Adobe Lightroom Mod APK Latest Version Download (Premium Unlocked And Adobe Lightroom Pro MOD)

If you are looking for a professional photo editor for your on-the-go editing on your mobile devices, then you should read this article about Adobe Lightroom Mod APK further as your search ends here. In this article, you will learn about one of the most popular photo editing software of all time i.e. Adobe Lightroom. Adobe Lightroom features the world’s most advanced photo editing tools providing versatility for the editors. It has features such as masking, color grading, etc. which you can use to level up your images. Adobe Lightroom app is the number one application in the photo editing category with millions of active users loving it.

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Adobe Lightroom is a heavy application because it has hundreds of tools and different features for its users. But, the key advantage to use the Lightroom Mobile app for editing is it delivers high-quality results after post-processing your image. The app supports editing RAW images straight from your DSLR camera as well. The user interface of the Adobe Lightroom mobile app is also very user-friendly and responsive. That’s why everything in this app is easy to navigate. Now let’s go and have a look at the main features of adobe lightroom which makes this app one of a kind.

Adobe Lightroom APK: What is it?

Adobe Lightroom Apk is the standard version of this application which is launched by Adobe developers all over the internet. In this standard version you will see many features but some of them will be locked and you have to purchase the premium subscription of Adobe Lightroom to use these premium features. These Premium features include tools like healing, masking, and more. There will be no restrictions on free features. so you can use them without any problem. These free features include cropping and adjustment, basic presets (Samsung smartphones get an additional set of presets), light adjustment, color adjustment, vignette effects, detail enhancements, and color profiles.

As we mentioned earlier, the standard version of this application only gives you free tools to play with your photos. Adobe lightroom app has a premium version that has no restrictions but the premium features come at a premium price. To use this application, you also have to accept all the requested permissions by the app. You also need to log in to the Lightroom app via Facebook, Google, or Adobe account.

Adobe Lightroom Mod APK: What is it?

Adobe Lightroom Mod APk is a modified version of the same application. The mod version of this photo editor has all the premium features unlocked for the best editing experience. In the modded version, you don’t need to link any account to this app and go through a sign-in process. You can simply skip it and jump straight to the catalog. You first have to add images to your Lightroom catalog, to begin the process of editing.

In this mod version, you don’t need to purchase anything because all the premium features and tools are unlocked by default. Mod version of the Lightroom app breaks the communication of the application with its servers. This makes the app believe it is a premium app resulting in the bypassing of the purchase process. Therefore, providing users with a seamless and fully loaded experience of the app.

What makes Adobe Lightroom the best mobile photo editing app?

There are some key features this app has which make it unarguably the best photo editing software in the market on all the platforms.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

High-Quality exports

Adobe Lightroom is one among very few photo-editing applications that allow its users to export high-quality copies of their images. The app offers many different options to save your pictures after editing where you can set the resolution and format of your picture. You will get astonishing results from this photo editor because it has a very minimal amount of detail compression ratio resulting in high-quality detailed final pictures. The editor can simply adjust everything in this app according to your requirements be it presets, color settings, or export settings. you can also add your watermark to the images while exporting. It works similarly to the Lightroom PC (desktop version).

RAW image support

Adobe Lightroom mobile supports the editing of your uncompressed copies. Be it any camera in RAW format or DNG, it can read and process the image data and can add it to the catalog for professional editing. The RAW photo editing helps in editing direct camera RAW copies. This eliminates an extra process of image conversion and compression to access and edit them on mobile devices.

A gateway to professional editing tools

Adobe Lightroom has the most proficient photo editing tools which are not available in other such applications. It has a wide range of different brushes which can be used for complex processes like retouching, selective editing or spot editing or even masking the effects. You will get tools like masking, healing, lighting effects, color grading, pallette, image geometry management, and many more. Every tool and feature has further options which will be available for professional use. Adobe lightroom app has premium tools too which you can buy to get complete access to them. This mod version allows you to use all these paid features for free.

Adobe Lightroom Mod APK Advantages

The modded versions of any app always have more advantages than the universal version of any app. These mod versions give some selective features which are unavailable in most of the standard versions of any application.

