Google to soon release its “Files Go” file manager app (Download APK)

Google has recently rolled out an update for their Allo application, and the latest news is that Google is all set to launch its all-new file manager application.

There are a lot of well-known file managing apps like ES Explorer, File commander, etc. but in this department, Google lacked for a while. But it looks like Google is all ready to compete with the existing explorer apps as their latest Files Go explorer app was spotted listed on Google Play Store, let�s check out more about it.

Files Go file manager app
The image is showing the new upcoming Files Go manager app.
Image courtesy: theandroidsoul .com

The fact creating curiosity is that after some time the listing of the application was removed and now the page is showing the unavailable message. The file manager has a nice and simplistic design; it is very easy to use as it is separated into two departments namely storage and files. When you open the explorer the first screen that appears is storage; it shows you some important things including free space, cache size, recently downloaded files and the duplicate files.

Google Files go app
Image showing the files go file manager.
Image courtesy: androidauthority .com

When you switch to the Files tab from the bottom, it shows all basic folders like downloads, images, audio, video, documents, etc. When you jump to the settings, it shows options like reminders for low storage, alerts for unused apps, alert for new downloads, etc. One of the major features of this app is that you can share files with other devices without internet, similar to app share, share it transfer tools. It is a great and unique feature as generally, you won�t get an inbuilt file sharing tool in a manager. We can expect it to soon appear officially on Play Store but if you want to try it early then download link provided below.

Download Files Go

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