Xiaomi’s new Mystery phone Mi A1 spotted on the Company’s website

An unannounced Xiaomi phone with the model number MDG2 earlier cleared the FCC, and it was thought�to be�the recently launched Mi 5x. But now it turns out to be a new upcoming smartphone the Mi A1; it was recently spotted on Xiaomi’s�mi.com/en RF Exposure information page.

Besides, which now the phone with the model number MDG2 could end up as the new unannounced�Xiaomi Mi A1. Except for the battery life of 3000mAh nothing, much about the device is known yet. But as it has passed the FCC and now getting listed on the company’s website. The launch could be soon, generally, we don’t see Xiaomi at IFA. But there could be an event coming soon for this mysterious device.

The device name and as per our best guesses, suggests an entry-level budget phone. Which may pack the basics from Qualcomm but it’s Xiaomi so we could expect something better from them. For instance, some new rumours suggest a trio of unannounced devices, with their code names, model number and processors. Here’s a list of the rumoured devices

  • Xiaomi Chiron – MSM8998 – MDE5 – Flagship
  • Xiaomi Jason – SDM660 – MCE8 – Upper mid-range
  • Xiaomi Tissot – MSM8953 – MDG2 – Mid-range

The last device had the same model number as the one spotted in the RF exposure page and codenamed as Tissot. With MSM8953 which is the battery efficient Snapdragon 625. So, with this, we speculate that this device would end up in the price range of $200 to $250. Other than this, there’s no word on its availability and pricing yet.

Till then, we have to wait for some more information to emerge; which would surely be on its way anytime soon. Finally, Xiaomi doesn’t have any event planned for a device release. So, we will have to wait for maybe a couple of more weeks to see what more comes to the table.

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