How To Fully Control Your Android Device from any PC

You Must have felt annoyed that sometimes you have to Juggle between using your Android phone and your PC, Whether it’s multitasking between the two devices or a text conversation with your loved ones. It is quite hectic to juggle back and forth between your Android phone and your PC as you have to switch between your mouse and your touchscreen.

Ever wondered if the problem of texting your friend could be solved, or do you feel the need to control multitasking on a single device and be able to reply to a text message directly from your pc? Or manage your full Android smartphone without all the hassle & hamper to your work over PC. Well, then brace yourselves as there is excellent news as the answer or solution to your dilemma is over here in this guide. There’s a simple app called Vysor which works in the Google Chrome browser & it is developed by Koushik Dutta. This app is a boon to such multitaskers who want a simple solution of this problem; this app works on all operating system platforms as any PC having google chrome can run it seamlessly.

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How to Control your Android device from Computer

Step 1: Enable ADB on PC.(Windows Only)

If you’re on a Windows PC, you�ll need to install some specialized drivers called ADB drivers. Click on this link for the drivers, download the driver file. (Mac PC doesn’t need any additional drivers. Hence, Mac users can skip to the 2nd step given below. When the file gets downloaded, just install the drivers following the prompts on the screen.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging option on your Android device

After finishing the first step, you’ll need to enable Debugging on your Android device. For pursuing that you need to connect your Android smartphone via USB data cable. After connecting your Android smartphone, open the Settings menu on your android smartphone.

Now within this Settings section, scroll down, and you’ll find the Developer options (To enable Developer options you need to Tap 7 times on the Build no, in About Phone section under settings.) Check the USB debugging option box, and then press Ok on the popup that is followed.

Keeping the phone connected to your PC you will be able to see an additional prompt asking to allow ADB connection from this device, check the box next to always allow from this computer then press �OK� on the popup that is followed.

Step 3: Install The Vysor App For Chrome

Moving a step further, click this link in your Google Chrome browser on your PC. To add the Vysor app, Click on the �Add to Chrome� button at the top-right corner of the screen.

When the Vysor App gets installed, click on �launch app� at once or open the chrome app launcher located in the bookmarks bar on top of the screen and click on the Vysor app icon.

Step 4: Connect Vysor to your Android device

As the Vysor app is installed and ADB has been set up, you come to a step closer to entirely be able to control your Android device from your PC. Click on �Find Devices� button in Vysor�s main menu. A new window opens showing your connected Android smartphone. Click on the name of your Android device from the list.

Now click on the select button, and within some moments the computer screen will be able to display the �Step 1� of this tutorial or check out the full guide on setting up and troubleshooting USB debugging.

Step 5: Controlling your Android device from your PC using Vysor app

As mentioned in step 4 now after your Android device is connected, you should be able to see the content of your Android device in the window on your PC. It is easy to navigate your Smartphone from your PC, �just use the mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone as you do it by your fingers.

To simplify the use of keyboard shortcuts to navigate the phone, the Escape key on your keyboard can be used instead of the back button on your smartphone; the F1 key can be used as the menu key of Android�s �menu function and the home key to head back to your home screen. Though on MacBook these keyboard shortcuts may be different or unavailable.

To make things interesting and easy if you open an app in landscape mode the window on your PC will automatically change the orientation to landscape mode. One more advantage of using the Vysor app is you can resize the window by just dragging from one of the corners, and the content of the Android Smartphones screen will automatically fit according to the window on the fly.

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Step 6: Sharing the control of your Android device with other people

Though this feature is not for free, it is worth trying in the pro version of Vysor. Check over here to view the Vysor�s pricing of the plans that fits you best.If you want to share the control of your Android smartphone with another person, it is effortless to do so. The process follows by simply connecting your smartphone to your computer and launch Vysor as you normally do, after that just click on the share button in Vysor app�s main menu.

You will be notified with a message informing you that a link to share your device’s screen was copied to your clipboard. Just paste and share the link wherever you want and when the person at the opposite end clicks on the shared link, they will be prompted to install the Vysor Chrome app, and when they install the app, they�ll instantly be able to control your Android smartphone remotely.

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