New whatsapp update might bring new emojis and make group admin’s life easier

Whatsapp has been improving on groups options lately and with new information emerges online about more enhancements to WhatsApp groups, we think it’ll be now far more comfortable way for admins to manage large groups when this update becomes available. Moreover, apart from this, there are many other changes we’ll be talking below.

New Search functionality in Whatsapp Groups

This new search icon can be seen in this tweet/image, which appears below the add participant icons, which we’ll talk about later, but now let’s focus on the search participants icons. According to this tweet, the search participants function won’t be available for small groups but only be there for Large groups. So, that admins and quickly search and remove members, with a breeze.

Another thing about this is that it was already available on iOS but later was disabled for some reason.

New Add participant icon for WhatsApp Groups

Whatsapp latest update
Image shows new add participant icon, Image Courtesy: @WABetaInfo

Next up is in the WhatsApp beta 2.17.396, what this brings is the ability to add new participants to the group, it’s not a new functionality but just a new icon for that function. And in the next version that’s the beta 2.17.397, you get the search option, as we talked about it in the section above this.

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New emojis are coming

Whatsapp new emojis
Image shows new WhatsApp emojis, Image Courtesy: @WABetaInfo

It’s like the go-to thing when software companies run out of new features, they introduce new and better-communicating emojis, in every major update. This emojis were said to available earlier, but with the new version, they’ll appear again on the keyboard.

So, that’s it for the next WhatsApp update, for now. We’ll update if more about the same arrive anytime soon.


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