Wombo AI MOD APK Download (No Ads) 2.0.20 Latest Version

Wombo AI

The Preamble to Wombo AI MOD APK Premium: Artificial Intelligence takes a lot of strength these days. These advanced technologies are defining the 21st century�s futuristic generation. Nowadays, almost every country is employing AI for fastening their task creating speed, and making most of the impossible tasks possible. But within the Task Completion, today we�re here with one of the most exceptional gifts by AI – Wombo AI! It�s the next-level Android+iOS application after the last FaceApp MOD APK. Yupp, that face modifying app! What�s new inside this amazing app? Basically, the app offers you a simplistic selfie editing interface, where you can get amazed with the features that you never heard of to date!

Wombo AI logo

Fundamentally, the app is granting you lip-sync advancements for all your selfies. Getting it more simple, Wombo AI takes your selfies and adjusts the funny songs by syncing them on your lips. Yeah, You�re going right! It�s the stuff used by most of the Photo and Video Editors nowadays who�re creating the most odorous videos without using any high classed skills! You can also do that simply with the help of the Wombo AI app. It�s a smartphone user�s tool, available for both the interfaces of Android and iOS. It�s the world�s best AI-Powered lip-sync app, and I also have collected a massive collection of exceptional tracks you need to inscribe on your mouth! All You need to perform is the three simple steps, Clicking a Selfie, Selecting a track from a collection of hundreds, and Clicking on the Generate button.

Wombo AI featuring talking selfies

Tada�! You�ve successfully designed your selfie�s lip-sync video using the most exceptional or your desired track from the collection. Now You can either share it or save it! Wanna get more deep inside the app? Get through all the below-listed features –

Wombo AI Features

Wombo AI is a futuristic smartphone app with an incredible selfie editing feature. It contains the stuff that any other Selfie Editing application isn’t offered, i.e., Lip Sync Video Formation. Moreover, It also covers hundreds of unusual features, from which we�ve listed the major ones below -�

Unusual App Interface

The first and the most impressive feature offered by the app is its UI! Photo and Video Editing applications are impeccable on almost every factor, but the only factor they lack is the App UI. After having the great and handy App Interface deficiency, most primary users find it hard to employ those effects. So that�s why the Wombo AI app has worked a lot on the App Interface and finally offering you the most convenient app interface. One can create impeccable creations for all the occasions handily in 3 steps while having this app -�

  • Click a Selfie
  • Select a track from a collection of hundreds
  • Click on the Generate button

Wombo AI Android App front page

Collection Of Tracks

Apart from the Simplicity, the Wombo AI app also offers you an unusual amount of employable tracks. Basically, You can�t employ any track from your downloaded songs, file manager, or media library since the AI doesn�t have such a massirowtho date! But still, You can choose one of the hundreds of tracks available inside the Wombo AI app to create a magical video and astound all your social friends. It comprises tracks like Miami, Born This Way, Bum Bum Tam Tam, Barbie Girl, Baby One More Time, Trouble, and Tunak Tunak Tun to amaze all its international lovers. More will be soon updated with the newest updates!

Setting page for Wombo AI Android application

In-Built Selfie Clicker

Wombo AI is firstly a Selfie Editor software, and that�s why it�s also granting you the in-built selfie clicker support within all the above features. Nowadays, the generation is automated, and you won�t ever be needed to overcome hassles. For example, you won�t need to click a selfie from your Camera app and edit it on a selfie editor! You can elsewhere download Wombo AI and enjoy free selfie clicking support. Additionally, You can also select the photo or a selfie from your Gallery to edit them! Enjoy!

Instant Share Options

Sharing is the most impeccable fame-creating technique, as we�re living in a Social society nowadays, containing hundreds of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and WhatsApp. Everyone wants the best creations or friends to post on their account and increase the account reach! The Wombo AI app offers you a direct share button on the after-edit page to simplify the process. You can either save your selfie lip-sync video on gallery or share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, and all other such platforms!

Moving photo of Harry Potter with Wombo AI MOD APK

Wombo AI Subscription Plan

Before getting forward for downloading or installing the Wombo AI app from Google Play Store, let me tell you first that the app contains a freemium interface! In simple words, it�ll offer you a BOGOF app interface where you can either work on the Free plan while getting interrupted every time with advertisements or purchase the premium subscription & enjoy the ad-free interface with many more features.�

Subscription Plans of Wombo AI Premium

Basically, this premium subscription plan costs 410.00 INR/month or 2600.00 INR/year for all the exceptional features. In addition, and fortunately, We�re offering you the premium interface of the Wombo AI app free of charge with the modified version of Wombo AI named Wombo AI MOD APK! So go below and enjoy all its sarcastic features!


