Samsung’s 7nm ready for SD 855/ Exynos 9820, could end up on Galaxy Note 9

Samsung is looking forward to getting on the 5G revolution, and many reports already claim that Samsung is implementing new highly enhanced antennas and chips to support 5G on its next-gen phones. Now a tweet from an infamous�tipster adds more fuel to that story. The tweets talk about the Samsung’s 7nm EVU(semi-conductor thing) being used by Qualcomm’s 5G based chips, which the tipster hints about the existence of the Snapdragon 855 by this year. We know it will be coming next year, as this year we already have the flagship Snapdragon 845.

Qualcomm’s chips are not the only one which will be using it, but also Samsung’s in-house Exynos 9820 will also be using the same piece of tech. So, now the question arises whether this is being done for a faster adaptation of 5G network services, or Samsung is simply running out of ideas to differentiate it’s Galaxy Note 9, which will be coming later this year.� The South Korean giant doesn’t want to be called off for using the same camera, SoC, and design for the Galaxy Note 9.

Moreover, the two things unique to the Galaxy Note series was the large screen estate and Stylus, made it look what it is now. However, since more devices now pack a larger screen, the Stylus is now the only thing remaining unique about the Note brand. And if it uses similar components like the Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9 Plus, then there’s no meaningful point for it to exist except for the hardcore Note series fans.

So, Samsung might launch the Galaxy Note 9 as a revolutionary device supporting the latest 5G services, so an exclusive carrier deal could also spark here. Overall as we move further in 2018 things about the Galaxy Note 9 will get much more clear, than what they are�now.


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