WhatsApp to Bring “Delete Messages for Everyone” to Android and iOS (APK Download)

Whatsapp is currently one of the best messaging application in world and day by day their developers are adding new features through the updates. Earlier Whatsapp added a new feature of stories which was similar to that of the Instagram stories feature then a picture in picture mode feature.�Moreover, now rumors are coming that the team of Whatsapp is working on a new feature called as �Delete For Everyone,� let�s check out that about what this feature does.

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As you�must know, in Instagram one can send messages to relatives and friends, but there are times when by mistake we send some appropriate information to an inappropriate person. To�solve this problem, there is a feature in Instagram by which just tapping on a message gives you an Unsend option and using it you can delete that particular message for both parties. Whatsapp is also working on a similar feature.

This Whatsapp update will be made available to all the key platforms including iOS and Android. Rumors suggest that Whatsapp team is testing this feature on iOS-based devices and some people who have access to the BETA version have also claimed that this feature is present in the settings menu.

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In future when it will arrive, the user has too much time press the message he wants to unsent, and two options will appear Edit and Delete if you press delete then the message will disappear from the receiver�s device too.

The limitation to this feature will be that you can see only unsent the messages that have been sent in last 5 min and has not been seen by the receiver. The messages can be in the form of video, photos, documents, texts, etc.

Latest WhatsApp Download (Beta APK) � � � � � � � � Latest WhatsApp Download (Beta APK)

If you are using X86 devices(Intel CPU Android), then you can only download the stable version of WhatsApp APK, but for ARM devices both stable and beta versions of the WhatsApp App can be downloaded.

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