Best 5 Apps that Give Parents Access to Texts

Both adults and children use smartphones and tablets these days, thanks to the easy availability of the internet. However, given the fact that�cybercrime rose by 20% in 2022, parents must have access to their kids’ texts. Noting the importance of this issue, this detailed guide will discuss some of the best apps to see your child’s text messages.

Reasons to Track Kids’ Texts

Modern kids spend�4-6 hours online, and the number of teens goes up to 9 hours. Kids often engage in online activities like chatting with friends and sharing updates. However, this increased online presence also comes with potential risks and dangers.

Abusers and predators often target kids by texting them on their social media accounts or by emailing them. Often, they are faking the persona of someone the kid knows to gain the latter’s trust.

As a result, many parents need to track kids’ texts to protect them from cyberbullying and potentially harmful online relationships. By tracking a cell phone without access to it parents can identify any red flags, allowing them to intervene and offer guidance when necessary.

Apps to See Your Child’s Text Messages

There are many ways to get the phone from your kids and check what they’re doing. However, it’s ineffective, as they might be doing the same activities when you’re away. Secondly, it could lead to mistrust between you and your children.

Hence, use the following 5 spy apps to track kids’ texts effectively.

1. Eyezy

Let’s begin our list with the best app for reading your kid’s text, Eyezy. It is a fully loaded tool that gives you multiple features to keep an eye on your kid. You can read their private social media chats, texts & emails through this incredible app.

It is available on both Android & iOS, so every parent can use it to protect their children.

2. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is a popular free text monitoring app for parents available on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. It helps you protect your children from cyberbullies and predators by offering useful spying features. Moreover, FamiSafe also allows you to completely block your kid from accessing texting apps.

The app also has features like web safety, device activity, content safety, and location tracking.

3. MamaBear

MamaBear is another app for parents to see texts, which makes parenting easier. It also lets you monitor other online activities of your kids and block any harmful content.

It is compatible with Android and iOS and can be used without rooting the device. The app has received mostly positive reviews online, deserving a spot on this list.

4. Mobichip

Mobichip is a multiplatform parental control app compatible with different operating systems. More than 2 million parents have downloaded the app due to its practical features. Mobichip lets you read your kids’ texts, monitor their online activities, limit their access to games and social media, and block harmful content.

5. FamilyTime

FamilyTime is the last app on our list, which is easy and provides multiple useful features. It lets you spy on the kids’ text messengers, meanwhile allowing you to limit their screen time, implement bedtime controls, and lock their devices while they complete their homework. FamilyTime also has a geofencing feature that will alert you whenever your kid enters or leaves the geofenced space.

The Importance of Internet Safety for Children

The internet is teeming with cyberbullying and online predators, making it essential for parents to monitor their child’s phone usage.

However, it is also crucial to discuss internet safety with children, as it fosters awareness and empowers them to make responsible choices. It also teaches them about the following:

  • The importance of privacy.
  • Being cautious when interacting with strangers online.

These discussions also create open lines of communication between parents and children, allowing for a supportive environment where children feel comfortable sharing any concerns they may have.

While an app to see kids’ texts like Eyezy can be useful, it’s crucial to discuss internet safety with children. Regular discussions about internet safety build trust, educate children about potential risks, and empower them to navigate the online world safely.


If you were wondering about an app to see what your child is texting, reading this article must help significantly. An app like Eyezy can work wonders in this regard and help you look for any potential red flags in their online activity. Moreover, honest and open discussions with your kids can go a long way.

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