Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5 Pro gets MIUI NAAMIED Update (Download)

Xiaomi has recently announced the MIUI 8.5 update for its Redmi Note 4X handset, and if you are a follower of MIUI forums, then you may be knowing that for a while Xiaomi is running the MIUI 9 Beta program. However, today we are having an up to date news for the Xiaomi Mi5 and Mi5 Pro users all over the world. These handsets are quite old comparatively, but today Xiaomi has released a new update for these two devices, let’s check out that how you can upgrade your device and what it offers.

Changelog of MIUI NAAMIED update.
Image courtesy: en.miui .com

The new update is “ NAAMIED” which is strange as generally, we do not see these type of names, by the way, this is not an OTA type update you have to install it manually, and the download links of the files are present down below.

This new update includes new features like hiding notification content on the lock screen, manage to autostart multiple apps, the CPU will now work more efficiently resulting in better performance and an improved battery backup. Verification messages will now only be visible only if the user types the lock screen password.

In themes menu, you can now draw slide gesture to go to wallpaper section, in Calendar you can now set countdowns for exams, vacations, etc. The update is available in two varieties: Recovery ROM, Fastboot ROM. Recovery ROM is for the users whose phone’s bootloader is unlocked otherwise you should go for the Fastboot ROM.

Xiaomi Mi 5
Image of the Xiaomi Mi5.

Download Recovery ROM

Download Fastboot ROM

How to Install Recovery ROM

How to Install Fastboot ROM

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