PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 Season 7 update starts rolling with new Weapons and more

PUBG Mobile is now heading into Season 7 and the new Season comes with new features, weapons, and skins. The PUBG Mobile Season 6 has officially ended today as of 16th May and the new Season will start hitting the users across the World tomorrow, i.e. 17th May. The latest update brings a lot of new changes to the game along with a new weapon. Let’s take a look at everything new in PUBG Mobile Season 7.

The latest 0.12.5 update brings a new gun Skorpion to the game. The Skorpion is a sub-machine pistol which uses 9mm ammo. The new gun will be available on every map and won’t be exclusive to a particular map. The latest update also brings a new server location to the Battle Royale game. All new Middle East servers have been added in the game to reduce network-related lag and help players overcome the language barrier.

Like every other Season, the Season 7 also comes with tons of new customization stuff like Skins. The Season 7 brings new skins for Assault rifles like AKM, M416. You get new skins for sniper Kar98K along with new skins for stuff like helmets, Parachutes and more. Other minor changes include some gameplay changes to the EvoGround mode. Also, a new appearance, �beard� will be now available in character customization mode.

There is also a new Ranking System in place for the Season 7. We don’t know much details about the new Ranking system yet, but it seems to improve the all over ranking by considering more variables.

The update will be available via Play Store by 2 am�UTC tomorrow which is 7:30 PM IST. Stay tuned for more updates.

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