Time to reveal the incredible surprise – Wombo AI MOD APK! Modifying official Wombo AI software. It�s a handy app like the official one but contains free premium features like those PC�s cracked software. It�s offering you tons of features that you can�t enjoy inside the official Wombo AI app without paying hundreds of dollars every year. So stop spending money on the Android application since it�s the precious thing you�ve!


Skip the payments, or download Wombo AI MOD APK. It�ll offer you almost all your desired features without asking for a single cent. Moreover, the app contains lightweight features and can merely work on almost every Android smartphone, either if it�s rooted or not. So click on the below download button and make it all yours ASAP! Otherwise, If you want more information about the features and services of Wombo AI MOD APK, you must go through the below section!

Features of Wombo AI MOD APK Premium

Wombo AI MOD APK is a cutting-edge Android application containing all the innovative features you desire for hundreds of days. It�s an incredible application developed only for Android smartphones and covering the 100% free premium subscription that originally costs thousands of Indian Rupees every year. So stop getting interrupted with the free plan and download Wombo AI MOD APK instantly! Let�s get straight towards the features of Wombo AI MOD APK –

Free Priority Processing

If You have already employed the Wombo AI official app in your editing stuff, you must have premium knowledge about the app�s processing interval. The Wombo AI app caps the free users’ processing speed from 1 Minute/video and up to 5 Minutes/video. But If You�re a premium user, You can enjoy the fastest processing, like less than 1 Minute/video for every creation.�


Skip thinking about the premium subscription, and download Wombo AI MOD APK since this modified version grants Priority Processing privilege without charging you a single rupee! Install the app instantly on your smartphone and enjoy the incredible features.

Ad-Free content creation

Another dazzling feature offered by the Wombo AI MOD APK is the 100% ad-free app interface. Consequently, with the priority or fastest processing, the app offers you a convenient interface containing zero advertisements. So now You can enjoy every moment of editing videos without getting interrupted like the old official version. So the decision is in your hand now. Either choose the official one and get stuck inside the online ads or try the modified version to get amazed with an incredible interface!

NO Ads

Unlimited Usage of Premium Content

As we told you above, hundreds of tracks are the Wombo AI app to employ your selfies! So eventually, It also contains various premium tracks like Happy, It�s Not Unusual, Take On Me, and Bing Bong. These tracks are some of the funniest stuff inside the Wombo AI. SO skip all your payments for the premium subscription, and download Wombo AI MOD APK free of charge. This app will grant you free access to exclusive content, handpicked with love for you by the Wombo AI community!

Wombo Premium MOD

Endless Premium Plan

You must have heard at least once of the Annual, 2-Year, or even 3-Year premium plans, but have you ever seen any Lifetime or Never-Ending subscription plan? Nope, right? Nothing can be more delightful than such an endless plan! Keeping that in mind, we�ve developed Wombo AI MOD APK with endless premium plan MOD, where you can enjoy the app interface, including all the above features free of charge for a never-ending time duration. Just click the below download button and make the app all yours!

No Root Access Needed

Again as an exceptional modified app�s feature, Wombo AI MOD APK grants you the most secure lip-sync editing interface. In Simple Words, You can download this app on any Smartphone and use it without rooting your smartphone. Rooting can make your smartphone insecure and void your device�s warranty, voiding most process-performing capabilities. So skip rooting smartphones and start employing Wombo AI MOD APK on your device for lip-sync creation with the premium features. Enjoy it!

Wombo MOD APK Premium Download

Ditto App Interface

Within all the severe features of this amazing AI-powered modified application, it�s also delivering a similar app interface as the official version. So after downloading the Wombo AI MOD APK,� You can enjoy the same official Wombo AI app interface without any hassle. It starts with the same glimpse as the official app and the premium mark as an additional Premium user advancement. After that, You can enjoy all the premium content available in the library and create the lip-syncs merely!

Wombo AI MOD APK Download Latest Version

Hey, freaks! You can now download Wombo AI MOD APK free of charge from the below download link. Above was all the description, and now is the time to make this app all yours. Just click on the below download link containing the latest modification of the Wombo AI app. This recreation includes all the newest tracks updated recently inside the app, with amazing tweaks. So download Wombo AI MOD APK, and enjoy the free premium subscription of the app till eternity!