Adobe Lightroom Pro options

Here’s the list of all the perks you get with the mod version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile:

  • Users get access to all the premium features which are locked.
  • New Mod APK includes a masking feature which is newly introduced to the lightroom app.
  • No Ads for a seamless and intuitive experience.
  • No Sign-in process is required to use the app.
  • All the professional photo editing tools are available in one place on your smartphone.
  • Support of RAW image editing.

Feature List and comparison of Adobe Lightroom Mobile Free and Premium

Empower your photography with Adobe Lightroom Pro MOD APK

The Adobe Lightroom Mobile Premium comes for US$9.99/month. This includes a lot of additional features as compared to the free version. So, here is the list of all the features available in Lightroom Free and Lightroom Mobile Premium compared side by side.


List of FeaturesLightroom StandardLightroom Premium
Colour TemperatureYesYes
Colour ToneYesYes
Colour DynamicsYesYes
Haze RemovalYesYes
Grain ManagementYesYes
Black And WhiteYesYes
Batch EditingYes
RAW file EditingYes
Selective AdjustmentsYes
Repair ToolYes
Perspective CorrectionYes
Web GalleriesYes
Sensei SearchYes
People ViewYes
Adobe SparkYes
Portfolio WebsiteYes
Adobe FontsYes
You can still use a lot of features with the free version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile but, for professional editing experience on the go, Adobe Lightroom Premium is required.

Download and Install Adobe Lightroom Mod APK Latest Version

To download and run the latest mod version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. To download the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile Mod APK, click here.
  2. Go to�Settings�>�Apps & Security > Enable the��Unknown Sources��option.
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap on the install button to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. Once it is done, open the installed app on your smart device.

That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your android smartphone or tablet.

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Is it safe to download the Adobe Lightroom Pro Mod APK?

The modded version of Adobe Lightroom Pro Mobile is completely safe to download and use. It is not going to send your data somewhere. The application won’t get banned because there is no communication to any server online. The App is purely safe, it has no malicious software or virus, and there are no ads as well. Using a mod apk does not harm android phones, although a trusted source of download is always advisable to use. But, the Google Playstore won’t offer you any modded application, this is where we come from. This APK is tested, hence it is trusted and is safe to download for your android device.

Some Useful Adobe Lightroom Mobile Tips and Tricks

And finally, here are some useful tips and tricks for working with Lightroom Mobile that I discovered. These can come in handy in many situations.

Adobe Lightroom MOD APK in An Android Smartphone

  • When using any slider, tap on the left (label) of the slider to decrease the slider by -5. Tap the value on the right of the slider to increase the value by +5
  • Double-tap on any slider to reset it to its default value.
  • Adobe Lightroom can mark clipping areas! In the�lights editing group tap and hold either the exposure, shadows, highlights, blacks, or whites slider and use a second finger to tap the image itself. Lightroom will display white clipping in red and black clipping in blue. While keeping the slider and photo tapped, adjust the slider for better results.
  • To avoid over-sharpening your images, Lightroom Mobile can display a sharpening mask. In the�detail�editing group, tap and hold the sharpening, radius, detail, or masking slider and use a second finger to tap the image itself. There’s your sharpening mask.


Lightroom is undoubtedly one of the best image editing software available in the market irrespective of platform period. The mobile version of this app is surprisingly powerful and sits on the top of the charts in its app genre followed by Google’s own Snapseed. The Lightroom mobile is a super powerful tool that can deliver some jaw-dropping results if used wisely. With all the premium features unlocked, it is indeed a treat to every passionate photographer who is out there taking breathtaking shots.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adobe Lightroom Premium Mod APK�


  1. What is Adobe Lightroom Mod APK?

    It is a modified version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile. The best photo editing application for your smartphones and tablets.

  2. Is it a free app?

    Yes, but with limited features, to get access to all the features, either buy the premium subscription of the app or download the mod apk.

  3. How to get the mod version of this app?

    Download the latest version of Adobe Lightroom Mod APK from the link given above.

  4. Is it safe to get the Mod APK?

    Yes! It is completely safe to download and install the mod APK of Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

  5. Will all the features work in Mod APK?

    Yes, all features will work in the mod version of Adobe Lightroom Mobile APK including premium features such as RAW image editing, Masking, Healing, Selective Editing and much more.

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