Battery draining quickly on your Android smartphone? Here�s how to fix it

There comes a time when you start experiencing rapid battery drain with your Android device no matter how high-end it is. Battery drain occurs due to�everyday phone activities, the wear and tear the battery goes through while performing them, Apps that frequently get updates from the play store, apps waking the phone screen, the high-definition phone screen itself sucks a lot of power which results in draining your battery quickly.

Here are some simple tips which will help you to get the most juice out of battery.

Make your phone run cool

As indicated by the Battery University blog by Cadex Electronics, telephone batteries corrupt substantially quicker when they’re hot. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing the phone or not if it’s sitting out on a sunny day the battery of your phone is getting degraded.

Download CPU Z �app and keep an eye on your processor’s usage percentage. If it always hovers above 60% to 80% with very few apps in the background, it will heat up and start draining.

Reduce that screen-out time

It’s always a good idea, to keep your screen-out time less than 30 seconds. The more the screen-out time is, the more your screen will stay on. Sucking up on your battery, even when you’re not using it. Also check on apps that push notifications direct to your lock-screen, keeping that screen turn on now and then.

The Fix:
Jump on to�Settings -> Display to change Screen timeout to, under 30 seconds or less.

Turn Off Location tracking apps; GPS

The GPS on your phone drains a lot of power from your phone. And there are warnings also that tell you whether that app use, could take a massive hit on the battery capacity. So, always check even after you close that flight booking, food delivery, shopping app whether they have left the GPS on high accuracy mode or not, in your device.

The Fix:
So, head on to�Settings > Location and manually adjust the permissions of such apps to stop the drain.

Turn Off Bluetooth and Wifi scanning

Yes, we love free Wifi when we’re out, but it’s not always a good idea to leave them on. Your devices after a few intervals of time keep on hunting for a Wifi connection even though you don’t need it currently. Make sure the location services are off as it will by default turn off wifi scanning.

The Fix:
Head to�Settings->�Location-> Look for the Three dots Menu on the Top right corner-> Scanning-> Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth Scanning.

Turn on Airplane Mode in poor-signal areas

Your phone when finds out that it’s in a weak signal region, it drains more battery when trying to connect to the nearest cell phone towers which are actually far away in that low-signal area. Cellphone hand-off in a poor-signal regions can also make a huge impact on your battery, if you travel between such regions where there’s a hand-off between two cellphone towers of different region. They try to maintain the call before it drops, thus sucking on your poor little battery.

Keep your Apps up-to-date

Updating all the applications including games and those super-user apps, can sometimes fix the problem. As there could be a yet undiscovered bug that could use a lot of battery in the background or while running. That unknown bug would have been fixed in the latest build of that app. So, always keep an eye on the updates, do not ignore them.

The Fix:
To update them all�open Play Store on your phone and tap the three even bars situated at the upper left corner to open side drawer. Tap on My apps and game �and hit the “Update All” button. Also keep an eye on your beta testing applications from the play store, they could also be draining you down.

Enable that Power Saving Mode

I have always doubted this feature, but when I actually started using it, well it works but don’t expect to see big results. It will kick in at 15% or 5% depending on when you choose between both. It will turn off the�animations, most background syncing is halted and location services are also turned off as well as data.

Turn it on manually by going into�Settings > Power. Some phones also have their own�proprietary solutions for power saving try them.

Uninstall those apps with adware

Applications that pop-out ads every now and then shouldn’t be there on your phone. They push a lot of apps thus end up running in the background whole time, getting new ads to serve up, using a lot of data or wifi.
All of this combined together drains a lot of battery. Monitor which apps are doing so and immediately uninstall them. We’re sure you know how to uninstall an application on your Android phone. Or get a Pro version of that app, to get rid of those annoying adverts.

Use Original Adapters and Cords

I have experienced this personally, try to use the original OEM provided chargers. Also check the USB cords, if you see your phone charging up slowly than usual, change that cord immediately. It’s the main culprit. Also make sure to try different outlets before doing so. Always buy Original OEM adapters.

These simple tips won’t have any drastic effect on your battery drain but will help you in giving some extra battery juice.

If you have any battery tip feel free to share in the comment section down below.


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