How to share Real-Time Location on WhatsApp Messenger (Download APK)

Whatsapp recently introduced their Live location sharing feature, which is now in every messaging service�such as on Facebook’s messenger and Telegram also added the live locations feature last month. Moreover, the APK is also now available to download, and you can find the link for the same down below.

Now let’s see how to use WhatsApp’S LIVE LOCATIONS SHARING FEATURE:
Whatsapp share live location
Image shows live location share feature in Whatsapp Image Courtesy: theandroidsoul .com
  1. To access it just open any contact’s or group chat where you want to send it.
  2. Now what you do is, tap on the attachment pin icon, just like how you do it to send a picture
  3. Next, tap on the location icon, from the menu of camera, gallery, audio, etc.
  4. After that, the share Live Locations�field will be visible�to you, residing above the send current location, field.
  5. You also need to select the duration, for which your location will be shared live.

You can share this live location for a selected period and can be sent to a group or just a single contact. Interestingly, if everyone shares there location in a group chat, then their live position can be seen on the map simultaneously, that’s everyone will be shown together live. This feature is now available for both Android as well as on Apple’s iOS platform.

Download the New WhatsApp�APK from below to test this real-time location updates with your friends, and let us know how it worked for you, try to send in a group with your friends together�and see how it works in reality.

Download the version of Whatsapp APK.

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