OnePlus 6T OxygenOS ROM for POCO F1 (Stable) (In-Depth Guide)

The POCO F1 is a fantastic smartphone offering the best flagship specifications at the lowest price which other companies do not provide at this time. The POCO F1 had the 2018’s Flagship Snapdragon 845, but the main downside of the phone was it’s UI. The POCO F1 came with MIUI 10 Pre-Installed on the phone, which didn’t allow the device to use its full potential.

While we everyone know that the OnePlus has been offering amazing features with its clean close to stock UI, the OxygenOS in India. So have you ever wondered, what happens if you mix both of them, Yeah today, thanks to some fantastic developers we have been able to get out hands on the POCO F1 with OxygenOS installed? We will let you know its features, review and a guide on how to install the OxygenOS ROM on POCO F1.

Features of OxygenOS ROM on POCO F1:

The OxygenOS ROM for the POCO F1 is highly stable, and we have been able to notice only a single issue on the ROM. We have been able to get all the features of OxygenOS working on POCO F1. The dialer app has been found working, OnePlus launcher, gaming mode also has been found working. The most exciting thing here is the ambient display, OnePlus Gestures, Pie Navigation bar which were all missing from MIUI are present in OxygenOS and are working.

We can customize the launcher, icons, and wallpapers. It has all the OxygenOS features, and the camera app is also working except the portrait mode and to solve this problem we have got the Google Camera port from Pixel 3 working on the POCO F1 with the ROM installed. The Fingerprint scanner and the face unlock also working. So there isn’t any issue, and the ROM can be used as a Daily Driver.


How to Install OxygenOS ROM on POCO F1:

Pre-Requisites for Installing OxygenOS ROM on POCO F1:

NOTE: TheLeaker isn’t responsible for any damage that you might have done while the process, Flashing a Custom ROM will void your warranty and you may end up bricking your device.

How to Install OxygenOS ROM on POCO F1

Step 1: Power off the Poco F1 and boot into TWRP Recovery with all the files in your internal storage.

Step 2: Go to Wipe Menu and select Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik Cache, System, Data, Cache and Vendor and swipe to wipe it.

Step 3: Then go back, go back and select the Install Menu and select and install the OxygenOS ROM by selecting and swiping to confirm flash.

Step 4: After flashing go back to Install Menu and select the DM Verity Disabler File and install it by selecting and swiping to confirm flashing.

Step 5: Now click on Reboot, and this will boot your device into the ROM, the first boot may time up to 10 minutes.

NOTE: Do not set up Face Unlock and Fingerprint Scanner at the time of setting up your device; this will end up getting a bug on your device.

Step 6: Now Install the Ringer APK downloaded from above and install it along with the Google Camera MOD.

Step 7: Now go to the Notification Panel and click on Edit and drag and drop the ringing modes icon to the place where you want to keep it.

Step 8: Now you are good to go, and all the features would be working on Poco F1.

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