Intel Could Launch A Microsoft Surface Pro Rival Soon Patent Shows

Some time ago, We posted an article about Curved Hybrid Laptop patent. A lot of people said that this is a bad design and It’ll be one of the worst laptops ever.

But another patent from Intel shows that the CPU giant has better plans to give competition to Microsoft Surface Pro. And in my opinion, It’ll be a good move by Intel.

Note: The real design of the laptop will be slimmer but in all the patent images in this article are thick to provide a better understanding of the design to USPTO.

In the above design, you can see why It’ll be a direct competition to Microsoft Surface series hybrids.�The tablet that can replace your laptop, that’s what it is.

Intel is trying to do what the consumers want. A curved hybrid laptop design sure looks futuristic and good, but you’ll be compromising your portability with it. You’ll always have the risk that It might get broken if you don’t give 100% of your attention while working. The battery is also a problem because the base of the laptop is curved. And carrying the laptop will be one of the biggest problems for consumers because laptop bags out there can’t be used to take a curved laptop and even If Intel makes one for that laptop, It’ll be weird and uncomfortable.

But with this design, It is simple to carry the laptop around. It is same as other laptops and tablets out there. What more, We have more images that show the design of Intel’s patented 2 in 1 laptop.

This is the front and top view of the patented hybrid. The�keyboard is�detachable just like Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Samsung Galaxy Book. The screen seems to have an�almost bezel-less display which will improve the overall experience of the laptop. The Trackpad seems large enough for a laptop of this size. We have some more information about keyboard which We’ll talk about later.

This is the side view of the laptop when the Lid is closed. The design seems to be pretty basic. We don’t have any details about what and how many ports it’ll have. Well, we’ll find it out when the time comes.

Now one thing is making me curious. The detachable keyboard seems to have a cool feature.

In this image, you can see that the keyboard area does not have keyboard keys but have some graph design. From what I think, the keyboard area will be a touchscreen which can be used as both keyboard and screen. We’ve seen this kind of technology in Razor laptops. They have a�Multi-touch LCD Track-panel which allows for the display�of information (such as a web browser, YouTube, etc. really ) in full vibrant colors.

Using a Multi-touch keyboard impressive, but at the same time, It’ll be difficult for many users to adopt the new way of typing. With this kind of change, Intel will have to emulate the sound of the keyboard so that users can use it more efficiently.

Now only time will tell whether Intel will make more changes to this design or will create an entirely different design with other features. And maybe the device will never launch.

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