(Download) Telegram App APKv4.4 brings live locations update, better group chat and much more

This new Telegram update will save you from excuses when you’re late for an important event due to say traffic or other excuses or you want your friends to find where you are. This will be easy to convey because from now on you’ll be able to share live location updates in real time; these location updates can be broadcasted to any individual chat or group, to let your friends and family members know where you are.

To start using this new location feature, just select share location from the attach menu and select the location you want for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours and send it to any of your contacts. Your location will be updated for that specific duration, mentioned above.

Next up is for audiophiles, as the telegram dev team has completely revamped the inbuilt audio player for a more user-friendly look�and also improved support for MP3s. The improvements now also expand for the music MP3s which you share with your contacts. You can see the music’s cover art by tapping upon the title of the one which plays.

Telegram v4.4
Image shows screenshot translation in telegram, Image Courtesy: telegram .org

Furthermore, telegrams�now add more support for the following languages which includes Russian,�Ukrainian, Indonesian, French and Malay. However, more languages will be added later in the next update, which will also support Persian. This translation is so tightly integrated into the telegram messenger that when you take a screenshot which contains a translated text, you can then go in and change any word you like after the screenshots are translated and taken.

Lastly, other improvements to telegram come in the form of better group-chat experience when there are a large number of members.Now you’ll be able to identify group admins, and new admins with a new badge also more granular controls are added, which let admins decide whether group members can view previous chats or not.

To download the latest version of Telegram, visit here! And if you want to download the Telegram APK you can get it here.

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