Google Contacts V2.3 might feature Live Location sharing (Download APK)

Looks like everyone is jumping on the Live-locations bandwagon and now a major player will implementing this in its app, and its none other than Google itself, for its Google contacts app on Android. A teardown conducted by Androidpolice has revealed that Google will be implementing this feature soon in coming updates.

<string name=”real_time_location_map_content_description”>Map of real-time location</string>
<string name=”location_card_entry_header”>Share your location</string>
<string name=”location_card_title”>Current location</string>
<string name=”location_disambiguation_dialog_title”>Choose address</string><string name=”share_location_quick_action_label”>Share location</string>

Other Google applications like Allo and Android messages allow you to share your coordinates, but now with the Contacts app you will not only be sharing them, the co-ordinated will now also update in real time. A String spotted in the teardown adds furl to this claim. You can see it’s clearly mentioned; for the labels in the app, Map of real-time location, as well as other hints like Sharing your current live location.

<string name=”phone_repair_body”>%s has changed its phone number system.Old numbers may no longer work.</string>
<string name=”phone_repair_card_title”>Update phone numbers from %s</string>
<string name=”phone_repair_fragment_title”>Fix phone numbers</string>
<string name=”phone_repair_header”>Updating will not remove the old number</string>

Moreover, other strings in the teardown, point out to some sort of phone number updation when the app detects when that contact has changed numbers maybe? There isn’t anything known much about this yet, but feel free to drop your theories in the comment section below.

Whatsapp Live Location
Image shows Whatsapp’s Live location update feature on a map, Image Courtesy: NewsInBit .com

Other apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram has also implemented the Live location update for their apps. And with Google already with their Google maps won’t find it challenging to develop a better one than its rivals quickly. However, there aren’t many users seen, using the Google contacts app much, it will be interesting to see how this affects other.

Download the Google Contacts app v2.3 APK

Source: Androidpolice

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