknown Sources enabler and toggle it ON.�

Step 5 – Now go back to the Homescreen, and open the File Manager app.

Step 6 – Afterwards, Search for the downloaded FaceApp Pro MOD APK inside File Manager and click on it.

Tada….! You’ve successfully installed the FaceApp Pro MOD APK, and now you can use more than hundreds of AI-based face-editing filters with an interruption-free app interface. Enjoy!

Final Touch

Time to make optimum photo-edits with free AI tools, download FaceApp Pro MOD APK hurriedly. It’s a 100% free photo-editing platform offering over 40 premium tools and hundreds of primary filters free of charge. Click the above download button, install it right now on your smartphone. Start professionally with the beginner’s knowledge.


  1. <strong>Is FaceApp Pro MOD APK legit?</strong>

    Yes, FaceApp Pro MOD APK is a legit application developed by the top-notch modifiers. So you won’t need to get scared of anything before downloading this app.

  2. <strong>Can I use all the premium filters in FaceApp Pro APK?</strong>

    Absolutely! There are a total of 40 premium tools available inside the FaceApp Pro APK, which are all unlocked to use at an extreme level. Moreover, you can also employ all the generic tools like Colour adjustments and Vignette.

  3. <strong>How to download FaceApp Pro MOD APK?</strong>

    It’s a simplistic process, where you just need to click the above download link and wait for the appropriate time as per your internet connection.

  4. <strong>How to unlock all the features in FaceApp Pro MOD APK?</strong>

    FaceApp Pro MOD APK is a convenient application, acquiring just a simple controlling system. You won’t need to operate any MOD menu while playing this game, enjoy it merely!

  5. <strong>Can I download FaceApp Pro MOD APK on the iOS smartphone?</strong>

    No, You can’t download the FaceApp Pro MOD APK on iOS smartphones, as it’s an Android application, created only for Android-based smartphones.

  6. <strong>Can I employ the video editing features in FaceApp Pro APK?</strong>

    Yes, FaceApp Pro contains the entirely unlocked Pro subscription free of charge, including all the video editing features too. 

  7. <strong>Is FaceApp Pro MOD APK ad-free?</strong>

    Yes, FaceApp Pro APK is a 100% ad-free app, and also you won’t need to employ any third-party application to get rid of the online ads.

  8. <strong>Can I remove the Watermark in FaceApp Pro MOD APK?</strong>

    Basically, FaceApp Pro MOD APK is the watermark-free app, which won’t ever interrupt you with the Watermark annoyance.

  9. <strong>How to install FaceApp MOD APK on an Android smartphone?</strong>

    FaceApp MOD APK offers you a convenient app installation process and can get installed by applying the above-placed steps.

  10. <strong>Will I need to pay for the pro subscription in FaceApp Pro MOD APK?</strong>

    No, you won’t need to pay a single cent for using any premium features in the FaceApp Pro MOD APK, as this application is embedded with the unlocked Pro membership, which is free for you to use till entirety.

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