Install Android Oreo Update (Android 8.0) on OnePlus 5 (In Depth Guide)

Here we have it, the Android Oreo beta for the OnePlus 5 is at last here from the recently leaked Android Oreo Beta ROM, which you can download right now and install it on your device. The company is already running the beta tests for the OnePlus 3T, but with this new ROM leaked, you can try the latest version of Android on your OnePlus 5 device. All you need is to follow this step-by-step process, to get Android Oreo on your OnePlus 5.

Other than One Plus, we also have Samsung, and Nokia with their Android Oreo 8.0 Beta testing program, however, Samsung’s program has only been live on T-Mobile And Sprint.

Also, Check- Android Oreo Beta program for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus.

This Beta version of the Oreo ROM may make your phone unusable. Continue at your own risk!

How to Install Android Oreo BETA ROM on One Plus 5

Android Oreo Update
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Download Android Oreo Beta ROM for One Plus 5

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Installing OTA update zip via ADB Sideload�

To get this started, you must have the stock recovery, as a custom recovery is going to work here, along with that ADB and fastboot�should also be installed on your�PC.

  1. First Download the ROM’s zip file that you want to install
  2. Connect your device to your PC and also make sure you have enabled USB debugging on your phone from the developer settings menu
  3. Now get that downloaded ROM’s zip file for your device and place it in the same ADB folder(where you have installed the ADB tools.
  4. Next, now in that ADB folder with your ROM in it, hold Shift and Right click together, and you’ll see a windows menu pop-up, after that just select Open command window here, from that popped-up menu.
  5. Once, your command window is opened, then type this command in it:adb reboot recovery�this will boot your device into recovery mode!
    [To check whether your device is correctly connected to your PC or not, Type this command: adb devices ]
  6. Once, your device is in recovery mode, after the adb reboot recovery command is given, press and hold power and volume down key. You’ll see the Android Recovery screen on your device.
  7. The Android Recovery screen is up? Cool, next step is the select Apply Update from ADB from your phone’s recovery menu, to navigate to that option you have to use the volume keys, in this case, scroll down using the Volume down key and select using the power button, Apply update from adb.
  8. With this done, you see on your phone’s screen a message saying something like: send the package you want….! this means its ready to get the file and waiting for the installation command.
  9. To install the Oreo’s ROM file, head back to your PC’s command prompt and type:adb sideload NAME_OF_YOUR_ROM_FILE.zipWhatever the name of your ROM .zip�file is; copy that and paste it after adb sideload, as shown above
  10. This�command will start the process and once it’s done, just reboot, and you have the ROM installed on your system.


Flashing from your phone’s Storage�(Easy Method)

OnePlus 5 Android Oreo beta
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  • Stock Recovery is needed for this as well!
  • And do a backup of all your data as everything will be deleted.
  1. Download the Android Oreo ROM from the given link above and transfer it to your internal storage, but do not place it any folder, just on the internal storage.
  2. Nex, You have to boot into your stock recovery mode, by holding the volume down and power key together for a few seconds (10 seconds or more).
  3. Now, perform a factory reset, this will wipe everything on your phone, so do make a backup as mentioned earlier.
  4. After that chose Install from local option from the menu
  5. Now, scroll to the Oreo ROM zip file that you just transferred into your internal storage and select it and flash it, the installation process will start, this might take a few moments.
  6. Now your device will reboot, and you will have Android Oreo waiting to serve you on your OnePlus 5.

Remember to follow all the steps correctly, and you should have Android Oreo installed without any issues, but be aware that, this is not stable and may have some bugs!

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