Google Play Store Download 30 Paid Android Apps and Games for Free

It’s a total feast again on Google Play Store again, as many apps, games, and customization utilities are again available for free and are on-sale. Being a part of Google Play Services, Google runs these days almost every week. These heavily discounted apps and games are here to stay for a limited period. So. we suggest you grab them as soon as possible. To download latest Google Play Store APK go here.

As always Google Play has a ton of varieties to offer from as usual and we’re delighted to bring all of them, at your fingertips so that you will not need to wander around for them and miss any deal. Most of these apps here have their pro version for free, so it’s a great opportunity to get hold of them; without getting any annoying ads or adverts videos.

Starting with Games, these are available now for free which was once paid.

Paid Games For FREE

Google Play Store Download

Cityscape(s)��1,09 -> free for 5 days�Download

Dragon slayer � i.o Rpg game�($0.99 -> Free for six days Download

Farmer vs Evil 2.0 VR��0,99 -> Free; days left isn�t mentionedDownload

Can You Escape � Fear House PRO��0,99 -> Free for five days Download

Devil Twins: VIP�$0.99 -> Free for five days�Download

Last Light � Zombies Survival�$0.99 -> Free; 5 days�Download

Zombie Fortress: Ice Age Pro�$0.99 -> Free for three days�Download

4�4 Safari 2 Pro�$0.99 -> Free for four days�Download

Paid Apps For FREE

Android apps

Smart Swipe (Sub) Launcher � Quick Arc Launcher��1,68 -> free for six days Download

SilentMode (SilentCamera)�$1.49 -> Free for 4 daysDownload

Egypt 3D Pro live�wallpaper�$0.99 -> Free for just one day’sDownload

Mindfulness Mentor�$7.99 -> Free; 5 days�Download

Adding Fractions Math Trainer�$1.99 -> Free for just four days�Download

Battery Saver eXtreme�$2.99 -> now Free for 6 days�Download

Zed Zooper (for Zooper Widget Pro)�$0.99 -> Free for four days �Download

Now if you were waiting for your favorite Premium icon packs to become FREE, now here’s your golden opportunity to steal them now.

Paid ICONS Pack For FREE

Play Store apps

ORbic Purple Icons Pack�$0.99 -> Free for just 2 days�Download

Linoleum Blue Icons Pack�$0.99 -> Free for just�2 days�Download

Lino Turquoise Icons Pack�$0.99 -> Free for just�two days�Download

The Shesha Icons Pack�$0.99 -> Free for just�two days�Download

Arc � Icon Pack�$0.99 -> Free for�4 days�Download

Six � Icon Pack�$0.99 -> Free for�4 daysDownload

Ascio � Icon Pack�$0.99 -> Free for�4 days�Download

Ray of Sun Icon Pack�$0.99 -> Free for�5 days�Download

Dark Moon Icon Pack�$1.49 -> Free for�5 days�Download

NANO Icon Pack�$1.99 -> Free for�5 days�Download

Oreo Theme Pro: icon pack & wallpapers�$0.99 -> Free for�6 days�Download

Neo Gold Icon Pack�$1.99 -> Free for�6 days�Download

Sweetbo � Icon Pack�$0.99 -> Free for�6 days�Download

Premium Apps & Games On-sale

Slaughter��1,19 -> �0,59; 6 days Download�

Sproggiwood��5.49 -> �0.99; 7 days� Download�

MicoPacks � Icon Pack Manager�$1.49 -> 0.99; 1 dayDownload

Pixel Navigation Bar (No Root) now with Animations (In app pro)�$1.56 -> $0.78 no duration mentioned�Download

RA-Fit �$4.99 -> $1.99; 6 daysDownload

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