Samsung to introduce ISOCELL brand again with 4 new Sensors

If we recall back from 2014, then there were some sensors which were used in Galaxy devices from Samsung, the ISOCELL Sensors. These sensors were then discontinued due to less demand, and demand left only on their flagship devices, which made Samsung think to use sensors from top brands like Sony and Toshiba.

Ben Hur, Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics said,

“Samsung ISOCELL is a brand that represents the essence of our leading pixel technologies. We expect the ISOCELL brand to help consumers easily acknowledge and confide in camera performance as well as overall quality of the device.�

Now Samsung looks to be severe with camera sensors branding as Samsung ISOCELL. They introduced four different type of Sensors as follows:

  • Bright
  • Slim
  • Fast
  • Dual

Bright Sensors are the sensors which can work great in low-lighting conditions and if we recall then dual pixel technology is the best which works with Fast AutoFocus in low-lighting, so these Bright sensors are sure to have the dual-pixel tech.

Slim Sensors are the sensors which will be made for premium devices which are slim, and we have to pack in a ton in a tiny body, wherein these Camera sensors where making a limit for the manufacturers to slim up their devices, now they can easily make much slimmer handsets. These Slim sensors are really thin at 0.9�m-1�m.

Samsung ISOCELL Dual Camera

Fast Sensors will have the high-speed auto-focus technology, while the Dual sensors will be able to combine with other sensors to get a much better configuration for dual camera setups. We may see this setup in the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 device.

It is really nice to see Samsung take interest in this kind of things, and the Dual-series of sensors will be really nice for future smartphones, as currently, the sensors being used are not optimized for being used with 2 sensors, but we will surely have to wait to look upcoming smartphones to the cameras which will be using these Samsung ISOCELL sensors.

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