How to use iPhone X gestures to reach Home, Notifications, Siri and more

After Apple completely killed the headphone jack on the iPhone X and the iPhone 8/8 Plus, now it was time for the fingerprint scanner, and it just did that. The front home-button which also acts as a fingerprint reader was hanged to death, and the company didn’t even consider re-mounting it on the rear, it was just killed off right away in favor of the fancy new faceID, which yet has to prove its mettle.

Another reason why the front home-key died is the new edge-to-edge bezel-less AMOLED display; it now dominated the front expect or that annoying notch at the top. Moreover, removing the essentials has left Apple with no choice other than using the software gestures and which are weird and quirky and has a steep learning curve. In this post we’ll talk about this gesture and that each one replaces the essential navigation stuff around iOS.

Apple iPhone X
Image showing the screen of iPhone x.
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Reaching the home screen:

This feature was earlier done by the great home-button on the front but now sadly, its replaced by a new gesture, which requires you to swipe-up to go to the home screen. To perform this gesture, you have to start from the bottom where the fresh, sleek looking small horizontal bar is placed. It will in black or white depending upon your background.

Multi-tasking gesture

In here, you have to get its timing right, this will start same as the home screen, the gesture like swiping up from the bottom bar, but after swiping up you have to pause, and then it will launch the multitasking tray. That little pause is the key to get to the multi-task tray. So, do it right or else you might end up on the home screen if you don’t stop after swiping up.

Switching between apps

This feature is a little tricky one; here you have to swipe from the right to left to switch to the next app and left to return to the previous one. Yes, the swiping right/left must be done at the black/white bar below. It puts the most recently used app to the rightmost side as you have used it the most.

Now for notifications swipe down from the left

Now comes another most essential things, notifications in here the notch is placed at the center so now the notification area is divided into both sides, but swiping from the top left side of the notch will bring down the notification bar. So, that’s one of the limitations; you can’t swipe on the right corner to get the notifications bar, the right is programmed for something else, which we’ll talk next.

For Control center Swipe down from the right

As the bottom portion already has its fair share of gestures to deal. Apple decided to put the control center access to the left of the Notch, while the right brings you the notifications tray, similarly, if you swipe down from the left, you get to access the control center on the iPhone X/10.

Spotlight search, again swipe down is here

Now to trigger the Spotlight search on the iPhone X, you have to swipe down anywhere on the screen to launch it. But you have to be careful that you do it from any of the corners, then they’ll bring their respective options as we discussed above. So, do not swipe down all the way from the up.

To trigger Siri hold the power button

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Well, now Siri can be triggered by pressing the power button for a moment, slightly longer than using it to turn off the screen. And now that it’s much more significant, it’s an easy go with this one.

All, this gestures especially the ones assigned to the bottom bar are very intuitive and can trigger a lot of other things if they’re not timed right. So, overall you gain the faceID, but losing the front home key will make you remember this new gestures, which will take some time to get used to it.

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