Voot MOD APK Download Latest Version For Android [Select-Premium]

The preamble to Voot MOD APK: Online Streaming has gone crazy nowadays! There are thousands of Online services providing millions of entertainment hours at the rarest charge you can bear. Moreover, These happy hours also contain premium content apart from the regular TV Shows to make you feel amazed. But, suppose You’ve got bored watching similar TV Serials like Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata He and Saath Nibhana Saathiya kind of stuff and wanna enjoy more exclusive content on the relatively exact subscription cost. In that case, you can choose the best Indian Online Streaming Platform named Voot!

Voot MOD

India is on Fire nowadays since the Indian developers have to create the most convenient Android applications based on Online streamings, and Voot is also one of them! It’s a simplistic Online streaming platform launched in 2016 as the online arm of Viacom 18! So yeah, It’s a Viacom 18 affiliated OTT platform featuring unique content that you never heard of yet. Moreover, Voot offers all Indians with both Indian and International ranges, so you won’t ever get bored while streaming this app.

Voot shows

Apart from that, Being convenient for global users, Voot also offers the English Interface so that any binge streamer can subscribe to it and watch Indian TV Programmes with ease of access! It contains almost everything, ranging from Online Content, Recent Shows, International Programmes to the Live TV service. The Voot app doesn’t lack a single Online Streaming feature or service! Even If You want to know more about the Voot app features, You can go through all the below-listed Voot features!

Streaming Features

Data-Saving Quality Caps

Being an environment and data-saver OTT Application, the Voot Online Streaming app offers you the Data Saving Quality Caps. Here You can choose one of the appropriate streaming resolutions as per your data access! Moreover, the app also grants you an additional Data Saver resolution selection to enjoy the best streaming quality at the lowest data consumption. So download and enjoy it right now on Voot!

Voot Data Saver

High-Quality Streaming

Apart from the Data Saving Quality, If You have a deeply configured smartphone supporting HD Quality streaming, you can watch it up to 1080p resolution content. But for streaming that gigantic quality, You need to switch to the Voot Select or the premium subscription plan affiliated with the Voot app. Moreover, You can also download the below premium modified version of Voot, named Voot MOD APK, for free high-quality streaming endlessly!

Thousands of Hours of Entertainment

One of the most enthusiastic features inside Voot APK that everyone loves is the versatile category of content. It offers over 40,000 hours of content, which has attracted over 100 Million Online streamers till now. It’ll connect you to a wide variety of content, including Web-Series, Hindi TV Serials, International Movies, International TV-Shows, Language-Based TV Shows, and much more. Moreover, the content inside Voot is getting upgraded almost every month with thousands of additional hours! Enjoy binge streaming!

Enjoy Live TV Streaming

Do You know that the Voot app also offers the Live TV Streaming add-on? Yeah, You heard right! The Voot Android app is about to provide you with almost all the Viacom 18 affiliated online Live Channels! You can stream the channels like Colors TV, MTV, MTV Beats, Nickelodeon, Colors Cineplex, Colors Rishtey, News 18, and Shemaroo TV. So You won’t ever get bored while streaming content with this app, as you can change the episodes, shows, and channels after getting bored!

Voot Premium live streaming

Best Recommendations

Again the most impressive privilege that all the binge-watchers love inside the Online Streaming application offered by the Voot app – Recommendation List! No matter what you’re watching, Voot will take just a single second and will list all the most prominent global recommendations for you as per your streaming mood and taste! So you won’t need to ask Google for everything; employ the Voot app and choose one of your favorite content to get unusual recommendations!

Number of Languages

All binge streamers can download the Voot app, either if they know Hindi Language or not, surf it on the website, and enjoy the rarest Voot content on any location, as Voot App offers multiple languages. The app is available in many languages, including Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and many more languages. So choose your favorite language, and enjoy binge-streaming in your own way!

Voot Select Membership

As we all know that no OTT platform contains an accessible streaming interface, as even MX Player contains bulky advertisements on the streaming wall! So How can a Viacom 18 affiliate OTT streaming application named Voot offer you the entire free content? It’s merely impossible, right!?

So likewise, the entire OTT Universe, Voot, also contains a premium membership program named Voot Select! It’s basically the paid Voot Subscription plan, offering you the most exceptional streaming features within the additional content and unlocked Quality Caps. The Voot Select Membership will cost you 99.00 INR�monthly, or�499.00INR�yearly on the Voot page!�

Voot Select MOD APK

But no one loves paying for online streaming platforms, and that’s why we’ve developed the modified or free-premium version of the Voot app named�Voot MOD APK. You can check it out below, listed with all its features. So enjoy your every dull moment with Voot MOD APK! Download it ASAP!�


As you all know, hundreds of online streaming platforms have developed yet on our universe, and all these platforms offer quality content! It doesn’t mean that we can spend thousands of dollars every month just for streaming the range we can get on Telegram and Torrent channels! But these Torrents majorly consist of Viruses and laggy bugs that can affect your smartphone.

