The Best Accessories For Mobile Gaming 2022

Now that mobile gaming is here to stay, more people are taking it seriously. And, as we�ve seen with other forms of gaming, accessories naturally become a big part of proceedings. So, there is now a range of add-ons for those who want to take their mobile gaming to the next level.

Power Bank

A power bank is arguably the most important accessory of all for mobile gamers. While many flagship devices, and dedicated mobile gaming handsets, are equipped with good batteries. If you’re playing demanding titles for an extended period and away from your charger, eventually, your battery is going to run down. So, if you happen to have one or more power banks about your person, you can continue to play ’til your heart’s content. Or at least until you’re reunited with your charger. Power banks are also perfect for those who travel a lot, and they’re more affordable than ever before right now, so they’re a wise investment.


Whether you need a stand for your mobile gaming device will depend on the games you play. For example, for roulette games played online or strategy games, a robust stand can be the perfect accessory. You do not have to keep your smartphone in your hand continuously, and it may even help you focus better while playing. And again, as we are beginning to see with a lot of accessories for mobile gaming, stands are very reasonably priced. They�re designed to make a gamer�s life and gaming experience a lot easier and hassle-free. They would be a must-have if the games played suit.


There are so many excellent attachable and wireless gamepads for mobile gaming that it’s impossible to select just one. The first thing to note is that, as above, it all depends on the games a user intends to play. There are, of course, some games, such as racers and shooters, that suit a gamepad down to the ground. But there are also some that don’t. If a controller fits the bill, it’s best to get one that offers precisely what’s needed for the titles that are being played. There are tons of pads to choose from, and they all offer something different. And some are only compatible with specific devices and games.


The final must-have accessory for mobile gaming in 2022 is a good set of earphones. The first reason this is the case is that other people may not want to hear your gaming antics, especially if you�re commuting to work, for example. But, as we have seen with console and PC gaming, headsets have become crucial, especially when playing titles such as Call of Duty. So, it makes buying some good earphones or even a gaming headset that�s compatible with mobile a must. For many serious gamers, earphones are a non-negotiable, as they�re seen as an accessory that can raise a player�s game and help them to win.

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