How to download and flash TWRP on the Xiaomi Poco F1

Xiaomi’s Poco F1 is the newest entry in the budget flagship killer segment after the Zenfone 5z and OnePlus 6. And the device has now received TWRP recovery which will enable you to install custom firmware easily on your handset and in this post we will take a look at how to install that TWRP recovery on your Poco F1.

But before you proceed, make sure you full fill the requirements to successfully flash the TWRP recovery on your Poco f1. Also, make sure you have an unlocked bootloader, an overview on how to get your bootloader unlocked is also given below, so users owning the Poco F1 since more than a week can go ahead and try it.

Requirements to install TWRP on Poco F1

  • Yes, PC is also required
  • At least 50% or more battery life
  • DM-Verity & Force Encryption Disabler file, which you can download from here
  • You should have ADB and fast boot tools installed on your PC
  • Also, Install the USB drivers for the Poco f1 on your PC
  • Lastly, the most important Download the TWRP File from here

After you’re all done and settled up with ADB tools, DM-verity, and USB drivers and the TWRP file on your PC, you can follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Installing TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi’s Poco F1

Team win TWRP
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Now before you proceed, you will need to have an unlocked bootloader, and the good thing is that Xiaomi doesn’t mind if you have one and also offers specialized tools to do so. You can unlock your Poco F1’s bootloader easily without much hassle by Visiting Xiaomi’s Official Website here and then you have to Apply for the Unlocking the bootloader there.

Follow the instructions, and you will be�fine, also do note that if your device is fairly new, then it might take a couple of days to a week for you to unlock the bootloader. So, let a few days pass by and try again.

Step 1: Assuming that you have an unlocked bootloader, follow along, Turn on your USB Debugging option on your Poco F1. You can do this by going into the Developer options and scroll down a bit and enable it.

Now if you don’t have a developer options menu in your settings. Then Go to Settings > About phone and Tap on the build number 8 times, until you see the Toast message prompting you’re a developer now.

Now connect your Poco f1 to your PC/laptop.

Step 2:��After that, send all your Downloaded files such as the TWRP recovery file and the�DM-Verity & Force Encryption Disabler file into your device.

Step 3:��Now enable the OEM unlocking option from your Settings > Developer Options and scroll down until you see that option and turn it on

Step 4:�Next, you have to boot into fastboot mode

Step 5:�Now open the ADB and fastboot tools command window with that folder where you installed them (To open the command window, just simultaneously hold the shift key and right click and a menu should pop-up within that Select Open Command window here)

Step 6:�Now Enter the following command in the window ==>

� � fastboot flash recovery <name of your downloaded TWRP file goes here>.img

Type the command mentioned above and replace the name of your downloaded twrp file, where it says you downloaded Twrp file goes here and hit enter, this will now start flashing the Twrp file.

Step 7:�Now we have to reboot into the TWRP mode which we flashed just now and to do so via the command window enter the following command ==>��� � fastboot boot twrp-� �

Step 8:�Once, within the TWRP menu screen, a prompt might come asking you to�Keep System Read-only,�you have to accept it to continue further

Step 9:�Now we will flash the DM-verity� file which we downloaded from the above link. So, tap on Install option from the TWRP menu�

Step 10:�And browse that file on your device, once found Select it and Swipe to Confirm the installation. And reboot the device when done.

Once it is installed your device is ready with a custom recovery which is the TWRP here, and you can now start installing custom ROMs where ever they are available.

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