Voot logo

Ultimately, we’ve brought the�Voot MOD APK�for all the binge streamers today available in the below-most download section! You’ve thought right; The Voot MOD APK is the Voot app modification, capable of offering you the free Voot Premium subscription without charging you hundreds of dollars.�

Voot MOD APK is developed with premium scripts that’ll provide you with all the exceptional streaming features without a single advertisement or any other interruption. Moreover, You can also enjoy all the eight premium privileges of already-enabled Voot Select inside our app. Download it ASAP!

Voot MOD APK Features

Premium is hidden inside the air of Voot MOD APK! It’s an entirely premium-subscribed application, granting you an allowance to enjoy all the paid Voot membership programs without getting charged. So stop spending money like sand, and start streaming like a brilliant binge-streamer. Download Voot MOD APK and enjoy all the below-listed features free of charge!

Ad-free Streaming

Suppose You’re watching your favorite Indian Serial with 100% consistency and enthusiasm, and a few minutes later, an ad got fall on your streaming window, asking you to play this superior strategy game! In that case, You’ll get annoyed, and even you won’t love watching your most beloved Channel or Program again. It’s hard to live in such times, and that’s why we’ve developed Voot MOD APK! The modified version contains an entirely ad-free streaming interface, where you won’t get interrupted anytime while surfing your favorite programs. So switch to Voot MOD APK!

Voot Ad-free streaming

Offline Download

Do You know that online streaming consumes more internet data than downloading it? Yeah, You heard right! That’s the only reason why the OTT platforms lock the Offline Download feature inside their free plans. But don’t worry, since Voot MOD APK can offer you the free Offline Download feature. So after downloading the cracked version, one can download all his favorite content to watch them later while won’t having an internet connection!

Voot Select Offline download

Voot Premium Content

Apart from the ad-free Interface and Offline Download extension, Voot MOD APK also grants you eternal access to the Voot Premium content! The Voot platform consists of hundreds of online Premium web shows and movies like Ghosted, Asur, Girlfriends, Liar, Nancy Drew, and Shark Tank for those who don’t have used this service before. So If You want unlimited streaming of all these Premium Voot content free of charge, You can download Voot MOD APK and install it on your smartphone ASAP!

Voot Premium Content

Popular Shows 24 hours before the TV

Binge Streaming never demands to get stopped! And suppose what would be more delightful than getting your favorite shows before your friends, family members, and Streaming guys? Making this dream possible, Voot MOD APK offers you all the popular Viacom 18 shows 24hours before getting launched on the Indian TV Channels! Yeah, you heard right! So now You can watch all these episodes before your friends and break their suspense to make fun! Must enjoy this feature once on Voot MOD APK!

Audition Access for Big Boss 15

Hey, Big Boss streamers! We’ve got the biggest news for you and all the streamers waiting eagerly for Big Boss 15 auditions. You can also get that news directly inside Voot MOD APK! Yeah, You heard right! Voot MOD APK offers you free audition access for Big Boss 15 inside the app, where you can stream the auditions way before your friends and siblings. So beat them all and become the biggest fan of Big Boss universe by tapping the below-placed download button!

Bigg Boss 15

Latest International Shows

There is literally no end to the features, privileges, or services proposed by Voot MOD APK! Now, Voot MOD APK is also delivering International content, including over 500 Hollywood movies, Shows, and TV Programmes! Excepting that, You can also stream the shows from your favorite countries like Korea, Japan, and all around the globe with free Voot Originals! So download Voot MOD APK and endure the international genres like K-Pop, Live Reality Shows, Premium Dramas, Crime, Mystery, Cuisines of the World, Comedy with your favorite Originals!

45+ Live TV Channels

As we already told you above that Voot MOD APK contains already enabled Premium Voot Select membership! So within that membership, You’re also getting access to 45+ Live TV Channels from India and America! It delivers Live Channels like Colors, MTV, MTV Beats, News 18, Oscar Movies, Shemaroo Movies, Colors Cineplex, Colors Rishtey, CNN News 18, and our most favorite, DD Doordarshan! So now It’s your time to get amazed with Voot’s content. Click the below download link and download Voot MOD APK ASAP!

Voot MOD APK Live TV

High-quality Streaming

For all our binge-streamers, who got annoyed with the dull quality of their favorite content on the Voot official application, We’ve brung Voot MOD APK! The modified version is the only variant, which provides you with up to UHD quality of streaming. It simply means that now you can freely stream all your favorite content on any Android device at the best quality according to its resolution! Enjoy binge-streaming!

Full HD 1080p

Voot MOD APK Download Latest Version For Android

Voot Mod APK Download

Downloading Voot MOD APK is a task like eating a piece of Cake lying on the table! Just Click the below-placed download link, and you can acquire the most recent version of Voot MOD APK or, in other words, the Voot 2021 MOD APK. Afterward, You can install it and stream all the latest content updated on Voot by Viacom 18, with all the above-listed features already enabled on it! Download Voot MOD APK ASAP!

Download Voot MOD APK Premium Version 4.1.1 from here.

