TutuApp the iPhone app store in the face of Apple�s anti-piracy policies

One of Apple�s core differentiators has been the highly secure and tightly controlled approach it has taken to its App Store. Apple oversees over 2 million soft wares for its App store and is vigilant enough to remove software for even the slightest breach of its policies. TutuApp is the big elephant in the room, as it is clearly in violation of everything that Apple stands for.

TutuApp is, in fact, one of many illicit iOS app stores that can be easily sideloaded onto a device running iOS and it gives users access to popular Nintendo knock-offs and pirated versions of paid apps and various types of spyware, malware, and other maliciously disguised software. However, it should be remembered that all this comes at the cost of literally handing over the keys to your devices to an unknown China-based shady entity. Apps like TutuApp, TweakBox and the now-defunct App Valley are several of the serial offenders that are yet to be dealt with by Apple. They take advantage of Apple�s enterprise certificate program.

tutuapp page
Tutuapp app page in Android Oreo


It is simple to download and run that TutuApp, which has a Twitter following of 170,000 people � simply allow TutuApp to install an enterprise certificate on the device. This is, in fact, a big Rd flag as Apple�s enterprise certificates were initially designed for large corporations to Beta test apps and distribute internal software within the organization. TutuApp is using this to sidestep the App Store to distribute software and applications that would not be allowed on the iOS platform if Apple were to review them using their guidelines and policies.

TutuApp is similar to the actual App store in appearance and even has copied over the star-rating, and user reviews feedback system � although given the kind of software�s being handed out and the lack of checks and balances, the feedback is mostly spam. There are some other iOS app stores also available but not as popular as the Tutuapp store like Panda Helper,� web-based Emus4U and iOSEmus.

Apple has recently commented that they will be more proactive in their actions to tackle the misuse of their enterprise license and it remains to be seen, what will be the fate of apps like TutuApp in its wake?

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