Download Wombo AI Premium Without Ads Latest Version 2.0.20 from here: Download Now

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How to Install Wombo AI MOD APK on Android Smartphone

Step 1 � Download the latest version of Wombo AI MOD APK from the above link and store it appropriately.

Step 2 � Get to the homepage of your smartphone and open the Settings app.

Step 3 � Search for the Security Settings tab and tap it.

Step 4 � Now, You need to find the toggle named Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation.

Step 5 � Enable it!

Step 6 � Now, Close the Settings app and open the File Manager app.

Step 7 � Search for the recently downloaded Wombo AI MOD APK on the download location.

Step 8 – Now, Click on the Wombo AI MOD APK.

Step 9 � Click the Install button on the prompt notification.

Now, wait for 2-5 minutes, and the Wombo AI MOD APK will get installed on your smartphone successfully. Afterward, You�ll have to allow a few permissions inside the app like Media, Recorder, and Storage to create, edit and save your designs. Enjoy Lip-Syncing!

Wombo AI Premium MOD FAQs

Final Verdict

Finally, Today is your day, since You�ve finally got the thing you desired! You can download Wombo AI MOD APK from the above link and enjoy all its premium features for eternity without getting charged a single cent! It�s a free application, can get installed handily, and offer you an ad-free interface with all other subscription features. So skip payment, hustle, or waiting, and download Wombo AI MOD APK without wasting a single second.

  1. <strong>Did I have to pay for the premium inside Wombo AI MOD APK?</strong>

    No, You won’t need to pay a single cent for enjoying any premium feature inside Wombo AI MOD APK! Basically, It’s a modified application, including a free premium subscription till eternity. So You can use all its features free of charge for your entire life!

  2. <strong>Is Wombo AI MOD APK an ad-free application?</strong>

    Yeah! Wombo AI MOD APK is a 100% ad-free application, offering you an editing environment, where there is no online interruptions. You can use this app online for your entire day, without getting interrupted by a single online ad! Enjoy it!

  3. <strong>How to enable premium subscription in Wombo AI app free of charge?</strong>

    You won’t need to do anything, since the Wombo AI MOD APK is an already premium subscribed application. Yeah, You heard right! Wombo AI MOD APK is the modified or cracked version of the app, containing a free Premium account script for eternal fun!

  4. <strong>Can I use Wombo AI MOD APK on my iOS Smartphone?</strong>

    Sadly, You can’t install or use the Wombo AI MOD APK on iOS Smartphone, since it’s an APK file and can only operate on an Android Smartphone. But as we get any iOS update by the developer, we’ll update it ASAP on the same blog!

  5. <strong>Is Wombo AI MOD APK legit?</strong>

    Yup! Wombo AI MOD APK is a legit Android application, and you can download it without getting scared of anything. It’s a free app, created with the MOD scripts which won’t ever violate any terms of your smartphone. Enjoy it enthusiastically!

  6. <strong>Can I Uninstall Wombo AI MOD APK after installing it?</strong>

    Yeah, You can undoubtedly uninstall Wombo AI MOD APK after installing it on your Android smartphone. Moreover, You can do this with the default uninstallation process as per your smartphone, merely!

  7. <strong>How can I install Wombo AI MOD APK on my Android smartphone?</strong>

    Wombo AI MOD APK is a simplistic application, and the same is its installation steps. It can get installed on your smartphone with the default installation steps and can work on almost all Android smartphones. For detailed instructions, You can go through the above installation steps!

  8. <strong>How to download the premium tracks in the Wombo AI MOD APK?</strong>

    Premium Tracks are already unlocked inside the Wombo AI MOD APK’s interface. So You won’t need to get stressed, just download Wombo AI MOD APK, and start enjoying the free premium tracks.

  9. <strong>Can I fastly transform my Lip-Sync videos on Wombo AI MOD APK?</strong>

    Absolutely, Wombo AI MOD APK is the premium version, and consequently, it offers you all the premium features, including Priority Processing. You can design and process here your video just in a few seconds!

  10. <strong>Did I need to root my phone for using Wombo AI MOD APK?</strong>

    No, You won’t need to root your smartphone for using Wombo AI MOD APK! The app will officially work on your smartphone, and shower all the features without having any kind of root access!

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