Also, download apps like�RedBox TV,�Live NetTV,�OLA TV,�Cloud TV,�Oreo TV,�Netflix Mod APK,�Hotstar Mod APK,�YouTube Mod APK,�Typhoon TV,�ThopTV,�Discovery Plus, and�Amazon Prime, which are trending nowadays and will provide the latest TV shows, movies, and Live Stream for free.

How to Install Voot MOD APK on Android Smartphones

Step 1 – After getting the complete information, Click the above-placed download link. It’ll download Voot MOD APK latest version on the appropriate download folder.�

Step 2 – Now, You’re needed to enable the third-party installation;�So Open the Settings app ASAP.

Step 3 – In the Settings app, Search for the Security tab, and click on it!

Step 4 – Locate the toggle option saying Unknown Resources or Third Party Installation and enable it ASAP.

Step 5 – Now, You’re all good with the internal process. So Open the File Manager app(Default or Third-Party).

Step 6 – Locate the recently downloaded Voot MOD APK.

Step 7 – Click on the Voot MOD APK, which promptly arises a notification window offering two selections.

Step 8 – Click the Install button.

Step 9 – After waiting for a few minutes to complete Installation, open the Voot MOD APK from your App Menu.

Step 10 – Now Permit the app for all permissions like Storage to Download Offline content and Internet to access Internet inside the app!


Final Verdict

Nowadays, We’ve got surrounded by hundreds of OTT or Online Video Streaming Platforms, making it hard to pay for all of them! But on the simplistic turn, We’ve also got technologized and can employ the modified versions of these streaming apps to enjoy 100% free live streaming with all the futuristic features!�

Likewise is the Voot MOD APK! Ultimately, It’s Your turn to click the above download button and download Voot MOD APK instantly on your Android Smartphone. Install it on your smartphone, enjoy the rarest premium content, and sit with all your family members and friends free of charge!

  1. <strong>Is Voot MOD APK a legit streaming application?</strong>

    Yes, Voot MOD APK is a 100% legit Android OTT platform that assures you 100% free online streaming with all the Voot Select Premium features and incredible web shows! Download it ASAP!

  2. <strong>Can I watch Live TV Shows on Voot MOD APK?</strong>

    Abcoss, Voot MOD APK is a Viacom 18 service, and that’s why it offers you all the unlocked Viacom 18 Live TV Shows inside the applications free of charge. You can stream over 45 different Hindi TV Channels on Voot MOD APK without paying a single cent!

  3. <strong>Can I stream Asur freely on Voot MOD APK?</strong>

    Yeah, Voot MOD APK offers 100% free streaming for all the Voot Premium shows! Same for Asur, SplitsVilla, Piyush Or Arjun, and Ghosted. Everything is unlocked to watch and download without wasting money.

  4. <strong>Can I download offline movies on Voot MOD APK?</strong>

    Yeah, It’s one of the most extraordinary privileges offered by Voot MOD APK to all the enthusiastic streamers. You can freely download all your favorite content on Voot MOD APK’s virtual storage with consuming lesser data than streaming!

  5. <strong>Does Voot MOD APK contain Live TV Channels?</strong>

    Yes, Voot MOD APK contains over 45 live TV channels, containing almost all Viacom 18 affiliated TV Channels. Enjoy them all free of charge with the modified app!

  6. <strong>Can I watch Big Boss 15 on Voot MOD APK?</strong>

    Yes, You can watch every Big Boss season on Voot MOD APK, as it contains all of them, from the oldest to the newest ones! Well, Big Boss 15 is an upcoming one, so that Voot MOD APK will upload it on the date of launching!

  7. <strong>How to download Voot MOD APK on an Android smartphone?</strong>

    It’s a simplistic process! All You need to do is click the web link on the above download section of the article, and it’ll immediately redirect you to the download page. There You can click the download button and merely download Voot MOD APK!

  8. <strong>How to install Voot MOD APK on iOS smartphones?</strong>

    Sadly, Voot MOD APK is only developed for Android smartphones and can’t be installed on iOS smartphones, as it’s an APK file. But If You’re an Android user, We’ve listed all the installation steps for Android Installation above! So You can follow them and make this app work on your Android smartphone.

  9. <strong>How to enjoy Voot MOD APK without online ads?</strong>

    Voot MOD APK already contains an ad-blocker script with the free Voot Select subscription plan so that you won’t need to enable any advanced trigger for getting rid of online ads. Just download and install Voot MOD APK on your device, and enjoy 100% ad-free streaming!

  10. <strong>How to enable Voot Select subscription free of charge?</strong>

    If You’re using the official Voot application, It’s impossible to enable the Voot Select Subscription plan free of charge! Despite that, You need to download Voot MOD APK, as this version offers you free Voot Select access for eternity. Download it ASAP from the above download link!

  11. <strong>Do I need to pay inside Voot MOD APK?</strong>

    No, You won’t need to pay a single cent for any feature inside Voot MOD APK! It’s a 100% free Android application, containing all the premium features and requirements of no charges!

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