PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update: New Godzilla Event, Guns, Secret Cave, Skins and More

Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently rolled out a new update for the top grossing game on the Google Play Store, PUBG Mobile which came out with version 0.12.5 and brought Season 7 and much more, but Tencent has started to roll out a new beta version of the latest update with version number 0.13.0 which brings some fantastic events guns and more. While this has to be noted that the update is in beta version and all the newly added things in the beta may not be available in the upcoming future stable update.

PUBG Mobile v0.13.0 Update Details:

According to a popular gaming Youtuber Mr.Ghost Gaming, the upcoming update will bring some major new features and has given out a list of the upcoming features which can be expected and hence here we are to let you know all the details about the forthcoming update.

  • Godzilla Event:

Tencent recently announced their partnership with the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters�in a video post and now with the beta version of the 0.13.0 update, PUBG Mobile has introduced a new special event, in which users will be able to get a new loading screen, avatar frames, avatars and an all-new Team Mode called Team Death Match, In a Team Death Match, two squads will be left to fight against each other with an unlimited number of respawns, and it will be a 10minute match approximately, the team which scores highest number of kills will win.

  • Bizon Gun:


According to the YouTuber, the new update will bring a new Gun to the PUBG Mobile which is named as Bizon, this gun is already available in PUBG PC and is basically a Russian SubMachine Gun with huge capacity and takes up 9mm Ammo, also it is tipped that it may be only available in Erangel and Vikendi Maps.

  • Lab Skin of Kar98 Sniper Gun:

If you a PUBG lover you probably know about the anytime favorite kar98 gun which is an amazing gun which takes up ammo of 7.62mm rounds. Also if you know about the Lab where you can take up paints and sprays and make up your skin, the kar98 looks fabulous with the latest skin. Also, for information, Kar98 will be the 4th gun in order of M416, M16A4, and the UZI to be available to be customized.

  • Vikendi Secret Cave:

Vikendi was a new map in PUBG Mobile and had some bugs and glitches that the users took advantage of, but sadly with the latest updates the bugs and glitches have been fixed, and a new place named Podvosto has been added where the users can find Level 3 Loots such as Level 3 Helmet, Bag, Vest, AWM or even the AUG A3. While the users cant reaches it directly, it is accessible by using a snowmobile or an even a bike going right through it to reach the loot.

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