Xiaomi Redmi 5 Android 9 Pie Update: MIUI 10 8.11.8 beta available

Xiaomi has remained busy in releasing MIUI updates for its devices since the time Redmi 5 device went global. The latest MIUI updates come with several new features, enhanced performance, bug fixes, and monthly security patches. This is the reason why it is extremely important to download the updates as and when they are available.

Below, we will be discussing when the global variant of Redmi 5 will get the latest software updates for download. So, make sure that you go through the article to know when your Redmi 5 device will receive the latest updates.

Android Pie update for Redmi 5

29 January 2019: Redmi 5 is now getting�MIUI 10 9.1.24 (beta) update based on the Android 8.1 Oreo. The update brings so many bug fixes and improvements. You can download the�Recovery update�from the mentioned link.

24 December 2018:�MIUI 10.1.3 (stable) update based on Android 8.1�is now seeding as an OTA update to the Redmi 5 users across the globe.

Although many Redmi 5 users await Android Oreo update, they are still curious to know if and when the Android Pie update will arrive. Xiaomi has not provided any information regarding this, but going by the history, its best to not keep high expectation.

Generally, the Redmi series smartphone receives a major software upgrade. Redmi 5 runs on Nougat out-of-the-box currently and the only upgrade one can expect for the smartphone is Android Oreo. That�s it. However, you may get to see a few Android Pie Treble ROMS for your Redmi 5 in the coming days. Something is better than nothing right. So make sure that you have proper knowledge about custom ROMs beforehand.

Android 8.1 Oreo update for Redmi 5

The Redmi 5 was a budget smartphone launched in the latter half of 2017. At the time, Xiaomi had done an amazing job of giving the phone the newest Android 7.1.2 Nougat OS.

It is said that the Redmi 5 handset will receive Android Oreo beta update in this Q4 2018. But still, it is not clear whether a stable version of the update will be available before 2018 ends.

With almost a year since its launch, the Redmi 5 users are still expected to wait for the arrival of Android 8.1 Oreo update. Although it�s not known when this will happen, one can expect the update to arrive in Q4 2018. Redmi 4 getting launched with Marshmallow OS and later getting updated to Nougat 7.1.2 is enough to prove the fact.

MIUI 10 update


The Redmi 5 phone is working on the stable MIUI 9 currently, but, Xiaomi has started testing the MIUI 10 beta. The stable version is expected to be released in November 2018.

How can you install MIUI update?

You can install the MIUI updates using several methods besides the usual OTA download. All the methods come with the manual installation. Below mentioned are the procedures you need to follow for each method. Do note that in some cases, the company offers all 3 files in different packages. Hence, you should ensure that you choose the correct file based on the method you have zero.

How can you install Redmi 5 local update?

Before you follow this route, the company notes that you must delete all data in recovery mode. This step will make sure that you can upgrade to a ROM version without any discontinuity or downgrade to older ROM version with the help of MIUI ROM pack.

With this done, you need to follow the steps below to install MIUI ROM by utilizing the system update method.

  1. Download the latest MIUI �Recovery ROM� file using the link https://bigota.d.miui.com/8.11.8/miui_HM5Global_8.11.8_ecfe344f48_8.1.zip
  2. Next, use a USB cable to connect your Redmi 5 phone to your Windows computer. Then transfer the above downloaded ROM file in the folder named �downloaded_rom.� You will find this folder in the internal storage of the phone.
  3. Open the �Updater� application in the phone and tap on the icon ��� Located at the top right side corner. Then select the option �Choose update package� and then select the file you transferred in the �downloaded_rom� folder.
  4. Once you choose the ROM file, your Redmi 5 phone will start updating.

Upon completion of the upgrading process, the device should boot automatically into the new version.

How can you install Redmi 5 Recovery update?

Just like the system app, you need to note a few things before to start the recovery update. You need to make sure that all the data is wiped off in recovery mode. This step will make sure that you can upgrade to a ROM version without any discontinuity or downgrade to older ROM version with the help of MIUI ROM pack. However, because of Recovery interface variations, such a method isn�t applicable to devices which have a locked bootloader. So let�s dive into the main steps to install MIUI recovery update on Redmi 5.

  1. To start with, you will have to download the latest MIUI �ROM file� in your computer using the link: https://bigota.d.miui.com/8.11.8/miui_HM5Global_8.11.8_ecfe344f48_8.1.zip. Ensure you rename the downloaded file to �update.zip.�
  2. Next, use a USB cable and connect your Redmi 5 phone to the computer. Copy the downloaded ROM file in the root directory of the device. You can find the root directory in the internal storage of the phone.
  3. Then, enter in the recovery mode of the phone. There are two methods of doing this:
  4. Open the �Updater� application in the phone and tap on the icon ��� Located at the top right side corner. Next, choose the �Reboot to Recovery mode.�
  5. The second way is to turn off your phone and then hold power and volume up button together to enter the recovery mode.
  6. In the Recovery mode, you can use the volume down/up to scroll up/down the options and then press the power button to select the option. Once you enter the Recovery mode, choose a language you prefer and then tap on �Install update.zip to System One� option. The update process will begin automatically on the device.

When the update process gets over, select the option �Reboot to System One.� Your phone should then boot to the new software version.

How can you install Redmi 5 Fastboot update?

Before you begin with the installation process of MIUI fastboot update on Redmi 5, you should consider the following factors:

  • Have a Windows computer to perform this work.
  • Ensure your phone has enough power left for the process.
  • All your data will wipe out in the process. Hence, ensure that you take a back up of all the important data.

With all of these things done, you need to follow the following steps to install MIUI Fastboot update on Redmi 5.

  • Start by downloading MIUI �Rom Flashing� tool. You need to unlock your phone if it is locked. If your phone is unlocked, then follow the below steps to finish ROM Flashing.
  • Download the latest Fastboot ROM update using the link: https://bigota.d.miui.com/8.10.25/riva_global_images_8.10.25_20181025.0000.00_7.1_global_e925691c4f.tgz
  • Switch off your phone. Press the power and volume up and button together to enter the MIUI Fastboot mode. Next, use a US cable and connect your phone to your Windows computer.
  • Next, open the internal storage folder of your phone on the computer. Double click on the ROM file you have downloaded to decompress it. Next, open the decompressed file and copy paste the path on the computer.
  • You then have to decompress the MIUI �Rom Flashing� tool. Next, double-click on the decompressed file to install it on your computer. Once the installation process gets over, you need to open MiFlash.exe and then paste it in the address bar of the ROM file decompressed folder you copied in the previous step. You need to then click on the first yellow circled button to refresh. In this step, the MiFlash should recognize your phone automatically. Then tap on the second button to have the ROM file flashed in your phone.
  • Next, wait till the progress bar within MiFlash gets green. This will mean that the ROM has successfully been installed in the device. The phone should then boot automatically to the latest version.

Note: If you did not get any help from the flashing guide, you could download Mi PC suite by following the instructions in the link: https://en.miui.com/thread-92720-1-1.html

After the download of MI PC suite gets over, ensure that your device is in the Fastboot mode. Then use a USB cable to connect the phone to the computer and then flash the proper ROM file.

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