Intel Is Working on Curved Hybrid Laptops


The picture of PC industry is not looking great. Year to year decline in the industry forced OEM’s to focus on new things such as Hybrids, Smartphones, and wearables. Intel is one of them and working on almost all type of gadget trends.

Now it seems like computer processor manufacturing giant Intel is all set to enter Hybrid laptop market on its own, and we are not talking about the laptop’s featuring Intel processors. Which Samsung also tried to come with its Samsung Galaxy Book 12 and 10.6 hybrids.

Intel is supposedly working on creating Curved Hybrid laptops, and this patent leaks suggest that Intel might nail it with a beautiful curved design and also with hardware specifications as such that the keyboard and the display attachment have the curved design and different hardware all together making them sustainable to work on their own.

Now let’s get an insight about the Patent and understand what difference can it create in the existing laptop market.

In this render, it is evident that the laptop will be a hybrid one and the display can be used as a tablet, this takes the portability of a laptop at a whole new level just like the Microsoft’s Surface lineup.

This front view of the laptop shows the curved nature of the notebook. As you can see even the Keyboard part has curved design. Curved displays have become pretty standard in TV’s and PC Monitor’s, but when it comes to hybrid laptops, there is not a single mainstream hybrid laptop which has a curved display.

This seems to be the top view of the laptop; the curved nature of the device is evident from this angle which gives the device a unique look.

When we look at the thickness of the base, It seems that there will be another battery in it. It is also possible that the keyboard base will feature separate storage and more processing hardware.

There will be some mechanism which will activate a low power mode or something when you remove the display from the keyboard; this will be a fascinating approach which can make Intel stand out of the crowd.

Now, this is interesting as it has been apparent from other drawing Renders that keyboard is detachable, now the thing here is that this keyboard doesn’t seem to be an ordinary one as Intel supposedly working on different hardware combinations with display and keyboard.

This is the back view which is again highlighting the curved nature of the device base part, but the hardware will prove to be the selling factor of the design.

Curved Design is becoming the new big thing in smartphones. Also, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the first one to showcase it, and now in an another exclusive leak by TheLeaker, it is evident that the iPhone 8 might also have a curved display to compete with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30.

It is also rumored that Intel will launch the laptops with their next generation processors. The thing which will be crucial is the pricing of the hybrids as most likely Intel will price the laptops lower than the Surface lineup. If Intel manages to price the laptops competitively then, the company can rake in a huge number of sales and ultimately turn the company’s falling situation. Intel is also expected to launch a VR headset in the near future.

We will keep on updating the article once there is more information about the same.