When will RealMe One get the Android P 9.0 Update

Realme One Android P update

Oppo’s Realme One which was recently launched is now confirmed to get the latest Android P 9.0 Update. The company’s Twitter handle revealed about the update being supported on the device. However, the company is fairly new, it’s their first product so far, and it’s parent company Oppo has not that great when it comes to software updates, we haven’t heard of Oreo for the Oppo F5 yet. So, even if the Android P 9.0 Update is promised, it won’t show up until next year by the end of Q1 or in early Q2.

The Realme One is currently running on Android Oreo 8.1, and it still has Oppo’s ColorsOS¬†5.0 which is a heavy skin compared to a lite skinned stock Android device. So, with the amount of time required to develop the custom user interface on top of that, might also play a major role to cause a delay in the Android P 9.0 rollout.

However, Oppo’s R15 did get the Android P 9.0 beta update and so did its sister company Vivo’s X21 handset. Based on that Oppo might have a little headstart on what needs to get fixed on its ColorOS’s next version when it runs on Android P 9.0.

With that said, if RealMe turns as an enthusiasts brand similar to OnePlus, then an early beta test would surely begin by the end of this year, with few devices being eligible for the beta testing program. A look at the Oppo’s R15 road to reach the stable version of Android P 9.0 timeframe might give us a clue on when to expect the latest flavor of Android on your Realme One. These speculations might also change if realme comes up with their bold roadmap, and we shall update about the same as soon as possible.

  • Beta Testing could happen by November or December 2018
  • Final Stable ROM is expected to arrive by Q1 2019

We’ll follow up as soon as more details emerge in the coming weeks about the Android O 9.0 Update, but for now, the MediaTek Powered Realme One is confirmed to get the next big flavor of Android which is pretty big of an achievement in itself.


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