Xiaomi MIUI 11 Features, Expectations, And Release Date

We all know about Xiaomi’ MIUI 10, a custom skin designed by the company and used across all the devices that they manufacture. It has a lot of great features like the best navigation gestures ever on any phone, Mi Drop and much more, but there are many problems as well with the UI, So let’s talk about the problems that Xiaomi should fix with the upcoming version of MIUI.

1. Remove the Biggest Problem: Ads

Ads in MIUI

We everyone know about the MIUI’s problem of ads which irritates everyone. As Xiaomi’s phones are cheap, they try to make money out of ads. While there is an option to disable ads, it takes a long time to disable ads from all the apps, or some people don’t want to as they have paid money for the phone. It displays ads in all the pre-installed apps such as Music player, video player and more. Xiaomi should stop displaying ads from MIUI 11.

2. Remove Unnecessary Permissions:

Android App Permissions

MIUI has certain apps like weather which may need access to location and storage but why does it need access to the phone permission ( to make and receive calls). This may be a case of Data theft, and also if we deny these permissions, the app fails to load/open. This is weird, also in the case of voice recorder which needs the permission of microphone as well as storage to record and save files but why does it need access to Phone permissions along with contacts? Isn’t that weird? This should be improved in MIUI 11.

3. Remove the Bloatware:

MIUI Bloatware Apps

As seen on Xiaomi’s cheap phones like the Redmi 6A, These phones come bundled with more than a handful of bloatware installed like four browsers ( Mi Browser, Chrome, Opera and UC Browser) and much more bloatware like PhonePe, Myntra, Opera News, Facebook, MakeMyTrip and much more. This gets better if we move to a better prices phone but even then so much bloatware. Is it actually needed for cost cutting?

4. Much needed Stock Android Features!:

Android 9.0 Pie Recent Menu
Source: TheVerge

Xiaomi and POCO’s devices have been updated to the latest Android 9.0 Pie but there seem to be no Android 9.0 Pie features onboard like the Android 9.0 Pie Gestures, Digital Wellbeing, Volume Bar, Recent Screen and more. Xiaomi needs to add these features right away else there is no use of these devices getting updated to the latest version. Xiaomi Please Do this!

5. Add a Digital Wellbeing Feature:

Digital Well Being

Nowadays smartphone addiction is all over the world and to control or monitor the usage all the companies like Google, Huawei have started introducing their own digital wellbeing feature, and it’s good, it helps to monitor the usage and gives us full statistics, Xiaomi should learn from them and introduce one in MIUI 11.

6. Dark Mode Option:

Android Dark Mode AKA Night Mode
Source: CNET

It’s the time when everyone is caring about the battery, and all the companies have started rolling out their dark mode across various devices and apps like OnePlus, Samsung, Youtube and many more apps. It helps in saving the battery on AMOLED screens and even protects our eyes from harsh blue light. Xiaomi should roll out an option in MIUI 11 as soon as possible.

7. App Drawer in Launcher:

MIUI App Drawer

Xiaomi’s launcher hasn’t been the best, while it’s usable its biggest problem is it doesn’t have an app drawer which makes things look clumsy and not good to use, while POCO by Xiaomi has introduced an app drawer Xiaomi should also do it in MIUI 11, it would make things look even better.

8. Enable Camera2Api:

Camera 2 API

While Xiaomi’s Camera hasn’t been great as the Pixel 3 and 3XL’s, the users can improve the camera performance by using a google camera mod which requires Manual Camera Permissions which aren’t enabled by default and can be enabled by rooting or flashing files on a device. The Google Camera MOD makes the pictures look even better so if Xiaomi enabled it would be a great deal.

9. Add an option to see lock screen in Face Unlock:

iPhone Face Unlock lock Screen Feature

Many users have reported that they aren’t able to see the lock screen if face unlock is used, as the face unlock so fast that it takes them directly to the home page. So many users want an option like the ones used by iPhone X and Huawei to be implemented, which is to slide in the lock screen to be able to go to the homepage

10. Minor and Misc Changes and Implementations needed in MIUI 11:

Xiaomi needs to add better and more sound effects to their UI, Better battery saving modes like done by Asus in their Zenfone 5Z, allow the users to unlock and lock their screen using voice commands. Also, the Mi App store interface needs to be changed in MIUI 11 as it doesn’t look well, show charging status and information in the settings.

Also they company may add options to delete the APK files after installation automatically, add a local recycle bin, add support for Mi Pay across all devices. Add a driving and child mode like HTC, enable a gaming mode like Oneplus and Asus, and a new charging animation. These changes in MIUI 11 would help users get a better experience on their phones.

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